49ers make Kelly hiring official; introduction next week


The 49ers made it official Thursday afternoon, naming Chip Kelly the 20th head coach in franchise history.

“Chip has a proven track record at both the college and NFL levels that speaks for itself,” 49ers CEO Jed York said in the team’s press release. “We believe strongly that he is the right man to get this team back to competing for championships. I look forward to watching Trent (Baalke, the 49ers’ general manager) and Chip work closely to build a team that will make us all proud.”

The press release said Kelly will not be formally introduced until next week “due to scheduling conflicts and to allow Coach Kelly the ability to focus on constructing his coaching staff over the coming days.”

Kelly’s statement said he realizes “the high standards and expectations that this position demands and I embrace the challenges ahead. My immediate focus is to build the best coaching staff possible, one that will maximize the abilities of each of our players and put us in the best position to win football games.”

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  1. Love the hire! Many coaches have come out in support of Chip since he was fired (Hue Jackson didn’t have anyone to support him). He is innovative unlike the copycat league. He may be terrible, but you could say that about most of the guys hired this year.

  2. Hit or miss in my estimation. Hit if he has a solid DC and Baalke makes a splash in FA with all the cap room and loads this roster back up to respectability, Kaep returns to Harbaugh form, the team remains healthy, and the rest of the NFC West drops a notch or two. Miss, if any of these things don’t happen. Better odds than Tomsula.

  3. If you keep Kaep and get rid of Geep Chryst then that at least makes a little bit of improvement. Use the 7th pick on an o-line or receiver and build through the draft. Baalke will probably screw that up though. Plus they should have 50 mil to spend or close to it, so maybe you can find guys who want to play. I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can, because I really don’t like Chip Kelly.

  4. “ 49ers CEO Jed York said in the team’s press release. ‘We believe strongly that he is the right man…’ “

    Similar comments were once made about George Armstrong Custer.

  5. I look forward to watching Baalke and him working together too, just like everybody slows down to check out a car crash. Anyone want to take the over on 13months before Baalke is pushed out? I didn’t think so..

  6. This can’t end well. If they let Harbaugh go because he was difficult to work with then this decision is puzzling. It’s probably a step up from Tomsula (that was a hiring out of desparation in my opinion) but maybe not that big of a step. It’ll be interesting to see him work with Kaeperstink but they need so many players and Baalke probably doesn’t care because he won’t get fired because they lack personnel when they can just blame the coach and fire him. Chip was HC of the Eagles for three years and I’d be surprised if he lasts that long in SF before Baalke and York decide to use him as the latest scapegoat for their failure and incompetence.

  7. Stuck with Kappernick and a mismatched zone scheme college offense for at least another year…… Wake me up when chip and Colin and Trent are gone.

  8. Well Trent this is on you….According to your boss YOU were hiring the next coach….Better hope this works because your the next to go if it doesn’t…

  9. The ball is in Baalke’s court. Baalke is on the bubble big time because he has had so many misses in past drafts and free agency.This is his last rodeo unless he brings home the bacon instead of chopped liver. The owners and Jed are immutable so that is not going to change. No more palace intrigue,tweets,leaks and back stabbing in the immortal words of Mr. Davis :”Just Win Baby ! “. It is a tall order ,the NFC West is no joke. Harbaugh got rid of the wrong Q.B. and I believe one of the factors of him leaving was the more than obvious devolution of Kap. Kap’s contract is too much $ and his skill set will not fit Kelly’s system in any form. Conclusion :Kap is traded this year,if healthy,and Balke will be let go next year unless the 49ers show some improvement in over all talent level and some “hits ” in the draft and free agency.

  10. I have to give Baalke and York credit. They didn’t let the media manipulate them. It used to be that the media reported on the news. Now they try to create the news. And they’re successful a lot. Chip Kelly is an awesome coach. Since Tom Gamble left Philly to join the 49ers last year, there was no professional personnel guy. A lawyer was running personnel. You think the Browns sound crazy, but the Eagles’ owner is the biggest moron in sports. So since there was nobody in personnel, Kelly had to do it himself. Coaching is an 18 hour a day job, now he has to do personnel too. But he did a good job. The Eagles, like everyone else wanted to win the super bowl. Chip Kelly knew that winning 10 games a year was easy, but he’d have to clean up his locker room if he wanted to take the next step. He got rid of two of the biggest non-team guys in NFL history. DeSean Jackson and Shady McCoy. These guys are the ultimate me guys. Then Kelly brought in an elite QB, Sam Bradford. If given a couple more years, Kelly might have had them in the super bowl. But the lawyer that Kelly replaced, was allowed to stay in the organization, and he spent the last year back-stabbing Kelly to the media, and the media, who appreciates the free garbage, had a field day ripping Kelly. This was only Kelly’s first year with control of the roster. We 49ers fans witnessed the great Bill Walsh build a dynasty, but he was only 2-14 his first year. Imagine Eddie DeBartolo firing Walsh after one year. That’s what the moron owner in Philly did. I just want to thank York and Baalke for thinking for themselves. A lot of people are saying the same stuff about Kelly that they said about Walsh. I think this move has the DeBartolo stamp on it. Just remember, all the players hated Belichick, Saban, Urban Meyer, Vince Lombardi, and just about every great coach. The good players love these guys, but the idiots like DeSean Jackson, who don’t like discipline, hate great coaches. They hate authority in general. All the good players Kelly has ever coached love him. The 49ers have a lot of decent young players. They just need a couple good WRs, and WRs are the most plentiful position in every draft. The 49ers are instantly a team to be reckoned with. I can’t wait til next year.

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