Reports: Bucs hiring Dirk Koetter


The Buccaneers’ coaching search is over, per multiple reports, and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will be the team’s new head coach.

A deal for Koetter should be finalized “soon,” Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported. That matched a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that said the sides are “closing in” on a deal.

Lovie Smith was fired last week, and reports linked Koetter to the surprise opening from the start. Koetter interviewed on Tuesday.

Koetter also interviewed with the 49ers, who earlier Thursday hired Chip Kelly.

Koetter, 56, has been an NFL offensive coordinator since 2007, first with the Jaguars, then with the Falcons before spending last season with the Bucs and rookie quarterback Jameis Winston. Koetter was the head coach at Boise State and Arizona State before coming to the NFL.

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  1. As a diehard Bucs fan and season ticket holder, I am cautiously optimistic. Jameis did a good job his rookie year and with this move, his development and progression should continue in the right direction.

  2. Nothing impressive!
    Next few seasons more of the same…

    Titans, the only opening left, could still wow football fans…

    So far, the winner of the HC hire is the Dolphins with Adam Gase!

  3. So his agent was able to make a power play and get this guy bumped up to HC when there is a pretty fair chance he would have been their OC next season anyway.

  4. Gotta say it’s nice to see the organization making the right moves. It may not pan out but it’s the best solution. The offense wasn’t bad last year although it has room for improvement and it keeps Winston in the same offensive scheme so he doesn’t have to worry about learning a new scheme and instead can focus on perfecting the current system. Now if koetter can just keep his hands off the defense and hire a decent coordinator other than Mike smith I think we will be ok. Defense doesn’t have to be a top 5 but they need to at least be component and able to allow less than 70% completion rate. That is what was unacceptable. Also need to improve on 3rd down defense

  5. He’s the reason the offense exploded this year’s don’t approve of the firing, but once it happened he was the only way to go (and no, Saban should NOT have been an option).

  6. This is a solid move only if he brings in a good defensive coordinator. The offense will improve greatly with Jameis going into his second year. Preferably someone that will discipline players so the penalties don’t kill us every season

  7. .
    Koetter is not the key hire. Whomever they choose for defensive coordinator will be the difference maker.

  8. Yes the only thing that really matters is who will run the defense… We have a pretty good idea what Dirk can do with Jameis and the offense.

    Personally I think it will be great to have someone dedicated to the D while not trying to balance with their head coaching duties. I don’t think Dirk will hire any of his unqualified children and that will certainly help.

  9. Good hire…Dirk Koetter has ALWAYS had good offenses because he knows blocking schemes; few OCs do. He has good connections, such as Mike Smith, his former boss, and don’t rule out Josh McDaniel from the Pats (whom GM Jason Licht and Koetter both know well) as OC and Asst HC. Jameis is putty in their hands and any OC would love to coach him with Doug Martin and Mike Evans on the team. I liked Lovie but he had little plan to improve the D and gave no indication he was going to get rid of failing coaches, including his son, who was the Bucs Safeties coach with one of worst secondaries in the league. There are some needs on D, most importantly an edge rusher, but with the offense at #5 that can be shaped up in short order.

  10. Maybe he will hire Lovie as the Defensive Coordinator. Just Kidding!

    I thought Tampa Bay would make a push for Jimbo Fisher. Good luck, Dirk!

  11. Two will benefit from this. First, there is the Bucs organization. Second, there is Chip Kelley because no way would the Niners have hired him if Koetter didn’t turn them down.

  12. Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach: Mike Smith. Former DC of the Jags who worked with Koetter then….and then again at Falcons when Mike Smith hired Koetter to develop Matt Ryan and the Offense. After that, the Bucs needs for coaches are few…need a DB coach, Safeties coach, D assistant. The D line and LB coaches are already solid; no one on the offense was fired.

  13. The bucks are going to end up exactly like the Saints. A fantastic offense, but one of the worst defenses in the league.

  14. So Lovie was no good, but you hire one of his coordinators. They’ll be back to 3 wins next year.

  15. After watching how he screwed up at ASU I would never let Koetter be a head coach at any level

    To be specific when Koetter picked Sam Keller to be the starting QB in 2006 Rudy Carpenter decided he wanted to transfer. Koetter then reversed the decision. Not a good leadership move as he was later terminated at ASU in late November.

