Browns keep special teams coach, hope to hire Kirby Wilson


New Browns coach Hue Jackson has made his first staff hire and is reportedly closing in on another.

The Browns announced Friday that special teams coach Chris Tabor will be retained. In Minnesota, The Pioneer Press reported that Jackson wants to hire Vikings running backs coach Kirby Wilson as the Browns’ run game coordinator, a move that will require permission from the Vikings.

John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, told The Pioneer Press that Wilson would be getting a promotion, not making a lateral move.

A source told PFT earlier in the week that Jackson plans to call his own plays, but he said at his introductory press conference he hasn’t made a decision.

Tabor was hired by the Browns in 2011, or three head coaches ago.

“Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and possesses the passion necessary to motivate his unit,” Jackson said in a team statement. “They play hard and tough while paying attention to all the details and nuances that make the huge impact needed to win on special teams. Obviously, I’ve seen the success he’s had with the Browns special teams unit first hand in my time in this division.”

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  1. Not sure why Tabor still has a job in Cleveland, their specials teams have stunk the last few years – oh wait, no one else wants to hire him.

  2. Seems like a “running game coordinator” isn’t much different than a running backs coach. Not sure why Kirby would leave the Vikes and AP for the Browns unless there’s quite a bit more money involved.

  3. lemdawg says:
    Jan 15, 2016 12:24 PM
    Not sure why Tabor still has a job in Cleveland, their specials teams have stunk the last few years – oh wait, no one else wants to hire him.

    If facts matter to you at all, you should probably know that the Browns special teams were ranked above Green Bay, Arizona, Carolina, Pittsburgh and 12 other teams this season.

  4. Wilson has done a good job coaching Jerrick McKinnon and Matt Asiata, but he can’t seem to teach his third running back to pass block, take handoffs out of the shotgun, hold onto the ball, catch passes, or run forwards instead of backwards.

  5. His job in Minnesota was pretty easy….

    Hand off to Peterson.
    Hand off to Peterson.
    Hand off to Peterson.
    Hand off to Peterson.
    Hand off to Peterson.
    Hand off to Peterson.

  6. Why would anybody choose to work for the Browns is beyond me… especially if you already have a comporable job with a stable GM/Coach situation.

    Wilson will have to re interview for his Browns job every year when Haslam brooms the GM and head coach.

  7. I would normally agree with Jackson’s assessment exvept for this year, did Jackson, see the Block 6 vs the Ravens, and Shelton and Erving getting blown up on xtra points and FGs?

    No offense, there’s one thing to be positive, and its another to be a blatant BSer & delusional.

    I’ve heard a ton of BS already from Hue Jackson since he was hired.

    What do you think about Johnny? I’ll have to look at the tape. Huh? How could you watch the special teams of the Browns and not watch Johnny.

    And he used the grinder phrase today on one of the local talk shows. He’s using all the cliches his incompetent predecessor used. Not liking what I’m hearing so far.

    He’s either clueless like Pettine or Haslam gives him a script to follow for all interviews.

    I’m not optomistic, especially since they were interviewing Martin Mayhew for the GM job, who was awful in Detroit. U want to interview a guy that had 2 winning seasons out of 7 when he was the GM.

    Sounds like more of the same to me

  8. I feel really bad for the Browns fans; they deserve so much more than Jimmy Haslam.

    I can’t believe he hired their coach before their
    GM… he has taken a down trodden franchise and turned them into a tire fire.

  9. While Kirby Wilson does deserve a chance to move up, I hope he’d be very hesitant about taking a job with the Browns. More than likely, that entire Browns staff will be fired and looking for work in two seasons.

  10. Good coaches that believe in themselves aren’t afraid of a challenge. If they are, they’re in the wrong business. A pay raise never hurts either. I think this tougher but fair type of coach is just what we needed. We can only get better with this Hue Jackson guy. As long as he’s not running too many things and focuses mostly on the offense and let the other coaches do their job, I think we’ll be in good shape. I think he was a great hire by Haslem.

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