Aaron Rodgers says all the pressure is on the Cardinals


On one hand, the Packers seem to have a chip on their shoulder for those who would dare to point out the fact that, for long stretches of the season, the Packers have stunk. On the other hand, the Packers are embracing the stink by throwing backhanded bouquets at their next opponent, the Cardinals.

“Well, the pressure’s all going to be on them,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “They’re coming off a tough loss at home against Seattle. Before that they blew us out. They’re the Super Bowl favorites, and obviously the favorite team on Saturday night, so we’ve just got to go out, be loose, let it all hang out, because the pressure’s all on that side.”

Rodgers repeated his theory, in the event anyone missed it.

“We’re all fans of sports, we know how it goes, anything can happen,” Rodgers said. “We’re going in as the underdogs. We’re going to be loose and ready to go, and it’s going to be their stadium, it’s going to be rocking, but the pressure’s going to be on them.”

He’s right, but that kind of stuff always sounds better coming from outside the team that is trying to catch the favorite napping. From the underdog’s perspective, it’s better to let this kind of stuff be implied, and to sneak in and steal a win.

Still, the Packers need to craft a useful narrative after losing by 30 in Arizona less than three weeks ago. And with the chances of subzero temperatures much slimmer than the conditions that allowed the Vikings to carve 30 points from a regular-season deficit with the Seahawks, the stuff that Rodgers is saying is accurate.

What’s also accurate is that the Cardinals are the far superior team. It doesn’t mean the Cardinals will win by 30, but the Packers need a lot of things to go their way in order to pull what would be a huge upset.

79 responses to “Aaron Rodgers says all the pressure is on the Cardinals

  1. I’m a Packers fan and I just cannot help but have my doubts in the way this team has been losing more than winning recent playoff games going back to before their recent Super Bowl win and the way they played this season and that they beat a weaker team last Sunday in Washington.
    They are facing a stronger team in their own house who had a better season.
    I expect the Packers to lose and will be pleasantly surprised if they win.
    It is really hard to know which team will show up. The winners or the chokers.

  2. Interesting psychology; however, weren’t the Packers Super Bowl favorites at the start of the season?

  3. Last year when GB had went to Seattle in the NFC title game, and no one had gave them a chance. Now they are crucified for losing a game no one gave them a chance “to win” against a ferocious Defense and being in Seattles house.

    People didn’t give GB a chance last week, but because of that, they are playing with house money….that is part of the reason why ALL the pressure is on the Cardinals

  4. Kinda, I mean, no one is gonna give Green Bay a shot anyway. Which is astonishing considering Aaron Rodgers is still at the helm of the team. They may not be playing well right now but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a shot to win. The Cardinals are mostly healthy and are in a prime position to drive themselves to the Superbowl. The Packers are a mess at every position except safety, which was only recently solidified. If you ask me, the Cardinals have more pressure on them than the Packers do.

  5. One can see why the Cardinals are the favorite. That said it is playoff football and as we all know anything can happen. Eliminate the turnovers, steal a couple of possessions with a special teams play (like a well timed on sides kick) and anything can happen.

  6. Both teams are under pressure. It’s like a heavyweight title fight. The first guy who lands a solid punch will put doubt in the other guy’s mind.
    The last time they met, the Cardinals crushed the Packers. So it would be interesting to see what would happen if the Packers jumped out to a 14 point lead and quieted the Cards’ fans.
    On paper, the Cards are the best team in the NFC. And the Packers struggles on offense are still a huge question mark for them.
    But big games are usually won by making big plays and getting turnovers. So we’ll see what happens.

  7. Just like all the pressure was on the Vikings in the NFCN Title game. Gonna be the same result for ol’ #12. You beat the worst team in the playoffs, congrats….the downward spiral is in full swing for da Packas!!!

  8. Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. You’ve been in Green Bay too long, my boy. We’re getting to your head. Go home and rest. You’ll stop mumbling to yourself. Or not.

  9. Arians has kept the Cards’ perspective pretty focused I would say since the loss in Pittsburgh. Losing in Seattle wasn’t a big deal… Carson came out of the game without getting injured–that is a win.

    Besides the Texans, the Packers beat the worst team in the Playoffs. Can’t say they are back to their best form.

  10. Rodgers is absolutely right & they better not be looking ahead to next week or the Packers will trip them up. Packers will win by a late field goal as irony would have it.

