49ers hire Chip Kelly


Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

Kelly, fired last year at the end of his third season coaching the Eagles, has been hired by the 49ers today.

Although Kelly’s tenure in Philadelphia will be remembered mostly for his disappointing 2015 season, in which he was given full personnel control and didn’t know what to do with it, he did have success in his first two seasons with the Eagles. In San Francisco, G.M. Trent Baalke will pick the players, and Kelly will coach them. Coaching is what Kelly does best.

The first question is whether the quarterback Kelly coaches will be Colin Kaepernick. It appeared that Kaepernick’s tenure in San Francisco was coming to an end when he was benched last season, but Kelly’s offense could be suited to Kaepernick’s skill set, and it’s now possible that Kaepernick could remain.

What’s clear is the 49ers needed a coach to shift the franchise’s direction after the disastrous decision to replace Jim Harbaugh with Jim Tomsula. Kelly may be more like Harbaugh, and therefore an improvement in San Francisco.

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  1. Lol remember all pats brats telling us Chip was coming to NE to be a coordinator. LOL

    like he would go to such a tainted franchise.

  2. 49ers play at the Linc in 2017. That should set up an intriguing matchup between Chip Kelly and the Eagles coach, if they have one by then.

  3. WOW I thought Mike Shanahan had this job in the bag.

    We started the day thinking he and Coughlin will both be hired and now they are both probably going to retire.

  4. I’m happy he got another shot. Just hope he learned from his mistakes. He needed “real” football guys in the front office. Not the owners mini me running around thinking he’s a football guy. When you got a guy telling you what to do that you dont’ respect as a football guy it will never work. With Tom Gamble and a real GM I think that’s the better fit. Can’t wait to see what he does with a real option QB. Just don’t expect ol’ Cap to be on his feet long. That system is a QB Killer!! This is the NFL. Not just 2 teams on ur schedule have real D ends. Every week you are putting him at risk.

  5. He’s better then Singletary and Harbaugh, Ok maybe better then Singletary. 49ers are the Browns of the West Coast

  6. Kap still needs a pay-cut. He definelty fits Kelly’s mold, but I think for Kelly to be successful, he needs to accomplish the never before seen fear of having a revolving door at QB by design. Not in season, of course, but the option to cut bait at any time is what I mean. Still, tons of “?” on defense in San Fran, which is where he failed miserably in Philly.

  7. I’m scratching my head. So they passed up shanahan and a shot at coughlin for Kelly? Best of luck niners fans, hopefully be learned from the Eagles.

  8. The only reason the 9ers Fired Harbaugh was because he was “difficult” and they decided they would rather lose with someone they liked than win with someone they didn’t.

    Winning is more optional than liking their coach, so you know they at least like Chip Kelly. We will see if they can win with him or not.

  9. He’s gonna clean house just like he did in Philly getting rid of LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson……

    Watch out Kaepernick, Boldin, Torrey Smith and Reggie Bush, the hammer is coming.

  10. Kaepernick is G-O-N-E because he CAN’T read a defense or sit in the pocket and make the throws.

  11. Im sure Kelly could work with Kap, but he has no say in the personnel decisions this time around. Its going to matter if Blaake wants Kap around.

  12. Good Luck to my 49er friends/fans. Hope this works out a little better than in Philadelphia.

  13. Chip is a bum and his “gimmick offense ” will never at any time work in the NFL,at least in Philly there were some good players remaining to work with in SF its slim pickings…look forward to seeing the most over rated coach in the history of pro sports fail again 32 year season ticket holder for Philadelphia

  14. Where’s all the idiot trolls saying Chip Kelly’s back to school.

    Clearly you know zero about football.

    Well I guess u can always call him fat again


  15. That is going to be a disaster. Chip failed miserably in Philly, coaching a team loaded with talent.

    I wonder if the deal maker was Kelly being willing to work with a horrible quarterback in Kaepernick? If that is the case, the 9er fans might as well get used to watching their team lose.

  16. Popcorn popped,..check…,seat belts on… check…circus music on …check. Actually I’m a little giddy right now ,welcome Skip !!!

  17. The ultimate BOOM OR BUST pick! As a niners fan I like it. If Kelly is able to ressurect Kap then BOOM!!! If it fails miserably then BUST and everybody gets fired including the GM. Either way is a win/win for the fan base.

