Eagles to hire Doug Pederson to be their head coach

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The Eagles have made their decision.

But their choice to be head coach is still kind of busy.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, the Eagles have picked Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to be their head coach.

Pederson’s still coaching in the playoffs of course, but the Eagles declared they had wrapped up their interviews. While not confirming Bowen’s report, they put out a statement saying: “We have concluded our search for a head coach. No further interviews are scheduled.”

Pederson provides a link back to Andy Reid, who’s looking better and better after the Chip Kelly experiment went awry. Pederson played for the Eagles and began his coaching career there, before following Reid to Kansas City.

116 responses to “Eagles to hire Doug Pederson to be their head coach

  1. Smh…… “Well , we fired our coach and missed out on signing evey competent coach out there, so I guess we have to hire someone, and it’s not Duece”.

  2. YES! I think he will be a great coach. It’s not the ‘sexy’ hire, but it’s the right one, in my opinion. Doug P. has done quite well as a position coach and OC and gotten a lot of praise along the way. Coming from Big Red’s camp makes it that much sweeter for me. I am happy.

  3. As a Chiefs Fan, I don’t like this happening while we are on a roll and winning Playoff games. I don’t think it will matter though. The Chiefs are Rolling. let’s keep it going. GO CHIEFS.

  4. People who say he has no play calling experience…. Andy Reid didn’t call the plays in GB either before becoming the HC of the Eagles. Pederson is a gamble,but our best choice right now and I think we will be fine as long as he brings a good DC with him.

  5. Lurie Roseman butchered this. You either hire a coach quickly, targeting a top one OR take your time and work to get it right. Eagles may be screwed as long as Lurie and Roseman work together.

    Bring back Joe Banner!

  6. sportsknowledge says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:43 PM

    No one wants that mess
    Just what the heck is your definition of “mess?” The Eagles are far from being a mess. Your moniker certainly doesn’t reflect any knowledge on the subject of the Philadelphia Eagles.

  7. As long as he brings along some magic potion that will wipe away every move Chip made he’ll do just fine. But if that bottle somehow gets misplaced during the move….

  8. I have always questioned Ms. Lurie’s manhood. Now I’m convinced Lurie and Howard Weiner Roseman are having a love affair. I will root for these two fairys to fail.

  9. As a Viking fan, I remember another Offensive Coordinator under Andy Reid that did not have play calling duties that became a head coach. Hope for the Eagles sake that Pederson is better than the Chiller…

  10. Seriously though…..Im stunned that Mcdaniels and Patricia (especially Patricia) have not even been in the mix. Two jobs left….somebody is likely to hit the lottery with Patricia.

  11. Wow. …And the Eagles become the Browns

    No….the Browns look much better. They hired the best coach available, and we get an incompetent wanna be.

  12. Called this 3 days ago. They were not going with another unknown. Comes highly Andy recommended, Lurie misses Andy. Was respected in the organization, everyone likes him. Nice safe hire for Lurie & Roseman.

  13. Watch…..”Coach Pederson was always our first choice, and feel he’s the best fit for what we want to build”

    Riiiight…They fired Chip without a plan, and were rejected by 3 others before this hire.

    Plan A-Gase
    Plan B-McAdoo
    Plan C-Coughlin
    Plan D-Pederson

  14. The bias towards offensive coordinators never fails to amaze me. I guess it is just sexier to hire an offensive “guru” than a defensive guy. I wish Pederson the best of luck, but find it hard to believe that he is the best coordinator available. Why wouldn’t the Eagles just wait?

  15. No other team interviewed this guy. That says something.

    Eagles interviewed him, and then chose to interview others. That says something.

    As an Eagles fan, this is pathetic.

  16. Doug Pederson is not an unknown. He spent most of his career being Brett Favre’s back up.

    He knows football and is a good offensive coordinator. He has learned from Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid.

    You cannot judge a Head Coach based on press conferences.

    This is a very good hire.

  17. blairwalshisthenewrayfinkle says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:47 PM

    I bet they feel dumb firing Andy Reid now!!!

    —Going back to the 2002 and 2003 season, the Eagles were the Home team for both NFC Championship games. They were favored yet LOST both and only scored 13 points in two games. After LOSING the Super Bowl in 2004, they went 6-10, then went on to LOSE in the Divisional playoffs, go 8-8, LOSE in the NFC Championship, LOSE in the Division round of the playoffs, LOSE in the same round the next year, go 8-8 and went 4-12 in Reid’s final year.

    The Front Office realized what most of us Eagle’s fans came to realize over Reid’s time. Andy is a good coach, but one thing became apparent. Even with his success, he had many chances in important games and failed.

    Reid is the most successful coach the Eagles have ever had. After so many years of the same “message”, the team tuned him out. Chip Kelly’s first year the Eagles went 10-6 and made the playoffs, and 10-6 the following year. With a record of 20-12 in two seasons which is it, Andy lost the team or Chip Kelly was a great coach his first two seasons?

