Jeff Fisher says fans in St. Louis were great


As the last head coach of the St. Louis Rams, Jeff Fisher says it was a pleasure to coach in front of such great fans.

Fisher, now the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, said in an interview on NFL Network that the team’s decision to move was not a reflection of the support they got from St. Louis.

“The fans had nothing to do with this decision. We had such great fans there, through the thick and thin,” Fisher said. “I’m just really appreciative of the loyal fans in St. Louis who just lost their team. It’s not an easy situation to go through. On the other hand, we have to move forward.”

As they move forward, Fisher thinks they’re well positioned to play better in Los Angeles than they have during his four years in St. Louis. Fisher previously coached the Houston Oilers as they moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, and he believes this team is in a better position than that team was — and that team got to the Super Bowl (and lost to St. Louis) in its third year in Tennessee.

“We’ve actually got a better team now than we did in Houston when we moved to Tennessee,” Fisher said.

If Fisher is right about that, the Rams may be ready to make a playoff push. Right after they’ve left their loyal St. Louis fans behind.

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  1. Well, he certainly seems like the right man for the job. Few other coaches have experience with transitions such as these. Hopefully he’ll help keep the team on track next season.

  2. The fans in St Louis were great? Was this before or after they quit going to games? Their attendance was 52K per game this season, or 80%. Second worst? You guessed it: Oakland. See the trend. While I don’t think L.A. asked for, want, or deserve a team, it’s a shame the cities with teams don’t support them better. Things are turning around in Tampa Bay, with 94% capacity, but the NFL should probably do more to make games more affordable for the average Joe. And the average Joe isn’t going to go to games in L.A. because they don’t have $150 for nosebleed seats and a day sitting in smog and traffic.

  3. A better HC is our dream. Green Bay would love to have you, Jeff. We admire dirty play. Just ask Clay.

  4. Oh Judas H. Priest…like there is some big transformation…the “last coach of the St Louis Rams?” Hello? This is the same team…they are still the Rams. The NFL is really hyping this up, but folks I know in L.A. say most in the city don’t care; their biggest worry is getting stuck with a bill. Sad.

  5. bucsorbust, that is the lamest argument ever. Fans aren’t going to go to games when they KNOW the team is leaving. Whether it’s Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis or anywhere else, it’s ALWAYS about public money, never fan support……

  6. bucsorbust says:
    Jan 15, 2016 7:49 PM
    The fans in St Louis were great? Was this before or after they quit going to games?
    Seriously? Have the Rams put together an actual good team under Kroenke since his ownership began? Face it man, the game plan for a few years has been to field a miserable product to cut down on attendance and give Kroenke further ammo to make a move.

    Also, $150 for an LA ticket? Nosebleed seats are going to cost 2-3 times that. This is the reason LA football is screwed from the get go. Fans will turn out for a few years and then a few years more after the stadium opens but within years the “new car smell” is going to be gone.

    Fickle fans combined with overall an ambivalent owner in terms of drive to actually win and it’s a bad recipe. Personally I think Stan sells it all maybe a year after the stadium opens and then picks up the Broncos when the Bowlen family sells on the profits alone.

  7. Bucsorbust the fans stopped going because of ownership in St. Louis. It was obvious for years that this tool owner was leaving. Why stay and support an owner that doesn’t want to be there? If it was announced next year that your beloved bucs were leaving in 2017 your stadium would be half full. Even now 35 % of your stadium is visiting teams fans

  8. Thanks Fisher. Us in St Louis appreciate it. As far as attendance, how many fan bases will sell out when the team has only had 4 winning seasons in 21 years, where the team does little to nothing to embrace the fans, and a city that felt that Kroenke was going to move the team when he took over. Unfortunately the fans were right and there was nothing St Louis could have done to keep the Rams. Kroenke wanted out and Goodell wanted LA badly.

  9. Im curious to know where St.Louis Rams fans go from here. Chiefs fans now? Support a team not in the region? Or just not support a team at all? Its gonna be a loong time before..if at all a team returns.

  10. I’m pretty far removed from the Rams, and was also from the Titans. But teams coached by Fisher have always played pretty tough. I don’t see the Rams having a much different record over the past few years with most other HCs.

  11. No one in St. Louis cared about the Rams or the football Cardinals. That’s why both teams failed there. The fans wouldn’t support them or the NBA when they were there. St. Louis is lame as sports cities go. Even their hockey team is exploring options to go to Canada where they will be appreciated.

  12. People shouldn’t tell fans who just lost their team to be fans of another team. Let St.Louis fans do what the heck they want.