  18. So this guy gets fired from the worst Division in football and he’s expected to do what in the basement of the Best Division in Football?

  19. You fools can laugh if you want. Chip Kelly is a great offensive mind. He’s doing for the NFL what Mike D’Antonio did for the NBA with his up-tempo and spacing concepts. Don’t get me wrong, I think Arizona and Seattle still have the division next year as we rebuild our talent base, but this was absolutely the best coaching candidate available

  20. Hands down a better hire than Shanahan would have been. Shanahan was in the right place at the right time in Denver, but the game has clearly passed him by.

    Of course, with Baalke picking the players, the result with Kelly could be as bad as it was in Philly.

  21. Maybe I missed something in Philadelphia, but I don’t know what he did there to warrant him a head coaching job this fast, and in San Francisco where I’m sure a lot of good coaches would have taken that job.

  22. The choice was probably motivated by Baalke wanting a coach who could get something out of Kaepernick so that Baalke wouldn’t look like a total failure in his drafts. It didn’t work.

  23. Good luck with Chipper. 3 years here in Philly was enough. The league caught up with him. He gutted our Eagles of talent–left us with a pile of scraps. Maybe he’s smart enough to have learned from his mistakes (there were a LOT of them.) On the other hand, maybe he hasn’t learned from his mistakes….jus’ saying’.

  24. Get your popcorn ready. A GM who is trying to preserve his absolute control vs a coach who needed more and more control. Trainwreck.

  25. Tiggs, you’ve need a new tagline ever since Harbaugh left the building. How about #NOBODYHASITWORSETHANUSEXCEPTCLEVELAND ??

  26. I have to say, these last few days in the NFL, concerning coaching changes, has been a blast. You may not like these moves but you cant say that we havent been entertained.

  27. Wow, I don’t you could get better personnel guys than Baalke and Kelly. Under one roof? Watch out

  28. I think they obviously keep Kaepernick after making this hire. Chip Kelly gets his mobile QB like Mariota except with more big game experience. Honestly, it makes sense. I figured he’d either go here or the Titans.

  29. From NFL east where all that defenses are bad too the NFL west where all the defenses are good lmao poor Kap and or Blaine Gabbert or rookie QB

  30. He’s an improvement, but not much of one.

    The problem now for Chip Kelly is Kaepernick.

    He’ll be able to run the read-option portion of his offense, but won’t be able to make the quick reads and accurate passes that it also demands.

    In other words, everything Bradford did well in Chip’s offense, Kaepernick CAN’T. The areas Bradford couldn’t do, Kaep CAN.

    The problem with this approach is, what Bradford could do is a better fit for the NFL, and what Kaepernick can do, is not. You can’t run read-option 80 times a game. If Chip tries, he’ll kill Kaepernick.

    Kapernick can’t make reads, is indecisive, and will make a ton of mistakes. Him trying to run an up tempo offense? Hah. Would you want George W. Bush on your spelling bee team?

    If Chip wants a chance at success, he’ll be looking for another QB.

    This just reeks of the 49ers ownership trying to hire a ‘name’ and catch some ‘hype’, and trying to salvage Kaepernick and the contract they signed with him. Chip is enough of an idiot to perhaps think he can salvage Kaepernick.

    Chip probably said all the right things to the 49ers, the problem was, they were the wrong metrics to choose a coach on.

    Again, Chip instigated a power play when with the Eagles, and the 49ers conducted a power play against Harbaugh. Now you have two hard headed, manipulative forces joining each other.

    This looks like a disaster in the making.

  31. Oh…wow. We are definitely in for more front office fireworks in San Francisco this year.

  32. Just in:

    49ers offered Kap, Hyde and Bolden for Mariota …

    … And the Titans passed.

  33. Oh and he is the anti-harbaugh.

    Players loved Harbaugh, and left when he left.

    Meanwhile Kelly alienated his best players, even guys he just signed, and will use guys out of position.

    Hyde is a tough runner, so he might be DeMarco Murray’ed. Hyde isn’t his style of back.

    He’s going to grate on players and for a team that had Harbaugh and Tomsula, it’s going to probably be a helluva culture shock.

  34. I hope to God this means Kaep gets back on track. Since we aren’t getting Goff in the draft, I’m really praying for some QB Whisperer magic from Kelly- Kaep is a good fit for this West Coast Tempo offense.

