Secret ballots helped deliver NFL to Inglewood

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The only person who ever can be trusted prior to any election by secret ballot is the person who says, “I’m voting against you.”

For Chargers owner Dean Spanos and the Committee on L.A. Opportunities, the use of a secret ballot ended up allowing those who may have been blowing smoke about their intentions to vote in favor of their own best interests.

That’s the explanation provided by Peter King of for the rejection of the 5-1 recommendation of the committee on the Carson.

“The key was changing from public to secret ballots,” an unnamed source told King. “The reversal of support [from Carson to Inglewood] from what Dean expected shocked him.”

The first secret vote of the day resulted in Rams owner Stan Kroenke coming within a handful of votes necessary to move to Inglewood. After it became clear which way the wind was blowing, the league brokered a dissolution of the Chargers-Raiders partnership in Carson and gave the Chargers dibs on joining the Rams in a place where the Chargers and the Committee didn’t really want to be.

But the league wants to be there. Especially because it entails plenty of free stuff for the NFL, including a new campus for the league’s in-house media conglomerate.

And no one likes free stuff more than those who don’t need free stuff.

49 responses to “Secret ballots helped deliver NFL to Inglewood

  1. The whole thing is a sham. No need to vote, we all know how it was going to be. Your a peice of crap Goodell, just a bully on the playground.

  2. at least the charges get an option out of it.. its like Oakland (the one city that had nothing being offered to the team) was just tossed to the side and forgotten. is Mark Davis disliked that much amongst the owners or is there some wink ** wink ** we got you later agreement?

  3. I believe a downtown water front stadium in San Diego would do much better than anything they can build in Smell-A, especially in Carson or Inglewood. Chargers management and S.D. politicians are both really blowing that oppotunity in their own special way. Now, Spanos may have to crawl back to San Diego.

  4. I think the real deciding factor was the refusal of Kroenke to offer any other concessions. When they realized they couldn’t blackmail any more out of him with public refusals – and that it was still by far the better deal – they voted for the Inglewood proposal. Doing it privately just allows the owners to lie to Spanos after the fact.

  5. Hmm, go with the former real estate mogul with Wal-Mart money or the guy who is one of our league’s worst owners and has been forever. Hmmm. What a predicament, lol.

  6. The NFL continues to ensure Mark Cuban will be right. The non-stop pursuit of greed will destroy the NFL in the end when the cooked the golden goose.

  7. Meh, at the end of the day it came down to the NFL’s version of the Golden Rule: Whatever yields the most gold rules. Anyone who is surprised by that hasn’t been paying attention to how the NFL conduct$ itself

  8. I know it’s tough to be St. Louis Rams fan today, but on one hand, be happy the city didn’t waste tons of taxpayer money for a jerk like Kroenke. He had all the leverage since he was obviously more than willing to move. Better spend it on schools or literally anything else

  9. It’s pretty evident now enough smoke was blown up Spanos A** to ensure things went how the other owners wanted. They made him think he had some options when in reality he didn’t. As a San Diegan, couldn’t make me happier to see.

  10. I believe the NFL has gotten too big and is headed for a fall. I would be curious to see the demographics of the league’s popularity. It HAD lifelong fans….however, the poor product (parity=mediocrity) and the constant issue with rules and officiating, and the poor management of the game itself will kill it. I believe today’s younger fans are and will be more of the casual variety.

    Goodell and the league are taking advantage now, but it’s at the expense of the future. So worried about making money, they’re screwing up the game and not addressing continuing issues. Crisis management at its best. Woeful.

    A Packers Fan

  11. Welcome to the league St Louis Chargers. Round and round we go……I just love the fact there is no MORE big city to blackmail other cities. Try San Antonio as a threat….but that’s not going to work with Bob McNair and Jerry Jones in Texas.

  12. As a Ram fan and season ticket holder, I lost interest in the NFL in 1995 when the Rams left LA for St. Louis. It was not due to support of the team locally but for the bean counters who could move to St Louis and personally make more $$$$. (Thanks Georgia). Actually has worked out well as I was able to watch all the teams and followed several different teams each year. Settled on the Patriots after 2000 and could not be happier since. When Belichick and Brady retire I will as well as a fan.

  13. As a San Diegan, there is nothing sweeter than the idea that Spanos and Mark Fabiani were treated like suckers and just played to get what the NFL wanted. Whatever they get isn’t what they wanted – – and that is exactly what they deserve.

  14. Secret Ballots. NFL and secret is never a good thing. They have a long, sad history of secrets. This whole thing makes me want to puke. Billionaires back stabbing billionaires to get more money for themselves. The kicker for me was when I read about the free media campus. Why the heck didn’t they throw in first born sons while they were at it? How much longer will the typical fan follow such an outrageously corrupt organization like this? A poster above hit it on the head when he made the case that as we diehards diminish the next wave of fans won’t be there to fill in the void. This league is grotesquely floating in cash and still it’s never enough. If these greedy owners want more let them spend their own money, period.

  15. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 9:58 AM
    Welcome to the league St Louis Chargers. Round and round we go……I just love the fact there is no MORE big city to blackmail other cities. Try San Antonio as a threat….but that’s not going to work with Bob McNair and Jerry Jones in Texas.
    Good point. The dome San Antonio has would be fine for a year or two, but it has already been around for the better part of a decade (middle age for NFL stadiums) and is not chocked full of suites. In other words, they would have to build a second stadium.

