Jeff Lurie wins big with the Chip Kelly hire

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On one hand, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie probably doesn’t want to see former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly thrive elsewhere. On the other hand, Lurie should be thrilled that Kelly will immediate get the chance to do so.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Kelly has signed a four-year, $24 million deal to coach the 49ers. Given that Schefter reported three years ago that Kelly had signed a five-year, $32.5 million deal to coach the Eagles, Lurie has avoided millions in buyout obligation to Kelly.

Assuming the payout for each year reflects the average value of the deal (and assuming the numbers reported, which likely came from Kelly’s agent and not the teams, are even accurate), Lurie paid Kelly $6.5 million per year. If Kelly had taken the next two years off, he would have made $13 million from Lurie.

Now, he’ll still make $13 million. But $12 million will come from the 49ers, and the extra $1 million will come from Lurie.

There’s a chance that Kelly’s deal in San Francisco has been backloaded, giving him less from the 49ers now (and in turn more from Lurie) and more from the 49ers later. The temptation for chicanery surely arises in these situations, but there have been few if any instances of one team fighting with another team over a contract that was structured to take more money from the former employer.

Regardless, Kelly surely isn’t getting minimum wage for the next two years — which means that his ability to get another job right away will result in significant cash savings for the guy who fired him only 17 days ago.

47 responses to “Jeff Lurie wins big with the Chip Kelly hire

  1. Kelly will earn is $$$ as he will turn Kaep into a superstar QB the NFL has never seen before.

  2. harbaugh’s contract paid him $5 million per year. they just replaced that with $6 million per year for Kelley. Yeah good move getting rid of Harabugh guys!

  3. Good $$$ savings for Eagles…49er fans should look a Kellys 3 years at Philly before they crown him the next Bill Walsh…Kelly’s 26 NFL victories 19 were achieved over teams with a losing record at the time the Eagles played them…..

  4. Lurie thought he’d have to live with paying him at least one of the years left on the contract. Jeff is having a good week between Doug & Chip.

  5. Niners will be fine with Chipper as long as they control the personnel. Kaepernick could end up flourishing in Kelly’s system, but only time will tell.

    As for this article, “big win” is a stretch.

  6. Crazy money for a guy who totally imploded his last team.

    I’m not opposed to Kelly getting another shot as a coach since it was Kelly the GM causing a lot of the problems in Philly, but to pay him like he’s a premier coach is insane.

  7. I heard that he’s working the first two years for a bologna sandwiches and a bag of rock…

  8. Lurie and York are both in damage control mode. Lurie got rid of Kelly to take the heat off. York hired Kelly to take the heat off. Philly fans are relieved to get rid of Kelly. 49ers fans are excited to have Kelly. Aren’t sports great! Pretty good distraction from the real world.

  9. The 49ers front office couldn’t get along with the best coach since Siefert because they couldn’t stand not getting credit for the Super Bowl run. The ginormous ego of Baalke clashed with Harbaugh. How in the heck is he going to work with Kelly?

    If the 49ers want any hope of success with Kelly, they’ll fire Baalke ASAP. Oh, and Eddie DeBartolo needs to get in the good graces of Goodell and take his team back from his incompetent nephew and brother-in-law.

  10. Hilarious people thinking they’ll be fine with York and Baalke in charge of personel. Try researching Scot McCloughan. He was key to both my Hawks and the miners best drafts.

  11. ………………..I’m sure Lurie will pass the savings on to the fans and lower seat prices……lol. Lurie preaches the GOLD STANDARD……as long as he keeps making the gold by giving us a inferior product. He really needs to sell the team……he doesn’t have the deep deep desire to bring a Super Bowl champion to Philadelphia

  12. It’s a shame no other team will kill Lovie’s golden parachute. Funny that the nat’l media skewered the Bucs for the fire, but no other team wants him.

  13. Thank god. We were all worried that the millionaire who knows nothing about football, who hired the wrong guy, would actually have to pay for his mistake. Bullet dodged, eagles fans! So, how is that draft prep coming, roseman?

  14. The notion that “winning big” to Lurie is saving a few millions instead of winning a Super Bowl tells you all you need to know about his sorry franchise.

  15. When Howie Roseman fired Chip Kelly’s hand picked front-office man Tom Gamble the VP of player personnel. It started Chips fall. Chip was forced to ask owner Jeff Lurie for full control. Chip didn’t really want full control or to have Roseman pick his players.

