Ben McAdoo officially named Giants coach, Eli Manning approves

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The Giants made official what was already apparent, announcing that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was named head coach, replacing Tom Coughlin.

McAdoo’s presence was apparently a big deal for quarterback Eli Manning, who endorsed the move.

“I’m excited,” Manning said. “I’m excited for the Giants organization and for the team. I think coach McAdoo is a great coach, a great teacher, and will be a great leader of this team. I’m excited to continue to work with him and grow within this offense, and get this organization back where it needs to be. . . .

“I think the Giants ownership made this decision on what’s best for the organization and best for the team. I think coach McAdoo has great leadership skills, and will do a great job being a head coach and leading us in the right direction. If a new offensive scheme came in, I would’ve adjusted to it and been able to go out there and play at a high level. I enjoy this offense, I enjoy working with coach McAdoo. I’m excited about that staying the same.”

The consistency apparently applies to his staff, since quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan is being promoted to the coordinator job and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is staying in the same job as well.

20 responses to “Ben McAdoo officially named Giants coach, Eli Manning approves

  1. The choice of McAdoo is a good one, if utterly risky. It’s better than most of the retreads that were still on the table, and I like what McAdoo did as OC.

    But keeping Spags, and seemingly keeping most of the old regime but TC? It’s trying to mitigate risk with inertia. It feels off.

    For the moment, though, it’s not like we can predict anything. Not till Reese gets one last chance. And I can’t say I feel good about that at all.

  2. I wish they would bring Tom Coughlin back as a consultant to work with Jerry Reese on the draft and trades side of the house, I think Tom Coughlin would stay out of the coaches business so as to not undermine the new coach and he certainly knows what the team needs.

  3. Congrats to the dude. This was the best job of them all:

    It’s a patient organization and they have a pretty good QB who has another 3 or 4 years left. It’s a weak division so they will probably make the playoffs or at least come close every year. And when Eli retires they won’t hold it against McAdoo if he doesn’t win while they try to find the next QB.

    This is a ten-year job, man.

  4. Coughlin has been offered a front office role, he has yet to accept. McAdoo impresses me every time I’ve seen him speak and the players respect him a great deal. I think it’s a great move, loosen up some of the Coughlin rules, get a younger more relatable guy in there and let’s go. I will miss Coughlin but I am a huge fan of McAdoo of

  5. Good luck Mac! The right choice as the O will not have to go through another learning period. If we ever get to see Cruz and Beckham on the field together it will make a BIG difference. Nothing wrong with Spags that some healthy dbacks wouldn’t help. Same needs at O-line. Weak division.

    Go Giants!!

  6. Now replenish the talent. It was apparent that Coughlin and McAdoo made offensive choices because of how weak the defense was, and it didn’t always work out. The short running game and a complimentary WR are the big needs on offense, I’d bring in a punter to challenge Wing. Defense needs help at every level – sign Prince and make him a slot CB, get a cover corner and a ballhawk free safety, Kennard is the only talent at LB, and get more D-line help… if JPP can play with the glove instead of the big mitten, great, but they need guys as good if not better in the DE rotation.

  7. Better than the coaching carousel retreads that were out there.

    Need some D now. I’d say the lack of talent would be difficult for anyone to overcome, so I won’t blame Spagnuolo quite yet.

    Also hope TC comes back as a consultant. I don’t think he should have been forced out in the first place.

  8. Why do people still ask Eli Manning questions? If they’d stepped to the podium and announced Donald Duck was going to be the new head coach Eli would have supported it. He’s a get along guy. His only goal in making any public statement is to make sure he hasn’t offended anyone. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t like McAdoo, I’m just saying you could “quote” Eli Manning without ever speaking to him by just writing the most generic, p.c. thing you can dream up and nobody would question you as to it’s authenticity.

  9. gfan8611

    There are several reasons to ask Eli Manning. Yes he is nice, kind, sensitive, and does not say bad things about anyone because he is class but privately they ask him because he will be working with McAdoo and Eli has a learning disability and will be hard for him to keep learning new offenses. Alsào, Eli was very emotional and teary when Tom Coughlin left because he is very attached and it is important that Eli be ok emotionally. His emotional state is as important as his physical health. It is important for Eli to approve also, since he is the QB and team Captain.

  10. Continuity for the offense makes sense, it certainly wasn’t the problem and Eli has flourished in it. Hard to fault Spagnuolo for not making chicken salad out of chicken s— this year and he was great in his last stint here so no issue with keeping him as DC. Next year’s result will hinge more on roster changes than coaching changes.

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