Steve Spagnuolo expected to remain with Giants

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Tom Coughlin is gone, but it appears things aren’t going to look much different on the team’s coaching staff next season.

Ben McAdoo is getting bumped up to head coach and, according to multiple reports, Steve Spagnuolo will remain the team’s defensive coordinator. Spagnuolo began his second stint in that role in 2015 and oversaw a unit that finished 30th in the league in points allowed and last in yards allowed.

Those numbers don’t scream “bring me back” but there were certainly factors that contributed to the defense’s poor performance for the majority of the season. Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks accident cost the team its best defensive player for half the season, other injuries limited them in the secondary and at linebacker and there was a generally low level of talent on hand for Spagnuolo to work with on the field.

That’s on General Manager Jerry Reese to fix, something that owner John Mara said he believed Reese could do during the press conference that followed the team’s parting of the ways with Coughlin. Mara also said that he felt the Giants “lost some credibility as an organization” over the course of three losing seasons, which will likely make some wonder if the best way to regain it was to dispatch Coughlin while otherwise holding onto the status quo.

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  1. “…which will likely make some wonder if the best way to regain it was to dispatch Coughlin while otherwise holding onto the status quo.”


    Exactly. If they were going to fire Coughlin, which I was in favor of, they needed to get rid of Reese as well. That’s the mistake they made. And getting rid of some of the trainers; Giants seem to have more than their share of injuries and the trainers obviously don’t know what they’re doing. Been that way for years.

    Looking forward to another 3-4 years of mediocrity.

  2. As long as Eli is there, the team has to retain as much “status quo” as possible, because he is a franchise QB with some good years remaining.

    As far as Coughlin… the old adage holds: “Better to dismiss a year too early than a year too late.” At almost half Coughlin’s age, McAdoo will probably relate better to the current-day players. Since it was clear Mara and Tisch didn’t want to blow it up and clean house, this is probably the best move they could make. Once Eli retires, there will be more of an opportunity to wipe out and start fresh.

  3. Spagnuolo was not the issue with the defense.

    When he had players in 2007 and 2008, the GIANTS had very good defenses.

    Tim Lewis and Perry Fewell could not generate good defenses with the same players.

    Spags is good, if he has the talent. Not everyone is.

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