    Now that this is settled, the 49ers need to use that 50 million cap space to get a bunch of fresh WRs with speed and O-Lineman.

    And Balke has ONE task in the draft- get tons of defense to keep up with the tempo of Kelly’s system.

    Let us pray 49er Faithful!

  35. Better hire than Shanny or Holmy

    And I say that as a Seahawks fan

    He MAY be able to fix Kaep

    QB is tough to find, look at teams in playoffs like Texans with Hoyer

    May as well try and fix Kaep – at least he was good recently

  36. Beware, he’s an ARROGANT dude. Having just jettisoned him from here in Philly, I can tell you that many players did not like him. That, more than anything got him fired. Not to mention he dumped top talent like McCoy, Maclin, and Jackson, to name a few. He’s all about his scheme. Created a highly toxic environment here.

  37. The way the Niners logic works, Kelly was the easy choice for Baalke because this all but guarantees that Kaep will stay and Baalke doesn’t have to take a QB in the first round. This way, if Kaep fails, they can pin it on him and Harbaugh. And Baalke can use that first pick on a 3rd round prospect with a torn ACL/MCL to redshirt as a rookie.

    Every move Jed York and Baalke have made has been not to make the team better, but to have pieces in place that can be blamed on someone else in case that piece fails. That’s the Niners way. That’s the only reason Kelly was hired.

  38. funny to see ppl trying to have an opinion on this while they don’t even know the difference between than and then or you’re and your .. smh.


  40. its more important what Baalke does with the draft picks and salary cap space…he cannot screw this draft up, its essential that he fortify the areas of need and hit one home run one each side of the ball

  41. This is great news for us Eagles fans. If Chip fails we are happy we got it right. And if Chip wins with Kap and the Eagles don’t win Lurie will finally dump Howie for a “football” guy.

  42. I absolutely love this move.
    Guy couldn’t win in the worst division, now gets hired to compete against nfc west defenses.
    Should be fine. Liquor sales in northern cali will spike big time

  43. Did not see this coming. I’m a fan of the kind of football Harbaugh installed in San Fran–just not a fan of Harbaugh’s … erratic … personality. Kelly-ball is not my thing. But maybe it will work for you guys. Good luck.

  44. “…in which he was given full personnel control and didn’t know what to do with it.”

    And now he’s paired up with a GM who doesn’t know what to do with it…

  45. Please please please let this mean that the stupid narcissist stays at QB.

    I’d love to watch another season of notepad getting exposed as a horrible QB.

  46. As a diehard 49ers fan I’m very happy with this hire. I’m glad the team has an offensive minded coach that doesn’t want to emulate the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. This is also an excellent fir for Colin Kaepernick….so we don’t have to waste a draft pick on a QB. Good hire.

  47. 49ers head coaching carousel:

    Plan A: Adam Gase (takes Dolphins job)

    Plan B: Hue Jackson (takes BROWNS job)

    Plan C: Tom Coughlin (not the right fit)

    Plan D: Choose between washed-up Shanahan and the “genius” Chip

    *Flips a coin and hires Chip

  48. one year from Now…Chip Kelly will be demanding that Trent Balke goes, and he gets full personnel decsions.

  49. Kelly had to run away from Philly after creating a huge mess (that he didn’t even want to try to clean up). He got hired by the Niners because he’s friends with Tom Gamble.

    This is as big of a mistake as firing Harbaugh.

    In college, Kelly didn’t deal with players. He made players deal with him. In the NFL, that attitude doesn’t fly. Grown men don’t have to put up with that. That’s why Kelly isn’t an NFL-level coach.

  50. Rey thought Shanahan was going to get this job. But jeez, the front office must really want to retain control.

    Eddie D. can’t you save your family from its self devouring?

  51. Just got word from a guy I know who works in the Niners front office. After the hire Kelly called him and asked for a rough list of the good players left on the team.

    The front office guy handed it to him and said “these are the players left who you can build with , Chip”. Chip said “build with? No, cut them right now! You know my track record from Philly, right? Cut them now, homey”

    That’s straight from the source ,fellas.

  52. Thank you 49ers,

    signed by the LA Rams, AZ Cardinals, and Seattle Seahawks.

    Can the Broncos please hire Josh McDaniels again!

  53. The one franchise where Chip Kelly the GM would probably have been an upgrade. Except they’ll just undermine him like they do all their coaches.

