Rams want new stadium to cater to Red Zone, fantasy fans

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One of the facts of life of being an NFL fan today is that it’s increasingly becoming more fun to watch at home than to go to a game. As more fans play fantasy football and watch on HD televisions with NFL Sunday Ticket or Red Zone Channel, they’d rather stay home and monitor all the games than go to the stadium and see only the game on the field in front of them.

So how can the Los Angeles Rams ensure that their multibillion-dollar stadium complex attracts fans? By catering to the very fans who like to watch more than one game at once.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff told the Los Angeles Times that the new stadium in Inglewood will have features that make it a fun way to spend a Sunday beyond just watching the Rams game.

“This is the stadium of the future for the NFL and hopefully for other sporting venues,” Demoff said. “When you look — especially in L.A. — it’s a melting pot of NFL fans. You look at the Steelers bars and Redskins bars and Bears bars. You want to take that and put it into your campus and find ways that at every turn people can watch the other games. L.A.’s become a fantasy-oriented, Red Zone-oriented, DirecTV-oriented culture. And I think our job is to blend that with now having a hometown team. To start to build that allegiance where you walk into the stadium and you never feel that you’re giving up everything else that’s going on Sunday but you still have the Rams right in front of you.”

There’s little doubt that fans want to be able to keep tabs on their fantasy teams and other games around the league while they’re at a game, and so the stadium of the future needs to give fans that opportunity. At the same time, the Rams have to give the fans something better than they can get at home. Winning football would go a long way toward attracting fans to that shiny new stadium.

77 responses to “Rams want new stadium to cater to Red Zone, fantasy fans

  1. So, Wi-fi, fantasy updates on the scoreboard/ticket and tvs in the concourses/bathrooms with Redzone on?

    Not sure what more they’d do.

  2. Did the “bunch of hookers and cocaine” guy win the Powerball? If so, the VIP area of the Rams’ stadium will be well worth the price of admission!

  3. Billionaire economics:

    Rent to stay in St. Louis $500,000 per year.

    Cost to build LA stadium estimated between $1,800,000,000 – $2,600,000,000

    So, Stan Kroenke is spending 360 – 520 years worth of rent to have his own stadium and will likely have to take in a roommate.

  4. Sigh. LA football is going to be more about being seen than true fans actually watching the game exactly as everyone has known for years.

  5. In other words, cater to everyone watching at home.

    One day, stadiums will be all skyboxes and heated seats for the $1000+ per ticket crowd. The bummer for players will be when they start demanding every fumble scramble be fought to the death.

  6. If say it’s cause it’s soooo expensive to actually attend a game. Paying to park, tickets. Food. Beer. Save $500 just watching at home. All these smart phones will let you check on the games while actually going to one. If it was more affordable you wouldn’t have these issues

  7. Doesn’t make sense since only 1 or 2 other afternoon games will be going on during their game times. All the other games in the east and central time zones are done by the time they kick-off.

  8. I mean if you were in LA how could you not be excited? Well heck at least optimistic.

    1) The Rams aren’t horrible, but could use a QB.
    2) An owner is coming in with big pockets to make a big experience.
    3) You’re in a cool division with great regional competition.
    4) Fisher, like him or not, proved to be successful in moving his franchise in the past and helping them win.

    I’d be all jacked up if I was in LA.

  9. Fantasy is a plague on the real sport. If they’re building a stadium specifically with catering to that in mind its clear the sport will no longer be watchable for me.

    Plenty of other things to do in life. The league has already so alienated me I stopped watching all games but the Pats. And I doubt I’ll be watching any games next year or at least until Goodell is gone.

  10. Ticket price and seat location are always going to be the deciding factor.
    But seating should be addressed. Look what movie theaters have begun to do with their seating, more reclining seating for all seats. Everyone knows that premium seating is the non revenue shared part of ticket sales. But owners need to think about spending more money on better seating options for GA instead of just trying to jam as many in as possible, when sitting on the couch or at a bar is much more comfortable and economical.

    In 3 years technology will have advanced even further than what they are planning for now. You don’t want to be already outdated by the time your stadium opener arrives.

  11. jaughe71 says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:51 PM
    Not blocking the Sunday Ticket App on your phone while you are in an NFL stadium would go a long way towards being fan friendly.
    Heard that! Man, how frustrating is that nonsense? “Sorry buddy, you’re at or close to an NFL game. You are therefore sol trying to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on your phone”…..GRRRRRRRR

  12. I bet people can’t wait to spend $200+ on tickets, $50+ on beer and food, $30+ on parking, each week when they can watch the same tv package at home for $300 a year.

