Colts confirm Jim Herrmann as LB coach, Hal Hunter out as OL coach

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The Colts said goodbye to several assistant coaches after deciding to retain Chuck Pagano as their head coach last week and they parted ways with another one on Thursday.

The team announced that offensive line coach Hal Hunter won’t be back with the team. The news doesn’t come as a big surprise after reports earlier this week suggested the team was interested in having former Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin join the team in that role. Although Hunter is officially out of the picture, the Colts will likely have to look elsewhere as Philbin is expected to join the Giants as Ben McAdoo’s offensive coordinator.

Hunter spent one year as the team’s offensive line coach and two as the assistant line coach. The unit has not been a strong one over that period, although the personnel choices by General Manager Ryan Grigson have certainly had an impact on its performance.

The Colts also confirmed the previously reported hiring of Jim Herrmann as their linebackers coach. Herrman held the same job with the Giants since 2009. They also announced that Darren Krein is the new strength and conditioning coach. Krein was in the same position with the Dolphins from 2011 to 2015.

7 responses to “Colts confirm Jim Herrmann as LB coach, Hal Hunter out as OL coach

  1. Something I really noticed this past season is how many teams had OL play ranging from barely adequate to atrocious. Is that a function of bad position coaching, or do the offensive schemes today put that much higher demand on O-Linemen, or are guys just not coming out of college with the physical ability and fundamentals they used to? Just wondering.

  2. How old is Howard Mudd? Because when he was the o-line coach, my beloved Colts had some fairly decent o-line play. Manning barely got touched. And he was a rather immobile QB. Think of Andy with a clean pocket most of the game and being able to slide out of trouble on the rare – not common – occasions he had to. Oh, man. Then that would be an offense for foes to contend with. Then you could have realistic SB hopes, not this manufactured hype all out of proportion that infected the 2015 season.

  3. 4ever19:

    I agree with a good deal of what you are saying, you give 12 time and he will shred a defense. And Mudd was a great OL coach, really old school. But…Manning was a Pentium chip, he knew where he was going pre-snap and if that read wasn’t open he was on to his second progression in 1/2 a second.. even when protection was crappy the ball was out of his hands. One of the larger aspects not discussed is how Luck will stand back there and slap the ball–all protection breaks down. In addition, when he breaks the pocket it seems like he is more than willing to take the a big hit for a couple yards–maybe at Stanford but not in the NFL. Line play has to get tremendously better but Luck is a piece of this solution.

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