  54. 20 wins with another persons players. Keep that in mind. His offense doesn’t work in the NFL because his defense gets zero rest. It was a flash in the pan.

  55. As usual, all the detractors are wrong. He’s not out of the NFL and he’ll have similar success to what Andy is enjoying in KC while the team I formerly supported has Howie. Whoopie!

  56. And the dumpster fire continues in San Fran…You think the stands were empty last year Jed…wait until about the 10th game of the season.

  57. Chip took the 4/12 Eagles to a 10/6 season. I’m sure niners fans would like to turn 5 wins into 10.

    The problem is going to be that the rest of the NFL has already seen Chip’s 7 offensive plays. I don’t think you can take 2 bites from the same apple.

  58. This move is an insult to Stanford. They hired a guy who got his ass kicked by The Cardinal as Oregon coach. This is Dennis Erickson all over again. Btw, he was 7-7 vs. 10+ win teams in the NCAA.

    This might be an improvement over Tomsula but a downgrade from Harbaugh … BIG DOWNGRADE FROM HARBAUGH … and David Shaw.

  59. I’m laughing so hard at the Niners management, saying that we wanted Chip all along, and Hue didn’t choose CLE over us. If that’s the case why wait to hire Kelly? Especially since time is of essence in the NFL. THIS IS ANOTHER DEPERATION MOVE BY THE NINERS.

  60. I disagree with any assessment that Kelly would be good for Kaepernick. The QB thrived with Jim Harbaugh as his head coach, who nurtured him as a “players’ coach”. Kelly is the opposite: An intellect with reportedly poor interpersonal skills. The 49ers are going to need a better leader under center.

  61. From completely proven and successful coach, to coach with no experience, to as-yet-unproven coach. interesting path there, 49ers.

    I have nothing against Kelly, so here’s hoping he gets a fair shot to do his work. I think the Eagles got panicky in cutting him.

  62. Fans do not make good general managers, just as they don’t make for analyzers of Tiger’s swing issues. That said, Kelly will be fine.

    Tomsula got caught up in key player departure circumstances – many of which occurred after he had already hired on as HC. Harbaugh would have won, big maybe, precious few more games than Tomsula anyway. The arguments here would damn the Dallas HC.

    I think hiring the only coach that won this year at NE is worthy of the SF job. If you have a QB you can win. And I would bet on Gabbert more than Kaepernick, as Blaine had a through-the-roof Wonderlic score and is better able to sort out the intricacies Kelly demands.

  63. corporatemediaprostitute says:
    Jan 14, 2016 1:42 PM

    Kelly’s first act as 49ers head coach was to trade or release all starting players.

    WRONG! this is the 49ers, so all of the starting players just retired

  64. Please welcome RGIII and Manzel to the 49’ers. They will be purely a read option team.

  65. Wow!!! Are you kidding me??? Chip Kelly!!! The 49ers must be a desperate franchise to make a move like this. I mean out all the possible coaches out there they pick him. SMH.

  66. Chip bringing his fifteen minutes of possession offense to the NFC West.

    Seahawks #1 rushing team in the NFL, Rams have Gurley and are going to lean on him hard.

    It’s going to get brutal

  67. What is Chipper going to do, he doesn’t have any stars to trade away. This should be entertaining to say the least. It’s looking like Chipper put all his chips in one basket, going to a rebuilding franchise. If (when) he fails in S.F., who’s going to give him another shot in the NFL…..I can hear the colleges lining up now.

  68. What is Chipper going to do, he doesn’t have any stars to trade away. This should be entertaining to say the least. It’s looking like Chipper put all his chips in one basket, going to a rebuilding franchise. If (when) he fails in S.F., who’s going to give him another shot in the NFL…..I can hear the colleges lining up now.

  69. I’m a longtime and real 49ers fan and not a new fan like our friends to the north. I’ll give Chip Kelly a chance, but the leash is short. I have very little confidence in York. It ought to be interesting/ dumpster fire to see how Kelly’s maniacal desire for personnel control conflicts with Baalke’s maniacal ego and horrible draft decisions.

  70. “And I would bet on Gabbert more than Kaepernick, as Blaine had a through-the-roof Wonderlic score and is better able to sort out the intricacies Kelly demands.”

    BINGO – the only guy with the right answer.

