Shirtless Chandler Jones went to police station looking for help


The Foxboro Police Department released a report on the case of Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones, adding layers of details to what was already a strange scene.

According to the report published by the Boston Globe, a shirtless Jones walked to a back door of the town’s police station, and knelt down on the ground in a pose suggesting he was surrendering and then praying before asking police for help. He was later hospitalized overnight, and reports say it was because of synthetic marijuana.

But the report just released indicated that his home smelled of “burnt marijuana.”

The report by Officer David Foscaldo said “it was evident the individual was looking for help and assistance,” saying “‘I’m Chandler Jones …’ and he kept telling us he had ‘been told’ to come to our police station.”

There was no indication whom he was told that by, and that passage was followed by several redacted sentences.

The report concluded this was a call for medical assistance as opposed to a crime.

The Patriots have kept the case at arm’s length, with coach Bill Belichick saying little beyond that his concern was for his player’s health and safety.

Jones was described as being polite and cooperative, though the report clearly paints the picture of someone not in full command of his faculties.

132 responses to “Shirtless Chandler Jones went to police station looking for help

  1. If only he had called Mike Neal. He can cure anything. Just ask my Packers.

  2. LOL loser. tainted team now has a tainted brain from damage from this drug. history will show all the asterisks.


  3. “Synthetic marijuana” is code for PCP.
    Who instructed him to go to Chief O’Leary’s station (who also works security at Gillette Stadium) instead of the hospital?
    I’m not buying this story, why would a millionaire smoke that crap? It doesn’t add up.

  4. Surprised they are letting this guy play this weekend…..sounds like he has a drug problem, if players health is so important he will be inactive on game day, Belichick is just keeping it quiet to keep the Chiefs off balance………

  5. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but at least he went to get help. No matter if he was baked out of his mind or not, at least he didn’t do something dumb.

  6. Just legalize Marijuana already. That, or the NFL should stop testing for it. What a charade.

    Marijuana is proven to be far less harmful than alcohol, which is completely legal and compliant with NFL rules if you aren’t driving.

    This guy tries to skirt drug test by buying (what I presume is) over the counter “legal” synthetic Marijuana, which obviously has horrible side effects.

    Meanwhile, these guys are routinely shot up with dangerous, prescription narcotics to get back on the field. What a bunch of nonsense.

  7. of course it smelled like burnt marijuana, synthetic marijuana DOES smell like regular weed. it is far more dangerous than smoking regular weed, even though it is LEGAL in Mass. It can cause the exact type of reaction that Jones had, thousands go to the ER every year because of it. The producers of it are constantly chenging the ingrediants so that it isnt considered illegal, and they can keep selling it at gas stations. There is nothing new here in this story. The dude was at the pats facility Monday morning at 6:30 lifting weights. relax people

  8. obviously his fall guy screwed this one up.

    He took him to the police station instead of home !

    btw can we get the police video of this?

  9. After hearing about Robert Nkemdiche and Chandler Jones, Rick James has now officially changed his stance regarding cocaine. He has instead proclaimed that, “synthetic marijuana is a hell of a drug.”

  10. Frankly, in the current climate, for any black man (especially a large, muscular one like Jones, but really for all black males ages 10 and up) who is seeking police assistance in an emergency, to ensure first that the police can see that he is not carrying any weapon by taking off his shirt, and to assume the most non-threatening position possible, kneeling or even lying down, is not only not bizarre at all, it is in fact probably the single smartest thing to do. It is awful, really, but true nonetheless.

  11. just a reminder to some of you that he was not at Gronk’s house.

    There are numerous photos online and posts saying Gronk was in FL this weekend.

  12. The NFL needs to open an investigation into this immediately to see what exactly was going on at Gronk’s house. If they all were indeed taking part in the use of illegal drugs both at the local, state and at the federal level, they have violated the law and the rules of the NFL and should be suspended immediately. It’s time to end Gronks immature “Johnny Football” way of life immediately.

    1. Gronk wasn’t with him
    2. If Jones faces punishment for this and i agree he prob will be then it will only be stage 1 of Substance Abuse Policy which does not come with a suspension.
    3. I dont think nfl tests for synthetice drugs still
    4. Get your facts straight

  13. Unfortunately, synthetic marijuana is not illegal in Massachusetts. This is despite the facts that different batches can affect people in different ways and can have different effects depending on what impurities have crept in.
    Looks like Chandler Jones got a bad batch.