    And I’m a Chiefs fan.

    Kroenke cares only about money. People should boycott the businesses he owns like Wal-mart. Otherwise you won’t reach him or his cronies.

  13. How do the 2 NBA, 2 MLB and 2 NHL teams in the L.A. area survive having multiple teams for 40 plus hone games each since there is ” so much else to do” there? Only 8 hone games to support compared to 5 times as many home games for the other teams and they seem to be doing OK. Anybody explain this to me?

  14. They should have been considered great for a perennial .500 coach. How about a mention about the skins going to the playoffs twice since parting with those draft picks….. How many trips has Fischer made?

  15. Jeff Fisher was also the “last coach” of the Houston Oilers. Hired as HC in 2 cities and both teams relocate to another city. That has to be a first. Coincidence? Maybe it’s the curse of Coach .500.

  16. Good luck in LA Rams. It’s where you belong. I’ve been to a St.Louis Rams game before, the fans there seamed cool but the stadium and parking sucked.

  17. Not the fans’ fault, that is absurd.

    The only silver lining to all this that I can see is that visiting teams’ players are going to get in a lot more trouble in LA than they ever could in St. Louis. Paparazzi be everywhere too.

    Not sure what I would do as a Rams fan now. After the Supersonics got thieved out of Seattle, I tried being a Trailblazers fan but it didn’t take, and now it has been years since I have bothered watching anything NBA. If I were a mayor or governor welcoming an expansion franchise, I would make it conditional on the league and team signing a “we’ll never relocate” -pledge. Teams should never move; if a team fails in a city, it is on the owner, so they should have to just eat the loss and never own a team again. Disband the failed franchise, all players become free agents, make an expansion team and sell it at auction. Every time a team is relocated like this, it makes a complete mockery of the whole idea of rooting for the hometown team for every fan in every city.

  18. People who criticize St. Louis Rams fans are morons. If I sold a product like Kronke did, I’d be out of business and people who laugh at me for expecting customers to buy in. Let’s see how long it takes for LA to go back to there usual way of non support for football after a few bad seasons and high ticket prices.

  19. Totally unfortunate for St Louis and the fans there! Hopefully they can or will get another team soon hell if San Antonio can try and lure the Raiders why not St Louis??

  20. Did Fisher tank the team so as to not to have team start the playoffs in one city and finish them in another? Some the Rams losses this season defied any rational explanation.

  21. LA has lost 3 NFL teams. St. Louis did support the Cardinals. They left for one reason only- a stadium. Bill Bidwell demanded a new stadium, and the city refused to build one with public money.
    The Rams sold out every home game in St. Louis for about 10 years in a row. Then they didn’t have a winning season for 12 straight years and went through the worst 5 year stretch in NFL history. Then it became more and more clear that Kroenke was moving the team. These factors eroded attendance, just like other cities with similar issues. Oakland has had the worst attendance of any city and they will keep their team.

  22. Hogs get fat, and pigs get slaughtered. The NFL is acting like Pigs. No team is safe. We should all be outraged. Buy me a new stadium or else! I say he pays the 100 million still owed on the stadium. This from a Viking Fan.

  23. The reason St Louis lost 2 teams has nothing to do with the fans. We lost the Cardinals because our local politicians suck. They did Bidwell wrong and he moved. Had they just been competent and built him a stadium, we would still have a team. As far as losing the Rams, we lost them over greed. Kroenke and Goodell wanted the LA money so badly that they left. Not a thing St Louis could have done to stop it. Yeah they could have put 700+ million into the dome, but that would have only kept the team for 10 years. Once the lease was up, Kroenke was gone. It’s all about money with him. He doesn’t run his team as a fan, or as someone who wants to win, he runs it as a business and wants to make the most amount of money possible. That’s why all his team’s a very mediocre.

  24. ” that is the lamest argument ever. Fans aren’t going to go to games when they KNOW the team is leaving. Whether it’s Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis or anywhere else, it’s ALWAYS about public money, never fan support……”

    I am humored by the minions who think Kroenke took his lead from Rachel Phelps, the fictitious owner of the Cleveland Indians ( Major League movie) who intentionally fielded a losing team so she could move her team to sunny Miami. No, this was all triggered by the lease agreement St. Louis originally signed that stipulated that the city would make stadium improvements that would keep it in the top 25% of all NFL stadiums. The city reneged so long that Kroenke was tapped for LA. You have to be pretty naïve to think that the NFL hasn’t been looking for years for the perfect candidate for an LA major mega glittery multi-use entertainment center. I bet Kroenke is in bed with the NFL for far more than $550M relocation fee. He will lease back offices, condos, etc. to the NFL after they move their HQ from NY to LA. It’s the perfect storm for both Kroenke and the NFL, because I think the NFL is about to diversify into entertainment itself. The LA Rams will merely be an entertainment sideshow for the huge enterprise the LA Rams have become.

