Report: Texans expected to release Arian Foster

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The Texans are definitely looking for a starting quarterback this offseason.

It looks like there’s a good chance that they’ll be in the market for a running back as well. Arian Foster is turning 30, coming off a torn Achilles and set to make a non-guaranteed $6.5 million in base salary, all of which works together to explain why Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle has heard from multiple sources that believe Foster will be released this offseason.

There are other options, including a pay cut for the final year of Foster’s contract, but the veteran back has had a variety of injury issues in recent years that make him a risky bet to bank on heading into next season.When Foster was dealing with a groin injury last summer, owner Bob McNair said he wasn’t surprised because “it seems like every year [Foster’s] had a soft tissue injury.” That would seem to be more fuel for the release fire, but McNair said this week that it is too soon to make a call in any direction.

“Well, we’ll have to see how healthy he is,” McNair said. “But until we know that, there’s really not much you can think about.”

Foster ran for 163 yards on 63 carries in four games this season. Alfred Blue led the Texans with 698 yards on 183 carries.

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  1. Come to New England on a one year prove it deal. Hook up with Brady’s trainer, he will help you avoid the soft tissue injuries and go somewhere else the year after on a big contract.

  2. “it seems like every year [Foster’s] had a soft tissue injury.” I loved watching Hard Knocks week one when Foster praised how great his brother was at training him…maybe he should meditate on that for the future….

  3. Either he’ll go to New England and everyone will call Belichick a genius, or he’ll go to Dallas and everyone will call Jerry the worst owner in sports.

  4. Ezekiel Elliott or Derrick Henry at #22, sounds about right. Another big/huge back for another 8 years would do a lot to take the pressure off of a new QB (Cardale Jones in the 3rd/4th or Hogan in the 4th/5th?).

  5. Injury prone malingerer…..clubhouse lawyer….good riddance. Texans production at running back didn’t fall off at all the gazillion times he had soft tissue injuries.

  6. So take a look at the two 30 year old backs who have the highest reputation coming into this offseason. Both were first round fantasy backs for several years, and both are going to be looking for work. Arian Foster and Matt Forte.

    Foster: misses games every year, almost always soft tissue injuries, averaged 2.6 YPC in limited action. I think all can agree he has not aged well as a back, and can’t be counted on for 16 games, maybe not even 8 games.

    Forte: missed 8 games since 2008, averaged 4.1 YPC this year (right about his career average of 4.2), and was right at his average carries per game (16.8 this year vs. 17 for his career). Has lost a step, but was never a burner, and still a strong weapon in the passing game. Probably going to be supplanted in Chicago by Langford

    I don’t see Foster getting another shot unless a team has injuries midway through the season. Forte will probably get a Frank Gore-type contract. Running backs take a ton of abuse over the course of a season, and these guys are starting to wear down. Crazy to think how quickly it turns for that position….

  7. Raiders are looking to add 2 or 3 vet Rbs to go along with Murray according to TRD, He says Raiders know risk of vet RBs getting injured or not being productive so they will have 2 and Murray..I see Foster and Ivory being the 2RBs

  8. Just give this guy an incentive based contract. You play in games, you get paid. You don’t play, you don’t get paid

  9. good as gone. He came in as an udfa and ran wild but got that big contract and had soft injuries every year. They can save $6.6 million by cutting him. What an easy decision.

  10. Don’t ignore his receiving yards and the fact that the O-line got healthier as the year progressed when he wasn’t there. Texans need playmakers bad on offense going to be a tough decision to cut the second best one on their team. IMO

  11. liverpoolred04 says:
    Jan 14, 2016 9:36 AM

    Well, at least he has his atheism to fall back on that he loves to brag about.


    Right, because if Arian would have prayed about it, his career would have gone differently… Enjoy the view of the world with your head in the sand.

  12. Ok fair enough m, the guy gets hurt a lot. But he’s still one of the top five Rbs when healthy and is only getting 6 mil a year? I know that if he gets hurt the whole situation goes to s*** but sometimes you have to take the risk. Not inly do the Texans need a qb, they’ll have to draft a damn RB in the SAME draft or trade for one. You think any teams will want to trade one of their elite RBs right now? Maybe J Hill but I doubt that because Gio is injury prone. But anyways, obtaining two studs in two of the more important positions is very difficult. Why not give Foster one more year to heal up. 77% of injuries occurring in the preseason reinjured players in the regular season. So, keep the guy healthy, have him for one more year and take time to focus on your QB and other needs like WR, safety and LB. Cutting your second best player on the team who is one of the most talented Rbs in the NFL cost of

  13. Healthy, he’s as good as they come. But, he hasn’t stayed healthy an entire season for as long as I can remember.

    Don’t surprised to see him in a Broncos uniform next year.

  14. History of RBs getting the big contract and go straight into the tank. Jury is out on DeMarco Murray.

  15. man the texans offense is bad. awful TEs. truly the worst in the league. awful QB. 5 turnovers. enough said. other than Hopkins, awful receivers with brick hands (albeit Strong started to come on at the end). mediocre o line, at best. and bad running backs. as much as i hate to say it, i think you have to keep the second best person on that offense even if there is a good chance he gets hurt.

  16. Yeah, it’s his practice of questioning god that is slowing his career. Just like Tim Tebow’s unshakable faith has led him to be the best NFL quarterback of this generation.

  17. They passed on a quarterback 2 rounds in a row in the 2014 draft, and didn’t take one until the third round, even though they had the number 1 overall pick and even though Matt Schaub was the reason they needed a new QB and why they had the worst record in the NFL. IOW, they got what they deserved by NOT picking a QB when they had a golden opportunity to do so.

  18. Yeah Jimmysee, SURE, EVERY RB was unstoppable – YEARS’ AGO.

    I think the Raiders and the Patriots have both learned NOT to bring in injury risks.
    Yes, both have taken chances on ‘star’ players, and most of those chances failed. I think they have learned.

    If *I* was an owner, the only way I bring AF in is with a nominal base salary and some good incentives based on performance. You perform, you get paid, you don’t, and well, I guess you move on, no shame in that, these guys HAVE ‘lived the dream’.

    And, I am not sold on Derrick Henry at all, I think he will be more like Trent Richardson than Herschel Walker or Bo Jackson.
    Derrick will be great – in college, but he just doesn’t look like a Pro-style RB to me.

  19. Rosenfels was pretty good, then he got dumped, and Schaub won a lot of games for Houston, but geez, look at his supporting cast? Beyond Arian (when healthy), Andre Johnson, and even Owen Daniels (also when healthy), he had NOBODY.

    I don’t see a notable QB in this draft, if one comes up it will be a guy nobody knows about, like the guy at NDSU.

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