Report: Bears block Joe Douglas from interviewing for Browns personnel job

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Earlier on Thursday, we shared a report that former Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew will interview with the Browns for a personnel job in their reorganized front office.

The team is looking for someone experienced in personnel matters because the top two members of their front office — executive vice president Sashi Brown and chief strategic officer Paul DePodesta — come from worlds well removed from evaluating football players. Brown has already been given final say over which players fill the roster, however, and that limits the candidates to the job because teams can block members of their own personnel staffs from interviewing with Cleveland.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that’s what happened when the Browns requested permission to speak to Bears college scouting director Joe Douglas. Per Rapoport, the Bears blocked the overture.

That leaves currently unemployed candidates like Mayhew as the likeliest choices to wind up with a job in Cleveland as the Browns start putting together their roster for the 2016 season.

25 responses to “Report: Bears block Joe Douglas from interviewing for Browns personnel job

  1. I disagree, Joe. There are a couple of excuses… good ones, even.

    1. Douglas is under contract with the Bears.

    2. The Bears apparently do not want to lose him.

    They already lost Adam Gase after just one year with the new coaching staff in place. I would imagine they don’t want anymore upheaval if they can help it, and in this case they can help it.

    I’m about 95% sure they can’t block guys from interviewing for a Head Coaching gig, and maybe they can’t block guys from interviewing for any “higher” positions than they currently hold but they can definitely block guys from moving “sideways.”

  2. Does anyone believe Ian Rapoport? That guy is the WORST at making things up and getting things flat wrong. Not saying he’s wrong here, but I really think most people just use him to spread rumors in order to further their agenda. To do that, they gotta throw him a bone every once in a while (with news of no consequence like this).

  3. This is the consequence of neutering your GM before he is even hired. When they gave the lawyer roster control, it allowed other teams to refuse interview requests. This is why the Browns are the Browns. On a positive note, Jonah Hill is going to use baseball math to solve all their problems.

  4. “I’m about 95% sure they can’t block guys from interviewing for a Head Coaching gig, and maybe they can’t block guys from interviewing for any “higher” positions than they currently hold but they can definitely block guys from moving “sideways.””

    Teams can block anyone under contract from interviewing even if it is a promotion except under two conditions.

    They can’t block an assistant from interviewing for a head coaching position and they can’t block someone from interviewing for a personnel position that would give them control over the 53 man roster.

    Since the Browns GM would not have final say so over the roster personnel as Jimmy Haslam has already given that power to Sashi Brown, any team can block their employees under contract from being considered for the position.

  5. joetoronto says:
    Jan 14, 2016 11:43 AM
    What a bullcrap move by the Bears. It’s the off season, no excuses.

    What does it being the offseason have to do with it? They have an employee they value under contract and they don’t want him to leave for a job that isn’t a promotion.

  6. Most Giants fans would gladly send Reese. I know I’d be happy to chip in to help with his relocation expenses

  7. I completely understand why the Bears blocked it. The Bears GM Pace is just starting his 2nd offseason and only now is getting the personnel evaluators he wants into his front office. He had to keep a bunch of carryover scouts on last year due to the timing, and anyone who’s seen the Bears’ talent level steadily decrease over the years knows some of those guys weren’t getting it done. Anyone Pace has brought in on the personnel side – which includes Douglas, who he hired last spring – isn’t going anywhere for at least the next year or two unless they really screw up.

  8. So if the owner and front office had kept their mouths shut about who has final say on the roster, they would have a much larger pool to pick from. But noooo……

    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  9. Martin Mayhew. Good luck with that. He’s a Mutt Millen disciple who had far too many early round picks out of the NFL before their rookie contracts expired.

  10. I take it that nobody wants the Browns job which is why Mayhew is being considered. Matt Millen is available too. I suppose the way the Lions do things is very familiar in Cleveland.

  11. I guess when the De Facto GM is a lawyer you realize that oh snap we need someone who you know can evaluate players. I am sorry but Jackson wont succeed in this crappy environment.

  12. only Cleveland would think it was a good idea to hire the guy that got fired as the GM for the Lions…

  13. Hue’s textes from all those coaches and personnel guys are dwindling by the day. First this guy. If he doesn’t pull Horton from Tennessee for the same gig….

  14. So typical of the Browns. Why would you want a GM that has 2 winning seasons and 5 losing seasons in his 7 yrs as the GM.

    And now the Bears guy? LMAO. They are as incompetent and dysfunctional as the Eagles & Browns.

    How about going after personnel people of teams that are good and have drafted well? i.e. Seahawks, Cardinals, Steelers, Bengals, Packers, Panthers, Broncos.

    And the decision by HillBilly Haslam to name someone in charge of the 53 man roster that would limit the people they can interview is another GLARING example of the incompetence of the Browns, and Haslam himself.

    Hue Jackson is a decent hire, I would have preferred a college Head Coach, but if the Browns continue their ineptitude of the draft, they will continue to lose like they always do. You could have Belichick coach the team, and without players, they will continue to lose.

  15. floratiotime says:
    Jan 14, 2016 11:41 AM

    Two dogs fighting over a meatless bone.


    Ok ok that had me rolling, even as a bears fan. Nice job dude even if you are simply an “arm chair” expert.

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