Knee brace bigger issue for Justin Houston than knee injury

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Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston returned to the lineup for last Saturday’s 30-0 win over the Texans after missing five games with a knee injury and he said Wednesday that the injury itself wasn’t a big issue during the game.

The brace that he’s wearing to protect the knee is a different story, however. Houston left the game briefly and said it was because he was having trouble adjusting to the brace, which he said “beat me up more than anything.”

“I kept banging my leg against the brace,” Houston said, via “If I felt comfortable playing without it, I’d go out there [without] it. But I feel safe with it. Playing with that thing is never comfortable. I just have to get used to it.”

Houston had three tackles against the Texans, but didn’t record a sack. He said he “felt rusty” rushing the passer and felt he was doing better as the game went on.

The Chiefs could use a more comfortable Houston coming off the edge as they try to slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots offense this weekend.

13 responses to “Knee brace bigger issue for Justin Houston than knee injury

  1. The Chiefs defense is insignificant in game planning to the Patriots. We have Brady, the GOAT. His micro-second release and ability to throw lasers 70 yards down the field make any defense inept. His intelligence makes Einstein look like a first grader. His field command and tactics put General Patton to shame.
    That is why the Pats are undefeated, and totally dominated every team we played this year, especially during the last half dozen games this year.

    Patriots 56
    Chiefs 3

  2. Chiefs have a one dimensional, even if balanced offense. Pats D is supposed to be scared of Avant? If they double Kelce in man, contain the run, mix in some zones, what else does KC have on offense?

    It’s comical to me that other fans and the media are so jealous of the Pats, hate BB, hate Brady, etc, that it clouds their analysis skills.

    Pats 27, KC 13

  3. The KC defense will give Brady some trouble, but he’ll ultimately get his now that Edelman is back.

    The KC offense on the other hand will stuggle without Maclin against a solid NE defense that is getting Donta Hightower back.

    Patriots: 27
    Chiefs: 17

  4. I love how PATRIOTDYNASTYLIVES play the “May the best team win” card when for months you spout off in typical classless manner how ALL other team & players suck , don’t measure up, can’t compete and have no business being on the field with the Patriots. The useless tool bags that Pats fans are always talk down to everyone else’s teams because if they mention injures or hurt player it’s just a sorry excuse cuz you can’t beat New England anyway. Plus the “next man up” has been New England’s slogan for quite some time now until they don’t want it to fit the situation. If you lose to bad !!:: nobody cares if half of the Patriots are on the field or not , why should they.. Karma is on the way … New England fans are by far the most classless fans that exists I use to think Philadelphia was worse but clowns take the cake

  5. Patriots fan here. That first post is embarrassing to most Patriot fans. The content reminds me of the drivel the LogicalVoicesPFT spews. Most of us have a great respect for the Chiefs and will feel very much relieved if we win the game this weekend.

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