  16. getakluwe says:
    Jan 15, 2016 10:33 AM

    Kaepernick is the perfect qb for Kelly’s offense.
    Watch out.


    Newsflash: Most defensive coordinators have figured out “Krap” a long time ago…..

  17. Must be nice to find fools. That’s an awful lot of money to spend of a coach that has never won anything, anywhere. His NFL record, while not bad, does leave something to be desired and it can’t be said his system is a proven winning system either. Now he lands in a spot where there is a bit of dysfunction in the upper management, they didn’t like the last winning coach due to his ego and getting all the credit. This simply doesn’t look like a winning situation.

  18. Jan 15, 2016 10:44 AM – blakeden says: Good $$$ savings for Eagles…49er fans should look a Kellys 3 years at Philly before they crown him the next Bill Walsh…Kelly’s 26 NFL victories 19 were achieved over teams with a losing record at the time the Eagles played them…..

    This misguided psuedo-logic should just stop. Every successful team has a preponderance of wins over losing teams. That’s the difference between winning teams and losing teams. Elite teams beat everybody, but no one suggested the Eagles were elite.

  19. This could work, or could blow up spectacularly. Both Baalke and Chip have reputations for not working well with others. Both have experienced some success when they “stayed in their lane” (player personnel for Baalke, coaching for Kelly), and both failed pretty terribly when they tried to expand their roles (Baalke essentially coaching by proxy through Tomsula, and Kelly GMing).

    If they can stick to what they do best, and learn some lessons about interpersonal skills, this could actually work. Kelly was a helluva coach his first few years, and now he finally has the offensive personnel he lacked in Philly. That 49ers D should be solid in 2016, so if he can turn around the offense (and they have some playmakers, even if their o-line is a bit shoddy), they could actually be decent.

  20. The only thing Jeff Lurie cares about is making money. He don’t have any desire to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl.

  21. ThIS headline will prove to be wrong in more ways than one, As a long time Eagles fan, I only see more disappointment in our owner an his terrible front office decisions, Pederson??? While we are sitting home every year and Kelly and the 49ers are playing after the regular season, I guess in a way, Lurie is a winner, He makes money no matter how bad the team he puts on the field is.

  22. So, why are the coaches salaries guaranteed but the team can cut the players at any time and not owe them a dime?

  23. I wonder which of Kelly’s 4 play offense will revolutionize the 49ers offense? I bet that shotgun hand-off is going to work great with Hyde.

    “Kaepernick takes the snap, he fakes to the right… no he fakes to the left.. no he thinks about faking to the left…. “(Waterboy reference) lol.

  24. Kelly played Jeff & Howie. He wanted out of Philly. I’ll bet the contract with the 49ers is back end loaded.

  25. “So, why are the coaches salaries guaranteed but the team can cut the players at any time and not owe them a dime?”

    Salary cap. Coaches don’t count against it.

  26. Saved money, ok, fair enough, but only solved half the problem. The GM that is PR toxic for the organization (and questionably effective) is still there.

    The Eagles’ problem is the same as the Phillies this past season: on field leader could not relate to players and GM is PR toxic to the organization with an overall record that was questionable. The Phillies changed both the on the field leader and the GM. The Eagles should have done the same.

  27. So hot shot Doug Marrone isn’t the hot commodity he thought he would be. Must be something in the air flowing around that the good old boys (owners) don’t care for when u embarrass one of their own by walking out during a contract, especially when a premium price was being paid.

    Burned the bridges would be a good analogy – the interviews extended only were a facade to quell any chance of a legal problem developing.

    Way to go Doug – reap what u sow !!!

  28. As a niners fan this has gotta be the worst hiring of a coach u pick chip Kelly over Mike Shannahan or Tom Coughlin Niners are going back words bring jim Tomsuola back instead of kelly

  29. As a Cowboys fan… I can only sit here and shrug. Yeah, Kelly sucks… but so does Garrett and JJ and his son COULD have had Hue Jackson… instead they stick with their DIY HC.

    Well maybe an RGIII from here and another decent WR from there in FA and they can focus another draft on the defense DE 1st round, CB 2nd round, LB 3rd round, RB with the first pick in the 4th then another LB and a safety with the first two comp picks…

    But, they’ll still have Garrett’s game planning, play calling and game management to deal with…

    Might as well be an Eagles or Niners fan…

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