    Gabbert is also an inch taller, has surprising wheels (ran a 4.6) and showed improvement and mature play at QB with the Niners. All this Kaep talk is ridiculous – he’s done. Watch Gabbert have a breakout year.

    It’s not Gabberts fault that his parents are flakes (Blaine and Tyler? give me a break).

  71. Good hire, I’m no Chip fan but this guy can coach, his problem is his ego, if they can keep his ego in check the 49ers will be competing in that division again….Chip has to learn from his mistakes and coach up the players the GM gives him no matter if their black or white……

  72. “In San Francisco, G.M. Trent Baalke will pick the players, and Kelly will coach them. Coaching is what Kelly does best.”

    Picking players is what Baalke does worst.

  73. Jump ahead to 2018 season start:
    Chip Kelly has be fired, let go, replaced, dismissed, dropped from the team. I see now why NFL owners have to have stadiums paid by the cities they are in. Mismanaging money by hiring idiots again, again, and yet again.

  74. As an Eagles fan, the 49ers get the benefit of the mistakes he made in Philly…he’s a smart coach and Kap fits his offense, I think he is going to turn them around quick.

  75. chipkellypleasedie says:
    Jan 14, 2016 3:03 PM
    Today is a sad day for me. Ive been a niner fan since I could walk but I could never follow chip kelly. Buying my Russell Wilson jersey today!!


    Imassuming you were born in about 2011 then. What a bunch of crap you type. You are welcome to your Wilson Jersey and the ShyTalks bandwagon. Check where Pete the Cheat was win wise before he fluked Wilson. Yes Fluked – he passed over him at least twice before they picked him.

    On the other hand, look (assuming you have learned to read by now) At the descriptions the applied to Bill Walsh, Bill Bellichick, Jim Harbaugh and now Chip Kelly.

    We might swing and miss, but we might also score several home runs. But whatever happens, Im ninerfaithful. You are bandwagon no-one. Good riddance. Pathetic oaf that you are. SMH

  76. Kelly is a great hire because he’ll be easy to fire when they lose. There is enough negative stuff out there, most of it untrue, about Chip Kelly that makes him an easy scapegoat when the front office and coaches don’t see eye to eye. Some owners care about winning. These guys don’t.

  77. Raiders enjoy your two seconds of fame at 7-9. You are now back page news again in the bay and there until you move out of town. Chip will take us back to promise land and being hated again by Seattle !!

  78. Directions

    1) Take 1 part Water

    2) Take 1 part Oil

    3) Mix

    This is a train wreck waiting to happen (Again)

    Sure… Kelly can coach…


    Baalke is the worst GM in the NFL…

    I can’t wait to see what Kelly is able to do with all the gems that Baalke keeps feeding him.

  79. You all know the The Hoodie failed in his first go-around in the NFL right? I’m a Niner fan admittedly, but I’m gonna give Chip a chance to bury himself before I join in with the rest of you. He did alright in Philly for a minute… And that’s one of the worst franchises in the league.

  80. I’m happy for Chip Kelley. He has his QB in Kaepernick plus someone else is going to supply his players, not him. He’s on his home turf on the West Coast. Has a great stadium and practice facilities, a great city, now he only needs a great team. And that could be a problem. Now GM Trent Baalke has his job to do. I don’t think they will win more than they lose next year. But I think, long term, the Niners made a good choice. Better than Tom Coughlin, for sure. Chip Kelly is a winner. He is a much better coach when he is not his own GM. But he teams HAVE to improve from year to year or Jed York will give him his walking papers. I feel Chip is worth the chance.

  81. I called this one right. And Kelly must be wanting to run the QB more which Kap already did own his own.

  82. badrobot74 says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:22 PM

    You all know the The Hoodie failed in his first go-around in the NFL right? I’m a Niner fan admittedly, but I’m gonna give Chip a chance to bury himself before I join in with the rest of you. He did alright in Philly for a minute… And that’s one of the worst franchises in the league.
    Report comment


    The Hoodie didn’t fail Modell, Modell failed the Hoodie!

    He even got that sad sack franchise in the playoffs before Art yanked the rug out from under everything 😉

  83. Well at least he can’t wreck this team any more than it is all ready.

  84. I bet the defensive players are already wondering how long they’ll be on the field. Better start training for the season now.