    Packers 27
    Cards 24

  11. Apparently, Rodgers doesn’t listen to his own fans. According to their delusional fans, the packers are always the greatest team every year.

    But Rodgers is still pretty arrogant to be talking trash.

  12. Meanwhile, Arians: “Pressure’s only something you feel when you’re not prepared.”
    He’s speaking of Babin, but it is just as applicable here.

    Arians admitted the Cardinals didn’t get the Packers’ best shot because they were without key starters. He expects a much tougher opponent this round.

    This one should be fun to watch. Hopefully both teams come out swinging.

    Go Cards.

  13. There is no pressure at all when your team is far and away a much much better team. This game will be the last blowout of the season.

    Seems like a thousand years ago when idiots were calling Rodgers the best player in the game. Glad this turd has finally been exposed as a middling QB and a poor team leader.

  14. Why would he feel any real pressure about winning unless he cares about the outcome. All eight test should feel the same pressure this week to win. It’s whether you handle it well or not that will. Enjoy the difference. He is already working on his losers speak after the game. He’s a good qb nut will never be great. He doesn’t care enough.

  15. Wrong Aaron….the packers have the most pressure. The cardinals doing well is a great story for the NFL. But you as the reigning MVP on a consistently great team have the most pressure. You’re running out of opportunities Aaron, and you don’t realize that. The team you play for is getting long in the tooth on defense and nobody knows how many more great seasons you have left in the tank. The pressure is on the packers. Congrats you beat an overrated skins team that got into the playoffs out of default.

  16. Florio’a last paragraph illustrates the monolithic sports media narrative on this game–Pack has no chance, needs tons of breaks, Cards the superior team.

    This was the exact same narrative set up for the Packers-Falcons Saturday night shocker in 2010. Will history repeat itself? And why doesn’t a bandwagon media ever learn?

    The only thing the media has going for it on its predictive theory (can’t find a single expert who picks Pack) is that the talent gap between the Packers and the Cards is greater than Packers-Falcons was.

    But get in your time machine and explain that to Atlanta.

    On any given Saturday….

  17. It’s just too bad that the Cardinals aren’t going to be napping. They just came off of a loss at home. Their too good to lose 2 games in a row never mind 2 games in a row at home. Packers better get ready for a 56-8 loss this time.

  18. Pressure is also on Aaron because Packers fans have expected more Super Bowls from this team and more from him personally. Green Bay is called “Title Town,” not “Playoff Town.”

  19. The Packers issues still exist.
    They didn’t magically go away after one game.
    Even if the Packers struggle only one quarter like the last game, that will be enough for them to lose.
    The Cardinals are superior to the Redskins.

  20. He could be correct in that the Packers are likely to get blown out again by a superior team with a superior QB, and a superior running back, along with a superior WR and then there is that superior defense.

    Going to be a long afternoon for little aaron.

  21. Lifelong Packer fan here. I do NOT expect the Packers to win this game but I also do not think it will be the repeat blowout.

    I think Rodgers is right on this one. No one expects the Packers to win so there is no pressure on them. The Cardinals do have the pressure because being the favorites will bring pressure to them.

  22. If the O-line can hold it together, I trust the Defense to hold them under 30 points. We have a chance! GO PACK GO

  23. He’s right, of course. Personally, if they lose, I can deal with it. They haven’t exactly been tearing it up this year. They have Jekyll and Hyde issues that no one seems to be able to get under control. With the exception of one receiver, this is basically the same team that mopped the field at Seattle last year before God intervened.

    If they win….pure frosting on the cake. And if they win….they can then beat anybody.

    If they lose, the images of the Viking fans at the exact moment they were kicked in the crotch can sustain me until next year.

    It’s all good.

  24. Why would you say “far superior” team? I agree that the Cardinals are the better team, but the only area where they clearly have a talent advantage is at wide receiver.

  25. I don’t agree that the Cards are the FAR superior team; you’d say that if you only considered the relative season records and the week 16 head-to-head matchup. The talent level and focus will be much more even between the teams on Saturday night.

  26. And after we win Saturday all you can eat crow. So sad to see Viking fans still in here taking potshots when they have already been eliminated.

  27. It’s a tremendous honor to be playing so deeply into the post season once again. These teams are the chosen few, and the best of the best.

    It’s better football.

    For better people.