  25. St. Louis fans are loyal and smart fans. They are the same fans that are fans of the St. Louis Cardinals- who are by far the best fans in baseball. They take that same knowledge and passion to football.

    Now I was living in St. Louis (being a native) when the football Cardinals moved to Arizona. The Cardinals sucked. Bidwell refused to pay money. It was evident that Bidwell was just into it for the public money. So the fans just stopped going. It was deliberate. They “fired” the Cardinals.

    When they left for Arizona, no one cared. The teammates were sad to leave (I knew some of them because I was a high school player that was a D-1 prospect.) They didn’t want to go, but the fans didn’t want to spend anymore dollars. It was really something!

    I think it’s like this: If you want to build a sports franchise in St. Louis, you gotta put forth a strong effort to make sure that they are competitive. In short, just look at the St. Louis Cardinals or the St. Louis Blues.

  26. Actually, yes … the fans in St Louis have been great … loyal to the end. Fisher knows what it’s like when a departing team actually loses it’s fans. Remember his team’s last season in Houston? The Oilers averaged … what … 20,000 per game? Heck, more than that turned out during the sad interim seasons in Memphis and at Vanderbilt which followed. And somehow, the Oilers avoided losing seasons all three of those years.

    Props St. Louis,
    Titans Fan

  27. “Face it man, the game plan for a few years has been to field a miserable product to cut down on attendance and give Kroenke further ammo to make a move.”—So you’re pissed he used the exact same strategy Georgia Frontiere did to move the team to St. Louis in the first place?

    “Why stay and support an owner that doesn’t want to be there?”—Now you understand why L.A. fans stopped supporting Frontiere’s team 20+ years ago.

    “Im curious to know where St.Louis Rams fans go from here. Chiefs fans now? Support a team not in the region? Or just not support a team at all? Its gonna be a loong time before..if at all a team returns.”—Substitute “Los Angeles” for “St. Louis” and you have the attitude in L.A. when the Rams left. Except, of course, all fans outside L.A. like to claim the team leaving was all the fans fault.

    mackcarrinton just doesn’t like St. Louis. Wonder where that comes from.

    “Sunday games at the coliseum will be known as the LA Jams. Traffic will be a nightmare.”—When is traffic in L.A. not a nightmare? Not much different than any other big city, including St. Louis.

    St. Looey got to “rent” the Rams for 20 years. They may find out they’re better off without them.

  28. Jeff Fisher is not a particularly talented football coach. He hasn’t had a winning season or finished higher than 3rd in his division since 2008. He has a .430 winning percentage with the Rams.

    In other words, he was the perfect choice to ensure failure on the field, which is necessary to drive attendance down so the owner can claim lack of fan support. Mission Accomplished.

  29. This is just the beginning. The NFL is Doomed with it’s current mindset. The Players keep getting more cap money while Attendance goes down, and Soccer becomes more popular. The NFL is going to start going to Pay Per View, first for the Super Bowl, then Playoff Games, then paying for games on Premium channels to squeeze every dollar from fans. Soon there will be No More FREE broadcast games.
    No Middle Class Family can afford to take the Family to more than a game or two a year.
    Greed is going to kill the NFL as we know it, just the same as it did Boxing. I remember just about every American Dad was a Huge Boxing fan up until the early 80’s when they started putting Championship games on PPV. Boxing is JUST about Dead now in the US.
    I feel horrible for St Louis fans, just like Oilers fans.
    People have NO IDEA how much better life feels when they get Money Quest and Materialism out of their systems!

  30. Professor Fate says:
    Jan 16, 2016 10:18 AM /mackcarrinton just doesn’t like St. Louis. Wonder where that comes from.
    No. I have no dislike for St.Louis. I’m only just throwing the same false narrative about “lack of fan support” that you used against LA back in your faces. The circumstances are similar and I’m seeing the same rebuttal that LA used. I can’t help but see major irony in that. It’s funny that you don’t notice it.

  31. The fans in St. Louis are great. Kroenke, the traitorous son of Missouri, is anything but great. He intended to move the team long before he became the majority owner, alienated everyone in St. Louis, tanked the team and never gave St. Louis any chance. I saw that he got all choked up in LA over the “long road” he took. Yeah, he shuffled a lot of paper and spent some of his wife’s WalMart money. What a cynical farce.

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