    The Chiefs got rid of Dick Vermeil after five seasons and he has a ring. Andy gets outcoached in big games. Tom Coughlin just got the boot from the Giants. Coaches messages fall on deaf ears after so many years, it’s a part of football.

  18. It’s like I said – the Eagles had the same problem as the Phillies, which required changing BOTH the on the field leader and the GM. Unfortunately, they opted to only deal with half the problem.

  19. Very sad Day if you’re an Eagles fan. By selecting Andy Reid’s OC you’re basically bringing AR back. In addition, you’re probably going to lose Bradford. Which means they have to spend years looking for a QB. It’s now going to take 3-8 years to rebuild. They desperately needed a guy to com back and establishing a tough team with a physical D.

  20. Brad Childress’ best play? Too many men in the huddle coming out of a time out in the NFC title game.

  21. This report by Bowen is probably right, but he’s such a drag, seemingly hell bent on making Philly fans hate the team.

    I for one would love it if Bowen and all the other Philly sportswriters were totally wrong about this, and in a few weeks’ time, the Eagles hold a PC to introduce someone completely different than all of the candidates that the Philly media are currently picking apart.

  22. He spent many years as Brett Favre’s backup in Green Bay and is well versed in the West Coast Offense. I think it’s a solid hire, certainly an upgrade from the Kelly train-wreck…

  23. Les Bowen is a bore. I sat next to him on a plane home from Jacksonville and wanted to jump out by the time we were over NC sans parachute. He is awful at his job and I wish he would just go away, old school KGB style.

  24. Well hey what can go wrong with this plan.

    First we let Howie draft people, why I have no idea its not like the guy even played a sport in his life and no Math Camp doesnt count Howie! That went so well we blamed Reid and fired him (dream Team 1.0)

    Then we hired Chip and he basically told Howie stick to accounting buddy! Then Howie convinced Lurie he was a mean heartless coach and we need more TLC from a coach.
    (dream team 1.5)

    Now we hire Doug who? I’m guessing Doug comes from the coaching tree of do what your told until the ship hits a rock and you become Howies new fall guy.

    We dust off the wide 9 with a Jim Schwartz DC hire.

    I mean whats left?

    I say he go all out and hire Nnamdi Asomugha as the DB coach!

    What the hay if we are getting the old band back maybe we hire Vince Young as the QB coach. Danny Watkins as the OL coach. (Dream team 2.0)

    PS Fire SPUDS to do the Eagles webcast stuff and hire Howard Mudd, Jim Washburn, and Juan Castillo. We could have segments like Dirty joke by Howard, Crazy Jim’s X’s and O’s, and No Juan abblo football.

  25. mrwoodles says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:51 PM
    As a Viking fan, I remember another Offensive Coordinator under Andy Reid that did not have play calling duties that became a head coach. Hope for the Eagles sake that Pederson is better than the Chiller…
    Even Childress couldn’t save Taravais Jackson

  26. LeagueObservr says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:46 PM

    He spent many years as Brett Favre’s backup in Green Bay and is well versed in the West Coast Offense. I think it’s a solid hire, certainly an upgrade from the Kelly train-wreck…

    So you expect he’ll start out better than 10-6 the first two years? After all, Chip took over the team when it was 4-12, so Pederson is taking over a better team than Chip got.

  27. “In addition, you’re probably going to lose Bradford”

    No they won’t. That’s why they’ll keep Shurmur as OC…so Bradford will stay. Bradford likes Shurmur. Besides, they’ll franchise him if they have to. No way they’re going into the 2016 season with Mark Sanchez as their starting QB and no decent backup.

  28. Eagles fans, I think Bradford is coming back for another run. He is Alex Smith, but with a checkered injury history. A first time HC’s best friend is a veteran qb that can manage a game, has a little mobility and can limit mistakes.

  29. Roseman is in full control now. Any type of football guy with an ounce of respect won’t work with him or for him, so they had to take a guy with no experience and a track record with the franchise. Gase, Coughlin, both wanted nothing to do with him. I hope it works out.

  30. Guess what? Andy Reid is a damn good HC. Philly fans might know it already. This guy is a disciple of/groomed by Andy and Pederson should be a very good coach.

  31. He’ll probably be a great coach. To have the talent of a second string high schooler and still make it to the NFL, he’s got to have a lot going on in the head and heart department.

  32. Talent wins. Draft well, sign good free agents you have a decent system you will win. Belichik didn’t become a genius til Brady, Carroll failed in 2 other places. Jeff Fisher is considered to be a good coach he has like 5 winning seasons out of 20. Andy Reid an offensive coach owes his success to defense.

  33. He may be okay, who knows? What we do know is that Kelly left the player talent cupboard pretty dang bare.

  34. This move should restore Philly to it’s dominance and make way to their return to the Super Bowl and stock that trophy case!