    Hey guy., you want to go to the Rams game this weekend and watch the RedZone channel?

  13. So they want people to spend premium money to go to a game and sit in the stands staring down at their phones? They may as well put phones on the back of seats like they do on airplanes.

  14. Maybe Mark Davis IS the winner here. He’s already said he doesn’t want all the pop and fizz of a billion dollar stadium. If he can get the Mayor of Oakland can get on the same page, build a 50,000 seat stadium on the O.co site, keep it simple and low cost for the local fan base, keeping the prices down…winner! Go Raiders!!!

  15. This is awesome news for the rest of the NFCW. Basically no home field advantage, less travel, 1 less 10 am kickoff and more revenue to bump the salary cap up……

  16. If I want to watch other games, why would I spend a ton of dough and go to the Rams game to do it? Good luck with that business plan, chief.

  17. I keep reading it so some people must believe it, but one of the positives about Jeff Fisher is that he has experience with moving a team?

  18. What a great idea! Make the at-game fan experience emulate watching the game on TV. Meanwhile, Red Zone will try to improve the viewing experience to make it seem like you are right there at the game! What’s next…robots as cheerleaders? Getting kinda weird in here.

  19. What a bad move. Those who can afford going to the games at prices that will be charged in L.A. won’t be willing to fight the L.A. traffic. Those who’d like to go won’t because they will save the money and watch it at home on TV. The Rams fans of old that remember when the team was in L.A. twice before are too darn old to get off their respirators and make their way there. So there will be a bunch of lackluster fans who will be given tickets by corporate sponsors who’d rather be somewhere else. Hope the Wi-Fi is good or there will knife fights at every exist. Welcome to L.A..

  20. From a product standpoint, the NFL started downwards about 7-9 years ago. Today, it’s unwatchable. I don’t even watch football half of the Sundays anymore, and I used to be a diehard.

  21. I’m not sure how people endure actually watching football these days, either on the TV or in the stadium. Never ending time outs, replays, commercials, inane commentary, 10 slo-mo replays for every incomplete pass. Drunken fans, noise, traffic, outrageous prices for everything. Its just insane. I check the scores online and the game synopsis when the game is over, read PFT, and I am happy. The final score is all that matters.

  22. Big deal — the only people that are going to be able to afford attending Rams home games are rich people and corporate muckety-mucks, and not too many of them play fantasy (unless its the Kardashian fantasy league).

  23. It’s almost as if they could’ve built the stadium for people to come even if there wasn’t a team on the field. Nice distraction from Stans crappy team.

  24. Serious question: Just curious but how does the phone know you’re at or near a game, the “location” function that can easily be disabled/turned off?

    But, yeah, why would you pay to attend a game then watch another on a phone?

  25. I’ve already created a personalized luxury football experience, complete with wi-fi and redzone access, plush, reclined seating, en-suite catering and restroom facilities, fuzzy slippers and guaranteed parking. This year I’ve adding a special nookie-zone for girlfriends. I’ve amortized the per-game ticket price by moving in for the remaining 357 days of the year.

  26. It is a lot easier to achieve in LA than in the East. Three-quarters of the action is happening before the LA kick-off. Just allow game fans to show up early with their ticket for access to a great venue to watch the early games. Offer season ticket holders a FFL jackpot. Post results each week on the big screen. Have a game day Ap for intermission games.

    That should keep the nerds happy to want to come to the game. The rest of us can just watch the game.

  27. BradyIsTheGCOAT says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:32 PM

    That’s more if a gimmick that Kraft would charge money for toward his low IQ fan base (est. in 2001).


    Yeah, it’s the Pats’ fans that have a low IQ. Right.

  28. So, the eateries at the billion-dollar stadium will be exactly like the sports bar you’ve been going to for the past decade with all the NFL games playing? That’s viewed as a step forward? For what it costs to attend a game I cannot imagine myself spending a large chunk of time watching some other game on TV. I’d have saved a bunch of money and stayed home if that were my goal.

  29. Well duhhhh…this news is like 10 years late. Since Sunday Ticket & RZ it’s all about the home watching, grilling, checking stats, scores, and odds. Always will be. Games are too long and slow moving anyway – live with the constant stoppage and home with the constant adverts during the stoppage.