  14. Romo you have some real issues. It wasnt at Gronk’s house, was at Jones’ house, Gronk was in Florida at the time, by the way. Also, the stuff is not illegal in Mass. Other than that you got everything else correct. smh

  15. Bob Kraft was “duped” again.

    Most pathetic corrupt cheating franchise in sports history.


  16. How many times would an average citizen been tazed if they started spazzing out shirtless and barefoot at the police station?!? I guess it helps when the local pd is also “stadium security”. What a joke.

  17. What is it with the Jones brothers and doing things like this.

    Last year then UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones got involved in a hit and run where he literally ran from his car into hiding.

  18. LET. IT. GO. i’ve commented on this countless times about how brutal the media outside of New England was during the non-issue with Brady. now it’s the NE media that thinks they’re all woodstein. “oh i have a source. and my other source said 100%.” LOSERS. the conversation should be around the fact that the patriots have been terrible over the last month and are in immediate danger of losing to a solid Kansas City team. these fake reporters act like babies when their “sources” get disputed. let’s talk about the game saturday

  19. So is ESPN and the NFL really persecuting the Pats? I just saw one small article in ESPN about Chandler Jones, but oh my oh my, ESPN is in a witch hunt…

  20. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and made to pay for every crime he is accused.

  21. That synthetic marijuana is nothing like the real stuff. It will wreck you pretty fast and is way more dangerous. Legalization and real education is what needs to happen. I’ve taken all manner of drugs and this synthetic stuff is placed firmly in the “don’t mess with” category.

  22. In fairness, I had a similar reaction when my lucky Bruschi jersey also went missing for a few days.

  23. Unlike HGH, synthetic Marijuana is not a banned substance. Treat all players equally as with the same amount of investigation and let the chips fall where the may. Just be consistent, no double standards.

    That being said, it still was a pretty dumb of him.

  24. Amazing how stupid some comments are on here. The dude has a problem. Leave it at that..I can infer some of the comments that many of those same people are doiNG drugs just like Jones..

  25. I think Goodell should open a 5 million dollar independent investigation. Meanwhile, Please let Peyton Manning take all of the illegal steroids he wants.

  26. I’m amazed that synthetic weed is legal in MA. It’s bad bad stuff. Much more dangerous than real weed. Glad he survived that, and hopefully he learned. (I say survived, because people on synthetic weed try and do stupid stuff, like fly.) I still don’t get why all these guys can’t just have a beer.

  27. I love how all of you haters are bashing the guy, but in about 2+ months your team will be bringing him in for a free agent visit. He was #4 in sacks for this past season in the NFL, your team will be calling his agent.

  28. It’s a legal drug that makes you completely disoriented and incapable of functioning.

    Yeah you nailed it, commenters. Classic case of cheating. Now we know the secret to all the Patriots success.

  29. If Jones did anything to himself that Belichick feels is harmful to his team’s preparations against K.C., the gravity of his judgment will be seen in Jones’ playing time Saturday. Belichick is not going to sell out a player to the media, and he certainly doesn’t give a hoot about social media luminaries with low wattage bulbs who revel in this kind of story.

  30. Synthetic marijuana doesn’t even have marijuana in it. Also known as K2 or spice, it’s plant based and packed with chemicals. It’s also not illegal in many states, including MA.

    Still a poor choice by Chandler but there will be no suspension by the NFL. Maybe BB flexes his muscles and sits him first series, quarter, who knows.

    My guess is nothing happens but everyone plays in a football game Saturday

  31. So smart, make it illegal for people to smoke something natural that it forces them to smoke something made in a lab that turns people absolutely crazy.

    Just make it 21 and over legal, it’s a personal choice. If your high while working much like being under the influence of alcohol in most workplaces you could lose your job. Having people smoke this synthetic crap is much worse.

  32. I don’t know what the real story is here,but I can’t see Belichick letting him play Saturday. At the very least,he may make him sit out the first quarter. Stupid fool… Why don’t these players ever learn? Have they not seen other guys get themselves into trouble over this kind of thing? Just when the team needs him the most,he screws up. God know the Pats have enough distractions.

  33. Do NOT blame Goodell, the NFL, or the Patriots for this.
    The blame lies squarely on the hands of Jones himself, his agent, and De Smith (and the NFLPA).

  34. How many ways can you milk the same story….. Believe this is 6 & counting….good TMZ reporting there Mike….

  35. It was a completely false report by Dennis and Callaghan that said Jones OD’d on pills at Gronk’s house. That puts their credibility right up there with Mort.

