Super Bowl I announcer Jim Simpson dies at 88

Jim Simpson, a legendary sportscaster whose credits included the radio call of the first Super Bowl, has died at the age of 88.

In addition to calling six Super Bowls and serving as an NFL play-by-play voice for 15 years, Simpson called the Major League Baseball All-Star game 16 times, the World Series six times and the Olympics 14 times, and he worked all four major championships in both golf and tennis.

Simpson was one of the first people hired to work at ESPN when it launched in 1979, and he and Dick Vitale called the network’s first college basketball game together. Simpson also called college football and United States Football League games for ESPN.

On Friday NFL Network will re-air Super Bowl I in its entirety for the first time ever, and it will be Simpson’s NBC Radio call that will provide the play-by-play.

9 responses to “Super Bowl I announcer Jim Simpson dies at 88

  1. Those of us old enough to remember Mr. Jim Simpson would say that in his time, arguably, there was nobody better. RIP, sir, and thanks for wonderful memories of times gone by.

  2. Cut from the Gowdy, Scott, Summerall mode…..never about him…….the game came first and foremost.

  3. Can’t say that he particularly stands out in my memory, but I think a guy of his stature deserves more than four comments.

    How fitting that the Super Bowl 1 tape is being replayed just days after his passing…. too bad he didn’t live just long enough to see it.

  4. I’m 58, and I still remember the San Antonio Gunslingers VS the Denver Gold USFL game as one of the best games I ever saw on TV. This is solely based on the brilliance of the Jim Simpson and Paul Maguire ESPN announcing team.

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