  28. In penalties benefiting a team, the Cardinals rank #2 in total calls, Green Bay ranks #4.

    I penalty yards benefiting a team, the Cardinals rank #2. Green Bay ranks #5.

    Shut up.

  29. Would you rather be:

    A) Preparing for another huge playoff game?


    B) Preparing to spend the entire offseason learning how to hang onto a football?

    Take your time, Viking fans. It’s a difficult choice.

  30. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 14, 2016 10:52 AM
    Don’t worry packer fans, you still have the off season championship!

    Nice try. Everyone knows that’s a Viking fan staple.

  31. ariani1985 says: Jan 14, 2016 10:52 AM

    Don’t worry packer fans, you still have the off season championship!

    Looks like the queens will win that trophy again, they already have a full week head start and if the pack does pull out a win it gives the queens at least another week to extend their lead. sun rises in the east, sets in the west and the viqueen seasons ends before the packers.

  32. Uhm…I don’t get the Aaron Rodgers arrogant statements. What is arrogant about feeling like there is no pressure on you and everyone expects you to lose? I think most of you try to hard to find a reason to hate this guy just now entering his prime.

  33. As a longtime Cards fan, anything goes in the playoffs. I see this game coming down to the wire. I also see the turnover battle as key. Cards have the best coach who’s aggressive and won’t play passive if they get the lead so GB’s defense will be challenged all day, still it’s Aaron Rodgers so anything goes.

    Cards win 34 – 27

  34. Wow you learn something new everyday.

    The #2 seed who doesn’t have home field is the Superbowl favorite? Hmmmmm, no.

    Rodgers is an even bigger pick than Brady. Never thought I’d say that.

    Go Hawks

  35. If:
    –Aaron Rodgers has his best game ever and
    –Carson Palmer throws three picks and
    –David Johnson fumbles repeatedly and
    –The Packers get a Special Teams TD and
    –The Cardinals can’t convert any Red Zone Trips to TD’s and
    –The ref’s clearly favor Green Bay with controversial calls…

    Packers might just have a shot at overcoming the substantial talent differential between the two teams.

  36. GB is the joke of the playoffs. It’s cute how their fans “believe” though. Just because you won 1,000,000 superbowls when there were only 3 teams in the league means NOTHING today. Enjoy your beatdown this weekend. GoCardsGo!

  37. I enjoy all the Packer fan comments, when they lose Saturday they will disappear from social media as they always do when they lose, then with no winning seasons for the next several seasons they may disappear completely. Enjoy your last playoff game in a very long time…

  38. The reason the packer fans would dissappear with a loss is cause we only come here to read about our team and could care less about trolling. We take joy from supporting our team and don’t have to try to feel better by ripping on others.

  39. stellarperformance says:
    Jan 14, 2016 9:57 AM
    In penalties benefiting a team, the Cardinals rank #2 in total calls, Green Bay ranks #4.

    I penalty yards benefiting a team, the Cardinals rank #2. Green Bay ranks #5.

    Shut up.

    Um…better coached, better disciplined teams don’t commit as many penalties as poorly coached and undisciplined teams do. Tend to be playoff bound teams too. But that doesn’t fit your idiotic conspiracy theory does it?

    So Stellar….you may now shut up.

  40. packfant24……wake up….I’m a Packer fan. I don’t care what people think about penalties.

  41. gbbvan says:
    Jan 14, 2016 10:01 AM
    Hey queenies, are you going ice fishing this weekend?
    They were gonna but they’re afraid they’ll miss the hole wide left.

  42. mnfaninil says:
    Jan 14, 2016 12:23 PM
    Gonna enjoy watching AZ destroy the Packers and Mr. Arrogant. What did they have last time, 8 sacks? I would expect more this time.

    Nine, actually.
    One more than points allowed.

  43. packmanjones: wait, wait, wait… haven’t you been watching anything?? The media has already handed the trophy to the Seahawks! They gave it to them last week. Shame on you for not paying attention! I’m not sure why ANY other team is playing at all this weekend!

  44. packfant24……wake up….I’m a Packer fan. I don’t care what people think about penalties.

    Stellar…I will apologize. I misread your post as another “fix is in for the Packers” post.

  45. Lol….Aaron Rodgers. Same guy that was rolling his eyeballs/mumbling to himself after running for his life or throwing incomplete passes during the last time these two teams met. He was all talk before that game as well…look what happened.

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