Stafford thinks Calvin Johnson retirement thoughts are “something serious”

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Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson released a statement recently that said he is “currently evaluating options for my future” that include walking away from the game.

With a $24 million cap charge and a $16 million base salary, some have wondered how much his contract situation has to do with the options he’s evaluating. Quarterback Matthew Stafford thinks that the possibility that Johnson hangs up the cleats is a real one.

I think anytime Calvin says something it’s not for show, I think it’s something serious,” Stafford said on “The Mitch Albom Show” on WJR, via “I think you guys have covered him long enough to know he’s a pretty measured person and everything that he says to the public is a thought-out thing. So in that regard, I’m sure it’s thought out. I have had conversations with him and I’m going to keep those between me and him and I respect his privacy and his time to think.”

New Lions General Manager Bob Quinn said he will give Johnson time and space after the end of the season before making any push to get a decision about what the wideout will do in 2016 and beyond.

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    Two things that Quinn would have learned from the Patriots :

    1. You don’t pay for past performance

    2. You can win a Super Bowl with a receiving corp (including TE) whose cap number is less than 24 million. Gronk only makes 10.

  2. This is very sad to me as a football fan. I love to watch Calvin Johnson play. Now, I am a Vikings fan and he is on a rival team in my division. That being said, there is absolutely nothing bad you can say about this man! Not only is he the BEST wide receiver out there, but he is an upstanding young man as well. He is humble and quiet. He is not a “prima donna wide receiver” like so many in the NFL are these days. I truly hope he rethinks this decision, and consults whomever he needs to and changes his mind. Calvin, YOU ARE LOVED ACROSS THE LEAGUE!!!

  3. This might be a passive aggressive power play by Megatron. Keep Caldwell as HC, and I’ll play another year or two. Replace the HC, and I’ll retire.

    Megatron isn’t the type of personality to make demands, but this is his way of making his preference known.

    The new GM has already indicated that he will be talking to Megatron about the HC. From Detroit, it appears that both Caldwell and Johnson will be with the Lions next year.

  4. If he played just one year with Rodgers & the Packers he would discover such a wonderful, beautiful life he may never quit the game! He would also be going to the NFCCG after Saturday night!

  5. floratiotime says:
    Jan 15, 2016 8:51 AM
    The rest of us think it’s just an act.
    The rest of you don’t know Calvin.

  6. Man super stars get drafted to go to that $h!t hole city and never get anything but bad football teams to play on. Sanders now Johnson, that’s sad. These guys retire with gas still left in the tank. Lousy city and even worse football organization. Some teams aren’t meant to be good ones, this my friend is one of them.

  7. This might be a passive aggressive power play by Megatron. Keep Caldwell as HC, and I’ll play another year or two. Replace the HC, and I’ll retire.
    Yeah, cause he’s had amazing success under Caldwell. lol

    Just another Barry Sanders situation. He’s tired of playing for a loser.

  8. This is very sad to me as a football fan. I love to watch Calvin Johnson play. Now, I am a Vikings fan and he is on a rival team in my division

    I stopped reading there……….

  9. Brace yourselves Lion’s fans, if Megatron is gone, you’re gonna see the real mediocre quarterback that Matt Stafford truly is.

    Stafford was fine in 2014 when Calvin missed all those games and Tate was the number one receiver.

  10. fugginswheat says:
    Jan 15, 2016 8:51 AM
    Boy, what does it say about your franchise when 2 of the games all time greats hang ’em up early? Just wondering…..


    It says CJ would like to be able to walk, chew his own food, and remember peoples names when he is 50.

  11. No one thought Barry Sanders would retire either. I hope Johnson doesn’t turn into Brett Favre and threaten to retire for the next 8 years.

  12. What I truly think is that Calvin Johnson should just opt out of his contract with loser Lions organization, & go play some were else? If he retires then the game will loss one of it’s best players! And a rare type of a class act! He doesn’t have those off-the-field drams, he plays as best that he can when injured, & if he’s the cause of losing a game he mans up to it by saying that it was his fault!! You just can’t ask no more from a teams superstar!!! (Razor58)

  13. Calvin has had a lot of injuries that he is thinking about too. Calvin is not going out on the top of his game like Barry. Sorry about you guys wanting to troll but CJ isnt in his prime. He has taken a beating for a WR. I hope he retires with what health he has left. Why should he care about savage fans that only want to see him play regardless of his health? He shouldnt.

  14. mazenblue: if that is the reason then EVERYONE should leave him alone and support him! Health is the most important thing in every one of these players’ lives. It should always be their number one priority because it affects every aspect of their future. The poor man right now looks tired and dejected. It just seems like the season is just too freshly over for him to make such a bold statement about retirement, but WE DO NOT LIVE IN HIS BODY. WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE. I just want him to know how much he will be missed because he is such a great, upstanding player!

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