Loomis: Drew Brees will be our quarterback, we’ll figure out contract

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The Saints entered the offseason amid speculation about coach Sean Payton leaving for another team, but he remains with the team after discussions with General Manager Mickey Loomis last week.

Loomis said Thursday that he never had a discussion about making a trade with another team that wanted Payton as their head coach and it doesn’t sound like he’s given much thought to life without Drew Brees either. The quarterback currently carries a cap hit of $30 million for the 2016 season, but Loomis said that’s not going to stand in the way of Brees returning for an 11th season in New Orleans.

“I know this: Drew’s going to be our quarterback,” Loomis said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “We’ll figure out how we’re going to handle the contract, whether it stays the same and just remains right in place, or whether we do something different. That’s all part of what we’ve got to figure out in the coming weeks.”

Loomis said the team’s cap situation is “not as dire” as people think it is and that he has looked at deals for other quarterbacks to prepare for possible extension talks. If they did reach agreement on an extension, it would lessen Brees’ cap burden next season and allow the Saints to use words other than “dire” as the baseline for their salary cap.

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  1. Drew Brees WILL NOT take a pay cut. They tried this a few years ago, he refused. Do you not see any of the 4,592 products he endorses? I seen a commercial with him yesterday endorsing diapers!

  2. “Dire” or not, Drew Brees’ contract needs to be restructured. One player takes up far too much of the TEAM’S salary cap!

    For just once, let us see Brees do like Tom Brady and accept less for the good of the team getting some defensive help. Otherwise, the Saints’ Laker-like implosion continues. (See also an aging Kobe Bryant and what hanging on to him too long and his albatross contract has done for the TEAM. Instead of playoffs, we’re hoping for a top 3 lottery pick~again!)

    Know when to say when.

  3. It really is quite dire. According to to overthecap.com they’re sitting at $159 for next year already.

    They are eating 12.1million in dead money for Galette

    Brees’ cap number is $30mil, Cameron Jordan $12.8, Jarius Byrd $10.9.

    Most of the high earners can’t be cut as that will accelerate their signing bonus’ into 2016!

  4. Saints fan i have news for you. The head coach once hired ROB RYAN as DC. If think that is not a problem then keep drinking the swamp water.

  5. This ridiculous rumor was also started by Ian Rappaport…how that guy actually gets paid for his tabloid material is beyond my wildest imagination. Imagine if you got it wrong 95% of the time at your place of work…think they’d keep paying you? Dude is a joke!

  6. The saints cap situation can be solved one of two ways. Either way starts with cutting Danelle ellerbee. Then they can either decide to cut unger and colston or redo the Brees contract. If they cut infer and colston that probably gets them under the cap and might give them enough room to sign their draft picks. In that scenario they don’t have a red cent to sign a single free agent and Brees becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. Colston seems vulnerable to getting whacked but I can’t see them dumping unger. So they really would have to jump through hoops in order to get under the cap without doing something about Brees. The question then is will Brees stick them up in order to allow them some cap relief or is he going to be a team player and allow the saints a path out of this mess that at least gives them hope that they can try and turn this thing around.

    Personally if I were running the saints I would choose now to blow the whole thing up.

  7. Brees never refused a pay cut because they never asked him to take a pay cut. They did a minor restructure during the season. They will do an extension this offseason. Also, all this talk about Brady taking a pay cut is BS. Smoke and mirrors. They just moved some money around. Even with the Brees contract the Saints had enough money to sign an all pro safety…..but they gave that money to Jairus Byrd instead. They had enough money for a stud pass rusher…but they are paying that in dead money to Junior Gallete instead. They had the money to sign a shut down cornerback….but they gave that money to Brandon Browner instead. They had enough money to sign a big time play maker….but they gave that money to C. J. Spiller instead. Don’t tell me Brees’s “greed” is the reason they can’t find and pay for talent!

  8. Drew Brees WILL NOT take a pay cut. They tried this a few years ago, he refused.

    Absolutely not true. The Saints have NEVER asked Brees to take a pay cut. He earns $20 million a year. Which is just under a million more than Tannehill and Kapernick earn per year. Who do you think is the better value out of those 3? Brees led the league in passing again last year. He’s only missed 2 games in his career and played well last year despite a Plantar fascia tear in his foot. The same injury that sidelined Manning for weeks. He’s earned every penny of his contract.

  9. If Brees does not restructure his contract, IF requested, this shows me he his a greedy, self-center player, looking out only for his bank account and the hell with the New Orleans fans who pay his salary.

  10. Brady makes the playoffs every year and has played in six super bowls. Statistically, career wise, they are on par. But as far as success goes, Brees is not in Brady’s realm.

  11. Drew will give hometown di$count on this, possibly his last contract.

    Contract 1 Chargers good $

    Contract 2 Saints 10M year real good $$

    Contract 3 Saints ALL THE $$$$ IN THE WORLD!

    Contract 4 Saints Less than all the $$$ and another Ring

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