  16. One Hue was hired everyone decided the top candidate was off the board so they all scrambled to hire somebody.

    And meanwhile the Titans are still fast asleep. At least they’ll start interviewing soon I guess

  17. Not sure if they adhered to the spirit and intent of the Rooney Rule but I don’t care. Three of Tampa’s last five HCs were black. A team with a history of diversity should be given waivers (Bucs, Raiders, Colts, etc.).

  18. Dirk Koetter’s performance at OC for three NFL teams has been outstanding. His fiery demeanor on the sideline is a team motivator–and he’s popular with the media here because he gets in their faces but he also explains his decisions and is very direct. If he hires Mike Smith, another good coach, as the DC, the Bucs will challenge in their division immediately. Lovie is a great guy, but he wasn’t doing it for the D was too loyal to his people to kick them out the door, and with no improvement on D in two years, some of those coaches need to go. This will be fun to watch….

  19. ” and don’t rule out Josh McDaniel from the Pats (whom GM Jason Licht and Koetter both know well) as OC and Asst HC”

    LOL. I’m willing to rule it out right now. When he leaves NE there isn’t going to be any “assistant” in front of the words “head coach.”

  20. joetoronto says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:14 PM
    Makes no sense
    Neither do you, but then again you never have… under your other two IDs and see if you can come up with a different opinion.

  21. don2074978,

    I’ve said this a few times but Buc fans tend to think being an OC in the NFL or anywhere trumps what you did as a head coach at the level right below what you’re asking him to take over now. Mind you that actual successful college HCs fail at this when they take that step up, but they swear that 2-19 record he had against anybody good at ASU was just because. All I can do is pray for Jameis that it’s quick and bad so the Glazers do what they do best and fire him after next year so he doesn’t get the blame for this when it goes badly. A 6-10 season might have these fools deluding themselves and giving him 2, wasting the kid’s first 3 years in the pros.

  22. So the Giants, Eagles and Bucs all promoted guys from in house. Seems like the appetite for blowing things up with a HC from the outside isn’t what it used to be.

    OTOH props for giving some new blood a shot vs just bringing in another failed retread.

  23. wsupock says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:23 PM

    What ever happened to the Rooney rule? Did they interview a minority head coach candidate?


    Yes, Tampa interviewed Harold Goodwin

  24. I’ve said the guy from Arizona didn’t need to waste his time doing interview with the Bucs. Only due to Rooney rules that the Bucs had to do an interview with the coordinator from Arizona but I knew they were going to go with this guy. Dumb, this guy will be fired in two years again.

  25. Nothing like replacing the guy you just fired with a guy he hired. The previous coach picked him because they saw eye to eye and had similar philosophies. Smith cleaned house on a mediocre team that lost vets and had bad signings before he arrived. He got his players and a rookie QB and the team showed improvement. The Bucs didn’t exactly put points up nor did they stop teams from doing so. Should’ve let Smith continue to build the D, but hey, gotta keep that “next” coordinator right?

  26. gofor2with3pointlead says:
    Jan 14, 2016 8:52 PM
    I’d be cool with Campbell from Miami as DC

    You do know that all of his playing and coaching experience is on offense, right?

  27. Smith cut good veterans and replaced them with backups who played good in spot duty and overpaid them, his buddies and the defense regressed.

  28. Bucs fans are delusional. They’re going to regress this year on the defensive side of the ball where they were ranked with the best of them now with Lovie out, and on offense as tape is out on Jameis and the OC is having his first year as an HC at a time yet the same GM who more miss than hit on his drafts, where they still have holes to replace, in a division that has one team dominating it like the Colts were doing the AFC south, and the key players are starting to get fed up with management…

    If this year is more than a regression and a straight flop they won’t recover for a number of years when guys jump ship and current HC is fired.

  29. Koetter in his first year with Bucs turned the offense around. A Rookie qb and 2 rookie o-lineman ranked top 10 in total offense,first downs, 3rd down conversion and rushing. Good hire by Glazers.

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