  36. Just smoke the real stuff and buy the Whizzinator for the random drug test. BTW, drugs are bad mkay.

  37. Guy does nothing illegal. Stupid, sure, but not against the law. Not against NFL rules either.

    Guy has a bad reaction, walks (does not drive) to the nearby police station, and asks for help. Does not disrespect to authority nor pose a danger to anyone by all accounts.

    Guy spends the night in the hospital and is released in the morning, and makes his early morning NFL practice on Monday. Doesn’t miss a practice all week.

    And you Mensa members want him suspended, and equate this with cheating and the police being on the take?

  38. As for punishment, Jones is a free agent this year. I would make him stay at the team hotel and do curfew checks. Additionally, he should play every snap at DE this week until he becomes a liability, then add him to the rotation.

  39. There are unintended consequences for everything. And for the “legalize weed” crown, one of the unintended consequences is that the drug cartels are losing a ton of money on weed sales. So to make up that money, they are flooding the markets with cheap heroin to get back lost weed profits. So now there is a heroin epidemic and people are dying from over dosing far too frequently. And the ones that don’t overdose put huge financial strains on the tax payers.

  40. Jones aside;Pot makes you wayyy laid back, right pot fans? They need to piss test the Pats offensive line ans receivers immediately. They all have been playing all year “laid back” and Laid up.”

  41. Sounds like he tried something he doesn’t normally do and got scared and needed help.

    Whoever told him to go to the police, it sounds like it was a good decision.

    It doesn’t sound like there’s much more to be revealed.

    My guess is he will voluntarily submit to the NFL substance abuse program and then put it behind him.

    Of all the mistakes that could me made by an NFL player I would say this one, while probably scary for Jones, was pretty minor (as long as it doesn’t become continued behavior).

  42. The key to this story is he smoked synthetic pot which has god knows what in it. People are mashing the two together in the comment section when a line clearly needs to be drawn between the two.

    One is hell of a lot more scary then the other.

  43. As a Dolphin fan, the Patriots can lick my balls….. this being said, I’m glad he got help and was safe and didn’t endanger anyone else…

    Tragic. But handled right

  44. Didn’t do anything illegal, so can’ t be suspended. Roger didn’t have enough time to manufacture something that the mindless Haters would lap up, so…Oh well, Pats win again! Jones plays. He’ll have three sacks…And you’ll be left crying and trying to win the Public Opinion Bowl!

    Kiss The RingS!

  45. Nothing to see here. Move along. Not a distraction. And even if it is, we thrive on distractions. And always tell the complete truth on our injury report. Gronk’s knee is 200%. Also, with regard to my eye … I walked into a door in the middle of the night. Just like that kid Luka from the song.

    Bill Belichick

  46. Reminds me of back in the day when the police found a shirtless Alonzo Spellman wandering the road. Except that ‘Zo was clinically bi-polar and off his meds whereas Chandler’s state appears to have been voluntarily self-induced.

  47. Hahaha you crybaby fans of loser teams are hilarious.

    He did nothing illegal, albeit definitely stupid, didn’t hurt anyone else and didn’t get arrested.

    But you guys want a suspension, drug tests, and consider this the patriots somehow cheating. Jealousy is a very ugly color on all of you.

  48. To a few of the commenters…either A) You have the reading comprehension of a 1st grader. B) You read the Headline and post a comment

    I really hope it’s B

  49. An abuse of power by both the Patriots and the police department. It’s like the San Jose Police and the 49ers (We all knew how that worked out). Police should be penalized for giving special treatment to a local team. I feel like that violates federal law, but what do I know…..

  50. So many commenters confused about SYNTHETIC marijuana. It has nothing to do with the real stuff that grows in the ground. Yes synthetics contains cannabinoids, which is a group of chemicals that affect certain chemical receptors in the brain of which THC (the cannabinoid that produces the euphoric feeling when ingested) is one, synthetic marijuana contains no THC. This is why synthetics are legal and real organic is not. The affects of synthetics are unpredictable and many times can cause acute psychosis. Real marijuana mellows you out and along with providing pain relief, it can sometimes cause a mild case of paranoia and enhanced appetite. The side affects are extremely polar and why anyone would subject themselves to this synthetic garbage baffles me. Also the fact that real marijuana, which remains a schedule I drug (the DEA’s worst classification along with heroin, LSD, Quaaludes, peyote and ecstacy), is still illegal is even more baffling.

  51. Suspend him for what? What he did wasn’t illegal and it’s not on the NFL susbstance abuse list. He didn’t break any State/Federal law or NFL policy. It sure as heck was stupid, but then again, not illegal.

