Chandler Jones: I made a really stupid mistake

Getty Images

The police offered some more details released about Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones’ Sunday morning trip to a Foxboro police station on Thursday, but Jones didn’t offer any during a brief appearance in front of the media on Thursday afternoon.

Jones spoke for “about 90 seconds” and said that he understood all of the questions people may have about the incident, which found a shirtless Jones asking for help and telling police that he’d “been told” to go to the station to find it. There have been reports that Jones was using synthetic marijuana and the police report released Thursday says there was a smell of “burnt marijuana” in his home.

Jones said he wouldn’t get into any details while apologizing for whatever did go on a few days ago.

“I made a really stupid mistake,” Jones said, via Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said at his Thursday press conference that the health and safety of his players was his top priority, but didn’t say whether Jones’ usage would be affected as a result.