    60+ and counting

  35. liongator says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:57 PM

    So you expect he’ll start out better than 10-6 the first two years? After all, Chip took over the team when it was 4-12, so Pederson is taking over a better team than Chip got.

    The record was awful the talent however was not. The Eagles had a talented WR RB a long with a young QB with pretty good arm and with decent coaching I feel he could be a solid starter similar to a Dalton where if the right players around him and a good defense you could be in the thick of the playoff race consistently.

    Kellys record may be better on his exit season bit that is because the division was wrak. The team is in FAR worse shape than it was when Kelly came in… they Sam Bradford and a older RB… no clear cut Number 1 WR in my opinion and Maxwell getting burned at DB.

  36. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the people ridiculing this hire do not know one single thing about Doug Pederson other than what they have read on here.

    People laughed when the Chiefs got Alex Smith. All Alex Smith has done was become a top 10 QB in this league and lead a team to 11 straight wins this season, under Pederson’s tutelage.

    Adam Gase, who the same or maybe even less “experience” than Pederson, “coached” Peyton Manning and then turned Jay Cutler from a mediocre turn over machine into just mediocre but with less turnovers. The only reason you all think he is such a better candidate is because the media told you he was.

    I don’t if Pederson can coach or not. But guess what? You don’t if Adam Gase can either. Stop being parrots repeating what you heard some talking head say on ESPN. Give the guy a chance.

  37. The Cowboys and Eagles owners had a heated discussion over which team was going to be in last place next season. Looks like the Eagles just forfeited the argument.

  38. “I think it’s a solid hire, certainly an upgrade from the Kelly train-wreck…”

    Coach Kelly was a train wreck only because of the stupid personnel moves GM Kelly made. Even so, with a little luck the Eagles could have won 2 or 3 more games this year..maybe even tied the 10-6 record from the previous two seasons. If that would have happened, he’d still be here and we’d be having an entirely different discussion.

  39. John Harbaugh was a special teams coach under Andy Reid. He’s been to the playoffs in all but two years and has a Lombardi to his name. He never played pro ball. But he is a top 5 coach in this league. The Eagles need to settle on a QB and give the new guy time. The Clowns are the Clowns because they change course every two years.

  40. therealtrenches says:
    Jan 14, 2016 7:36 PM
    I wish Eagle haters would decide whether the Eagles should keep or lose Bradford.

    It appears that they think both of these fates would be terrible for the Eagles.

    The dude is 25-37-1 and injury prone.. they need to find someone better, but who out there is better right now that would be available?

    We need to get a little bit further into the off season before that is decided cuz I don’t know if RG3 would be better Cassell or Hoyer I don’t know if any one coming from college is immediately better. Manziel could be an upgrade but he is a hot mess. They are in a darned if they do darned if they don’t spot maybe Pederson likes a back up in KC he would trade for…

  41. So what’s Demarco Murray thinking right now ? He helped get rid of Chip because he wasn’t getting enough carries. Now, an Andy Reid disciple ? Andy Reid was accused of not running the ball enough in Philly. That money is pretty good though, right Demarco?

  42. As an Eagles fan, I’m ok with this hire. He’s not the sexy pick, but I think he’ll turn out to be a good pick. Andy wasn’t a sexy hire either, but he gave us some of our best years. Here’s hoping they bring in a strong DC.

  43. puntonfirstdown says:
    Jan 14, 2016 10:44 PM
    Explain again why the “Redskins” are bad, but the “Chiefs” are O.K.?

    One describes the head of an Indian Tribe. The other is a term that was used by white people as a racial slur against Indians for a hundred years.

    Which part of that are you struggling with?

  44. dallassux says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:55 PM
    At least he doesn’t look like a sex offender like a another new coach
    Giant fan here. That was funny. Good one.

  45. Meh, pick. Once Gase and Jackson came off the board there issn’t much difference between anything that’s left so I guess, why not?

  46. Pederson may turn out to be ok but hiring the OC from the 30th ranked offense who no one else was interested in seems like an odd choice.
    I also find the small number of candidates looked at by ownership aggravating. Off the top of my head guys I would like better the Eagles didn’t even look at:
    Sean McDermott
    Hugh Jackson
    Brian Billick
    Matt Patricia
    Mike Smith

    Honestly this search was botched from the beginning.

  47. good luck Doug! I’m somewhat happy that Chip is GONE and a old staffer from Andy has come to be our coach!!
    Bring a GOOD DEF mind to be your DC and we may be on to something
    Can’t hurt worse then Chippah!

  48. The Hunts say “sorry Jeff, we are not giving Andy Reid back to you in Philadelphia. Feel free to hire Doug Pederson though & good luck.”

    Please allow us to once again thank you for Andy Reid though, the man is the ultimate professional NFL head coach. He understands the NFL in 2015 (no small feat) & works hard each year in regards to understanding & building relationships with his players that foster it’s us against them mentality. History has shown coaches that know how to instill or manufacture that atmosphere in their locker rooms are markedly better than teams that do not have that we win together & lose together culture.

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