    As for the ones saying he cheated… WHAT?! How can taking drugs, as long as it’s not PEDs, be considered cheating? They don’t give you any competitive advantage in anything (sports, work or life related). That is as asinine as Goodell equating PSI levels to PEDs.

    And what the heck are Kraft and BB supposed to do on the player’s day off? Babysit them? These are grown men, not children to be looked after every single minute of the day.

    You haters get dumber and dumber every single day.

  52. Death, taxes and the 6 to 12 trolls gleefully making the same tired cheating, tainted, whatever comments. They are as automatic as a Gostkowski extra point. I used to thumbs down them but then realized they just crave the attention and I stopped. I suggest we all do. Ignore them and they will go away.

  53. Synthetic dope, bath salts, PCP whatever… the fact is he did drugs and shoulder suffer a suspension immediately. The Patriots got the luxury of not facing Bryant week one, they should now in fairness pay the price. All these justifications from Patriots fans are hilarious.

  54. Meanwhile what is Big Head Manning up to these days… how come he hasn’t been tested or an investigation launched? and while we’re at it, that Big Ben sure seems to come back quickly from injury? Rapist and HGH user?

  55. Hey genius? If what Jones admits to taking is neither illegal nor on the NFL banned substance list is it your contention that anyone who takes an aspirin, cough syrup or any other over the counter DRUG should be immediately suspended? Yeah, brilliant.

  56. Just another Patriot who is completely out of control. It will take the legal system to look the other way for this mellon head to be on the field by the weekend. Money is exchanging hands as we speak in order to make that happen. End result will be ” nothing to see at all “.

  57. “Ignore them and they will go away.”

    I’ve posted similar comments a few times lately, and they always get deleted immediately by the mods.

    Unfortunately, getting clicks generated by obvious trolls is more important than a civil and thoughtful discussion. All too common these days, sadly.

    I’ll join you in not even bothering to downvote them.

  58. truecowboyfan says:
    Jan 14, 2016 4:42 PM
    But I thought the Patriots run a tight ship? Cheaters, Murderers and Druggies.

    Thighter than the one run in Dallas. How are your puppet coach and the ” true leader” of your team doing lately? Jerr-uh? Bet their enjoying their early vacations while my team still has games to play.

  59. he doesn’t even need to be smoking synthetic right now, the league only conducts testing during the off season and preseason (three months!). What a moron….

  60. That synthetic weed is some wicked stuff, A guy I worked with smoked it at a employee x mas party, and ended up running down the street naked at night, thought that passenger jets flying above were kamikazes coming to bomb him, after going on a literal 4 mile “cigarette run” to 7-11, the police found him sitting on the curb talking to a parked car laughing that the car had buck teeth “the license plate”, and its eyes “the headlights” were so beautiful. That cured me from ever, wanting to try it.

  61. After the embarrassment he has caused to ownership, coaches, teammates, staff, fans and HIMSELF, I believe he’s going to have the best game he has tever had.

  62. mikeoxwells says:
    Jan 14, 2016 1:40 PM

    I can smell patriots cover-up through my computer.
    Ironic. The stench of troll is wafting through mine.

  63. fanofpft says:
    Jan 14, 2016 6:06 PM
    Was the redacted part that the chief of police is also head of pats security?
    I had written earlier about this claim. I guess it got redacted.

    The Foxboro police and fire chiefs are not part of the Patriots’ team security. They are not paid any money from the Patriots or the stadium. To do so would be a conflict of interest; rules that have been in place since the Patriots came to Foxboro in 1971.

  64. imodan says:
    Jan 14, 2016 4:31 PM
    Hey genius? If what Jones admits to taking is neither illegal nor on the NFL banned substance list is it your contention that anyone who takes an aspirin, cough syrup or any other over the counter DRUG should be immediately suspended? Yeah, brilliant.
    Lets not forget the NFL personal conduct policy.

  65. Was the redacted part that the chief of police is also head of pats security?
    I had written earlier about this claim. I guess it got redacted.

    The Foxboro police and fire chiefs are not part of the Patriots’ team security. They are not paid any money from the Patriots or the stadium. To do so would be a conflict of interest; rules that have been in place since the Patriots came to Foxboro in 1971.

    So they get kickbacks just like brady.

    Hey genius? If what Jones admits to taking is neither illegal nor on the NFL banned substance list is it your contention that anyone who takes an aspirin, cough syrup or any other over the counter DRUG should be immediately suspended? Yeah, brilliant.
    Lets not forget the NFL personal conduct policy.

    It’s all about that PCP boss. And brady still owes 4 games for it.

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