    I’m not sure the voters would let that fly and that is not even considering Jones/McNair trying to block any move there.

    I feel truly bad for the St Louis fans. They supported what for a decade has been a horrible product. I seriously hope that they cease Wal Mart shopping and any of Kroenkes malls

  16. I think the committee’s recommendation of Carson was only about relationships (Jerry R likes Spanos more than Kroenke, etc.) than economics. Why build a stadium on a toxic waste dump instead of land where the NFL media arm gets all kinds of stuff? If Spanos was truly “shocked” by this development, he isn’t all that bright. Like I keep saying, if these buffoons ran their business interests like they do their football teams, none of them would have ever made it away from the grill at McDonald’s, let alone become billionaires.

  17. In simpler terms, the owners were shown what money can do and how like Jerry, one can create much more than just a football stadium. Of course they loved it and voted for it so they could down the road tell their own respective cities “we can’t complete against Dallas and Inglewood unless we have something like this too”.
    Fans and cities need to get ready to bend over down the road.

    Note: This did not work in Minny, Wilf tried to do this but with the state and cities money and very little of his and it did not work. He was not willing to finance the whole thing and own the parking, shopping and the entire stadium profits.

  18. I’m glad they made a quick decision and got on with it rather than play around. Its really in the hands of the San Diego owners now, stay put and build is San Diego or share the stadium in LA. They at least know there options.

    Maybe it was smoke and mirrors in the first place. Now they can tell the city, you too know the options so time to pony up to the bar or were out of here.

  19. amazine77 says:

    What will Roger do when Buffalo and Jacksonville ask for new stadiums, now that LA is off the boards, threaten them with Oklahoma City?


    I think that’s what 75% of what London is all about.

  20. Just another example of the fact that no one is ever satisfied with what they have. Kroenke has all the money you could possibly want. But that’s not enough. He saw an opportunity to flip another property so that’s what he did. He doesn’t care about the LA market one bit. It’s only about the opportunity to flip it in a couple of years and make a 10 digit profit.
    Same with Spanos. He has tons of money, but alas, not enough. And got suckered by his greedy pals.
    And for us little people, who happen to love football, it is “let them eat cake” as usual. Only the modern day version is heading toward “let them eat $50 hotdogs and drink $40 beers.

  21. You have to be really dumb and naive to believe the NFL is an organization with integrity.

    They are pure scuzz.

    We love the game of football. Otherwise, on one believes a word out of Goodell’s/NFL’s mouth.

    They lie daily.

  22. Kroenke’s plan is further along and has a bigger upside. Also, Kroenke was not going to be denied. According to some sources the value of the Ram’s franchise increased by $1 Billion, just by moving the team to LA.

    Supposedly the owners were dead set against the Raiders moving to LA. I’m curious about it — wondering why the opposition was so strong (if that rumor is true).

  23. At the moment, it’s the good people of St. Louis who are feeling bad this morning and it’s the second time in 28 years for them. In 1995 it was the fans in LA. The fans in Baltimore had to deal with Irsay and his midnight moving vans. Then Cleveland sees their team abscond to Baltimore. Do you think the BS FL and its super-greedy owners give 2 sh–ts about cities or fans?

    These owners sit fat, dumb, and happy while their players are out beating their brains out and ending up with life-threatening injuries like CTE. One of my favorite players, Dan Dierdorf, would fare better if he had his legs amputated and started using the latest technology in artificial limbs.

    Now it’s on to the playoffs and more debacles like the Steeler – Bengals game.

  24. Is it just me or could there possibly be any more boring story then where the Rams Raiders or chargers end up playing?

  25. The NFL tried to move back to LA but were tied up in courts by Al Davis who irrationally insisted that LA was “Raiders” exclusive territory after he moved the team BACK to Oakland. This was the NFL’s way to stick it back to the Raiders for Al’s actions. Now Alameda County (Oakland) taxpayers are STILL on the hook for paying for the renovations to the Coliseum.

    Beware throwing public money to the NFL. You’ll be writing a check to multi billionaire’s for decades with not enough return on the investment. You can’t make money when the stadium sits empty most of the year.

  26. Doing it privately just allows the owners to lie to Spanos after the fact.

    How? The vote was 30-2. I am pretty sure the 2 ‘no’ votes were the Chargers and Raiders.

  27. I heard a sound clip of Jerry Jones describing why this was done. He seemed to be outside and said something about getting hurt and hit by a truck. Then right after you can hear a truck driving in the background.

  28. I think the other owners are tired of guys like Jones, McNair, richardson, hunt, rooney, mara, and kraft thinking that they can run rough shot over them. The other 25 owners are just as rich and powerful as them and own the same percentage of the league. Yet those 7 seem to continually nominate each other to be head of this commitee or that with a token outside owner sprinkled in here or there for apperances. I think they’re sick of hearing about the Rooneys, Maras, Jones, Krafts etc. of the league and made it known with there vote. Kind of a mini coup of sorts.

    I’m sure there’s no way that LA commitee with all those big name owners thought there was any chance that the other owners would go against there recommendation. I love it and think thats more exciting news then some city that has proven time and time again not to care about football or be capable of supporting an NFL team, getting another chance at having one when there are so many more deserving cities who should have gotten the chance first.

    I just hope the other owners continue to show some back bone. So we can stop getting a few privileged franchises shoved down our throats and be done with the Jerry and Kraft.

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