  85. Yay Chip! We need your creativeness in a sea of lemming coaches. I may actually continue to watch NFL football again

  86. I am trying not to lose my lunch. The signing of Chip Kelly will set the franchise back at least two years – he will try to make it work with Kaepernick but will get rid of the actually good players – I bet he moves Bowman out of town.

  87. mikermiker says:
    Jan 14, 2016 1:40 PM

    Lol remember all pats brats telling us Chip was coming to NE to be a coordinator. LOL

    like he would go to such a tainted franchise.
    The obsession is real. Get help there double M.

  88. This hire was clearly to jump the gate, management thinking that the casual fan will still remember Chip from Oregon days and not Philly. Unfortunately for the gate, Chip has already announced that black people will not be allowed to attend the games.

  89. Who exactly is excited at the prospect of Trent Baalke drafting for Kelly? He’s got what, maybe 3 good picks that are still working out well since 2010. Bowman for sure, maybe Hyde and maybe Reid.

    Besides, how can Kelly not have a huge amount of influence on the draft and free agency. He runs a pretty gimmicky offense, there’s only so many guys that fit into it.

    Speaking as a Hawks fan this decision is pretty disappointing, I just don’t see the Niners becoming relevant again anytime soon. I could be wrong, I didn’t like the Carroll hire either.

  90. Well he has a qb who fits his system. I personally wanted to scream and pull my hair out every 3rd and short and he lined up on the shotgun pistol formation. He did some things I liked but over all felt his offense is a gimick that ultimately struggles against stout defensive teams. Good luck Niners fans

  91. The 49ers seem to have the best success hiring offensive minded coaches as their head coach. Bill Walsh was an offense-minded coach, and he won 3 super bowls. George Seifert took over for Walsh, and he won 2, although he had trouble finding an offensive coordinator long term. Stever Mariucci was next and he was offensive-minded, but alas he couldn’t get the 9ers into the Super Bowl. Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary and Jim Tomsula are all defensive-minded and none of them did well enough to hold onto their jobs. Jim Harbaugh was a quarterback and he took the Niners to 3 straight NFC championship games. Chip Kelly is probably the best person available for the job.

  92. bunch of tools making fun of this signing. probably little turds living in their moms basement. its a good gamble imo. pete carroll bombed in new england and is now great, belichick bombed in cleveland. Dick Vermeil was given another shot and came through….i wouldnt count out kelly just yet.

  93. If the choices were Shanahan or Kelly, I would have probably gone Kelly too. I don’t know what people honestly see in retreads like Shanahan or Coughlin. Shanahan hasn’t done squat since the late 90’s with those loaded Denver squads and Coughlin couldn’t even manage to make the playoffs outside of the 2 seasons his defenses caught lighting in a bottle and carried them to his two Super Bowls.

    Just don’t give Kelly personnel control and let him just be a head coach. If he continues to suck it up in SF, then yeah, you can tell him to go back to college after that.

  94. Kip Chelly

    Good luck 9er fans, he brought eags fans some good wins…
    and some HORRIBLE losses… don’t get mad if you’re on the other end of a 45-10 or a 45-13 loss!

  95. The organizational situation in Philly is bad. Read up on Howard Roseman, there is your problem. Roseman wanted Kelly and a struggle ensued after Howie was demoted. Joe Banner, Tom Gamble, Ed Marynowitz and Howie are all gone yet Roseman remains. Do some research, you will find it all points back to Howie.

  96. Chip Kelly as an offensive minded coach and is an upgrade over Jim Tomsula. This can either be a good situation or bad situation. No one knows until the next season starts.
    If Chipper learned anything from his tenure at Philly he better start changing his ways in this new franchise. If the players won’t back up the coach then 49ers will have a long road ahead. I am not a betting man but I can see the 49ers winning more games with Kelly than Tomsula and that’s not saying much. It’s going to take a few more years for the 49ers to get back to competing again. I see this hire as improving the offensive game. I just hope he doesn’t mess around with the defense.

  97. Simplistic offense that relies on one trick (pace) which defenses have caught up to. He may have some initial success with a more mobile QB but Kelly’s too married to his system to have any longterm success in the NFL.

    The biggest impact he has is on the D. Kelly’s system doesn’t allow complimentary football. In the NFL the best defense is an offense that controls the ball and the clock, Kelly doesn’t think this is true and it will be his downfall.

  98. I can’t wait to see the 49ers in 2016…this will either work wonderfully, or fail spectacularly. Either way, it won’t be boring!

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