Broncos sign Derek Wolfe to four-year extension


The Broncos have signed defensive end Derek Wolfe to a four-year extension, checking off what figured to be a top offseason priority before opening postseason play.

Wolfe, 25, was a second round pick in 2012 and has been a starter when healthy since. He had 5.5 sacks and a career-best 36 tackles in 2015.

John Elway, the Broncos’ vice president of football operations, tweeted a picture of Wolfe in his office and said the Broncos are proud to have extended a player who has “developed into one of the best defensive linemen in football.”

Wolfe’s four-year extension is worth $36.75 million and $17.5 million guaranteed, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported.

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  1. This was an outstand pick in the 2nd round of that 2012 draft, especially considering the “draft experts” had complete busts like Jerel Worthy and Devon Still ranked higher.

  2. StGatsby says:
    Jan 15, 2016 4:30 PM
    Love this signing, great value for the Bronco D. Just hope there is still enough to sign Malik Jackson as well.
    More than enough once Peyton calls it a day. Not to mention, just think how many decent O-lineman we can get with the left over $$$.

  3. Priorities should have been:

    Malik Jackson
    B Marshall RFA
    Brock Osweiler
    CJ Anderson


    Derek Wolfe
    Danny Trevathan

    as we all know that Von is getting paid either with a long term contract or the franchise tag.

  4. IMO the timing of this shows that Wolfe really wants to stay in Denver. Probably could have gotten more on the open market. Von praises Wolfe often and even credits many of his sacks to ones that he “stole” from Wolfe. Great re-sign by Denver.

    Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty to spread around to Malik, Trevathan, et al. Next year’s (likely) absence of Peyton, Ware & Clady will free up $35M alone.

  5. Where’s Clady going? He’s been rehabbing all season. He is the key component in the O line for next year.

  6. Good signing, and for a fair price for both team and player. Wolfe doesn’t light up the stat sheet, per se, but watching him play this year, it’s hard to not notice him. Plus, he’s one of those guys who has a non-stop motor. This has definitely been his best year to date and it’s good to see him locked up long-term.

    Now we need to get Malik, B Marsh, Trevathan, Brock and CJ locked up.

    I’m not as optimistic that Denver can keep them all. Granted, Peyton’s contract is likely coming off the books though, but Miller’s is easily going to take most if not all of the same space, and Brock, being a QB, will command a good chunk of change too. Think re-signing Brock and Miller will only allow Denver to keep 2 (maybe 3, tops) of the group including Jackson, Marshall, Trevathan and Anderson.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and we can keep them all though.

  7. xx1111 says:
    Jan 15, 2016 4:51 PM
    What an overpayment. Would have rather signed Malik jackson to that contact than wolfe

    How you’re not their GM is beyond… nobody.

  8. Outstanding signing. Since coming back from suspension, D Wolfe has been disruptive and dominate on The D. Big fella lives in the backfield and is rated as top d tackle agains the run in the nfl. Anybody who thinks Broncos had anybody other than Von as higher priority is watching games on tv. The 76000 Wolfe fans watching live know better. Welcome back Wolfe!

  9. Clady, Ware, Manning. . . plus Vernon Davis and Evan Mathis. They can re-sign Brock, and several of the better defensive players. Can’t keep everybody, but they also have some very capable-looking guys in Todd Davis, Kenny Anunike, and Darius Kilgo. Plus a defensive coaching staff that knows how to develop talent.

  10. This signing is strategic…it appeases Von Miller. In order to maintain a great defense you need several players to be willing to play for less money, and with Ware and Peyton on the way out the door making Miller happy is going to be the key to attracting and retaining future talent.

  11. Where’s Clady going? He’s been rehabbing all season. He is the key component in the O line for next year.


    Pay cut incoming! I think Clady will be on this team next year with Sambrailo back at right tackle. Our Oline is already looking pretty good for next season.

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