Report: Sullivan will be Giants’ OC; Philbin will have different role


The Giants will promote quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan to offensive coordinator under new head coach Ben McAdoo, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported Thursday.

That conflicts with previous reports that McAdoo would fill his old role with the hire of former Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Citing sources, Garafolo reported that Philbin will have a different role with the Giants, possibly assistant head coach.

Sullivan was the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator in 2012-13, then out of football for one season before returning to the Giants last season. He was the Giants’ quarterbacks coach from 2004-11.

Though Wednesday night brought reports that the Giants beat the Eagles to hiring McAdoo, the team has not yet made the hiring official.

Philbin and McAdoo both worked on Mike McCarthy’s staff in Green Bay from 2006 to 2011, before Philbin was hired in Miami. McAdoo has been the Giants’ offensive coordinator the past two seasons.

16 responses to “Report: Sullivan will be Giants’ OC; Philbin will have different role

  1. Anyone knows that Philbin was just McCarthy’s gopher at Green Bay before he remarkably was hired by the Dolphins.

    McCarthy: “Hey Filbin, go get me some cheese curds. I want that really large and greasy kind. While your at it, Aaron and I are going to game plan for the next game. Ok, get me a few brats to go with those curds and a large Diet Coke to wash it down.”

  2. The Philbin hire troubles me. This guy is the opposite of a coach I would want to play for. Go back to the Hard Knocks d- Dolphins video. Joe is a two-faced namby-pamby who fires team leaders and empowers bullies. Not a good fit for the Giants.

  3. Classy guy and tough as they come (he’s a former Army Ranger), it was a shame to see his offense flame out in Tampa along with Josh Freeman. I hope he does well with his second chance as an offensive shot caller.

  4. I see some hope. Glad that McAdoo is being hired as the couch. Eli is comfortable with him and keeps the continuity. Not a bad offensive showing this season. McAdoo must have seen something in Sullivan as QB coach. Manning had decent stats. Prove good teamwork between McAdoo and Sullivan. I like what I see so far.

    Biggest challenge – Building Defense.

    Also interested in seeing if they are going to keep Cruz somehow. Give him another chance.

  5. Whether or not Giants fans believe this, I believe that the set up thats being created with the new staff positions are more than likely going to work..In truth, Coughlin was not the problem. The lack of players along with injuries on this team is the actual problem. Nevertheless with these new moves the offense will be successful. And unless the Giants acquire defensive players through the draft and free agency we’ll remain “playoff less”. And that’s the bottom line. For starters in the first round of the draft Shawn Oakman should be our pick. Many wouldn’t problably agree but he will be a force on the we should start there..

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