Alabama RB and Heisman winner Derrick Henry headed to NFL

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What should be a Crimson Tide of drafted players is going to include an early entry, and a big one.

According to Joe Schad of ESPN, Alabama running back Derrick Henry is leaving school early to enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Henry had 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns en route to the Heisman Trophy and a national championship.

While the professional track record of Alabama backs is mixed, Henry’s production this year can’t be questioned.

He apparently got a good recommendation from the league’s advisory committee, which Alabama players agreed to wait to look at until they beat Clemson Monday for the title.

27 responses to “Alabama RB and Heisman winner Derrick Henry headed to NFL

  1. Love his style, but he’ll drop in the draft. Too big to make quick cuts, and takes too long to get up to speed. Reminds me of T.J. Duckett back when the Falcons got him. He played a nice role but never was a star.

  2. He will be a high pick. All the teams took one look at Todd Gurley and suddenly NFL football will be a running game again. And I like it.

  3. joke that he even won the heisman….bust in the nfl……

    on the other hand McCaffrey is the real deal

  4. Can’t deny he’s a bruiser and bigger than a lot of linebackers.

    But, he ran behind the best OL in college football. Also, how many carries did he have in the playoffs alone? Saban rode this horse as far as he could all season. I’d fear he has a good bit of wear and tear already.

  5. First step too slow for the league. Watch him stand up and run into the back of his interior lineman like Alfred Morris. Will see less daylight between the tackles than used to because not quick enough to get to the hole and can’t turn the corner because linebackers now just as big and faster than him. Journeyman at best.

  6. Bama fan here and I see him going anywhere from mid-2nd to early 3rd. I thought RBs were being devalued in the league and then Todd Gurley kind of blew up that train of thought last year, but I don’t see that happening again.

    If anyone remembers A-Train from the Bears, Henry reminds me of a bigger version of him. A problem once he gets rolling but can be contained if you get him before he’s up to speed and/or keep him moving laterally. To me where he could really help himself is if he shows himself as a potential pass catching threat (of which he did practically none of at Bama.) If he comes out of the combine being seen as a bigger stronger Matt Forte (as compared to a thinner, marginally faster Eddy Lacy), he’ll help himself a lot.

  7. Not a lot of burst there. Takes him forever to get to the line and those huge holes he saw at Alabama won’t be there as often and won’t stay open for long.

    Fast defenders take away Henry’s advantage and virtually every defender in he NFL is fast.

  8. I’d be cautious taking an Alabama running back. They’re all similar; Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy, and now Henry. Big backs take a pounding and start tailing off early in their careers.

  9. If it looks like Trent Richardson, runs like Trent Richardson, comes from Alabama like Trent Richardson…. Well, I’d be very skeptical.

    Trent Richardson is 5’9″ 227. Derrick Henry is 6’3″ 245. And that’s where the differences start. They’re different men with different motivations, different personalities, and different running styles. As for Alabama backs, well, Alabama produced Rookie of the Year Eddie Lacy. But you go right ahead being skeptical. I have no idea where in the draft Derrick will be taken. But he’s a hard worker, a good kid, and someone with the potential to play different roles within the offense. I’m sure his new coaches will be happy with his production.

  10. So Bama had ONE bad running back bust and now the reputation is that all of their running backs are bad? Shaun Alexander? Didn’t Eddie Lacy win Offensive Rookie of the Year? Mark Ingram is contributing well for the Saints, even though he may have been picked too high, especially for their system. And because he plays for the Jags the often forgotten TJ Yeldon had a very solid rookie yr. So because Trent didn’t pan out we’re just gonna give the same fate to every other back that comes out of the school? Who exactly is Running Back university then? EVERY big college football program has busts. (See Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma) Kill this dumb narrative.

  11. So the Heisman trophy winner got a high grade in the pre draft analysis ? I’m shocked. He never would have guessed that before the championship game. Here is some crack reporting here.

  12. Slow? While his first step isn’t the quickest, I’ve watched him run off and leave so many very fast DB’s this year that it isn’t funny.

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