  30. Just curious. The moderation lately has been great, so couldn’t help wondering where that post went wrong. Wish you could answer.

  31. I don’t avoid stadiums because the fantasy updates are too slow. Or because I want to see a *different* game than the one I paid a ticket for.

    It’s because getting jammed into a petri dish with 80,000 people –where half are drunk, spilling food and screaming profanities– is a crappy environment to be in.

    Besides, didn’t the “gigantic living room” concept already get done at Jerry World?

  32. If NFL teams were smart, they would ban all alcohol in the parking lots and tailgating and open up the Stadiums at 7 a.m.

    Fans are all drunk and obnoxious by the time they get to the Stadium, making it a horrible experience for anyone sitting near these idiots. They dont go there for the game, they use it as an excuse to get drunk.

    Double the beer costs from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Talk about a deterrent for the drunks, thus less fights, thus better experience for everyone

  33. This will appeal to fans who enjoy seeing the Rams QB (whoever it is), overthrow the WR (whoever it is), on third and goal, from all angles.

  34. Lot of money to build in an earthquake zone. Let’s face it. This is still a stupid idea. LA is not a football town. You have done nothing to make that change and they will relocate in 12 years.

  35. heybackatyou says:
    Jan 14, 2016 5:53 PM
    Billionaire economics:

    Rent to stay in St. Louis $500,000 per year.

    Cost to build LA stadium estimated between $1,800,000,000 – $2,600,000,000

    So, Stan Kroenke is spending 360 – 520 years worth of rent to have his own stadium and will likely have to take in a roommate.

    He would have eventually needed to chip in 50% to get a stadium some where… So why not build the stadium you desire on your own terms, where you want it… and if he does have to take on a roomate they will be on HIS terms.

    The revenue sharing is over 200 million a season (and could go up a good chunk with the new LA team) so just using that money he could have it paid off in 15 years.

    Business people of his caliber are great at climbing on top of and over people ( and cities) to get whatever they want. He has that down to a science.

  36. As any long time, loyal Ram’s fan knows, Kroenke could care less about fielding a winning football team.

    This is just further proof. Make money in ‘entertainment’….as a Ram’s fan, it is pretty obvious we can forget about winning Super Bowls.

  37. Well, ownership knows there is little to no fan base for the Rams in L.A. and I don’t see one really being created for many years. People need things to do during all the breaks in action and if they are at the game it’s pretty much going to be a novelty for them cause it’s not there team playing…unless they are the visiting team…so of course they’ll be more interested in other games going on due to gambling and fantasy.

  38. I played football through college so I think I know the game. Fantasy football is completely ruining the game in terms of what people think they know about it.

    I had to send games of Russell Wilson to my cousin in Virginia 2 years ago to get him to understand that Russell is more than just his stat line….my sister at thanksgiving arguing with me about who is good and who isnt and why from her fantasy football perspective is really really annoying.

    Its gambling why would an NFL stadium incorporate gambling into their future?

  39. It’s not just about seeing the other games and fantasy. It’s about not having to walk half a mile and waiting 20 minutes to go to the bathroom. It’s about not paying 20 dollars for a hot dog and a soda. It’s about being able to pause or rewind your HD tv to see a replay, see a highlight, or get a drink. It’s about sitting in you air conditioned living room, in your comfy chair without some drunk ahole spilling his nachos down your back. It’s about not having to fight traffic info and out of the stadium. Sorry, the home viewing experience, in my opinion is FAR preferable in 2016 than going to the stadium.

  40. I would go to more games, but billion dollar stadiums, and overpriced players have completely put it pas my abillity. parking, food, beer. I can’t afford to take out a loan to go watch a game.

  41. bobnelsonjr says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:00 PM
    It will put that ski ramp greenhouse in Minneapolis to shame.
    That Minneapolis stadium is going to put that big green shed with metal benches (yes, benches) in that little Sconnie village to shame.

  42. So, these idiots are essentially trying to turn the stadium into a glorified sports bar with very few people paying attention to the actual game on the field? That doesn’t seem like it would make for a very good home field advantage.

  43. “Rams COO Kevin Demoff told the Los Angeles Times that the new stadium in Inglewood will have features that make it a fun way to spend a Sunday beyond just watching the Rams game.”

    Anyone who has watched a Rams game recently knows you need all the distractions you can get from what’s happening on the field. That’s not going to change just because they’re getting a new city and a new stadium.

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