Chargers, Rams negotiations start Monday


Rams fans, get ready to boo some more.

On Monday, the Chargers will begin formal negotiations with the Los Angeles Rams regarding a possible joint venture at Kroenkeworld, according to Scott M. Reid of the Orange County Register.

The Chargers have a year-long window to work out a deal with the Rams. But the Chargers are expected to move quickly to strike a deal. Currently in limbo, the Chargers organization quickly must obtain certainty and clarity regarding its 2016 location; with employees who need to know whether they’re moving and other employees who won’t be making the move at all (and thus will be looking for other work), owner Dean Spanos needs to make a decision sooner than later. Or sooner than sooner.

The Rams also have an incentive to get this done. Currently, the Rams can’t begin to sell premium products at the new stadium until 2017. If/when the Rams strike a deal with the Chargers, the process can begin immediately.

Still, it’s far more important for the Chargers to get this done. Apart from the very important questions regarding the short-term and long-term futures of the human beings who make up the organization, the Chargers need to minimize the head start the Rams have when it comes to winning hearts and minds in L.A.

And that could give Stan Kroenke and company an incentive to tap the brakes for just a bit, delaying the start of the Chargers’ homecoming honeymoon until after the Rams’ homecoming honeymoon has ended. Still, the bigger prize will be lining up cash commitments at the new stadium, and Kroenke won’t want to wait too long to do that, especially given that Kroenke needs to come up with $2.66 billion to pay for the stadium.

No bake sales needed, however; Kroenke is worth $7.7 billion.

30 responses to “Chargers, Rams negotiations start Monday

  1. Man, does Spanos have a general clue whatsoever? He must know that he’s in a solid market and isn’t wanted in LA by the residents, Rams, or other owners…….Fabiani or whoever is putting these ideas in his head are criminally negligent. Keep the $100 million gift, keep the relocation fee, put your tail between your legs, and work with the city that actually wants your product (no charge for the advice…..heaven knows what you’re paying your “advisors”).

  2. Will it really be called “Kroenkeworld”? That certainly wouldn’t work for me if I’m the Chargers and another teams’ owners’ name is on the stadium I play in. Besides, that’s just as lame as ” Big John Football”. These seem like names someone has thrown out there hoping they’d catch on so someone can trademark them.

  3. This is comparable to the Dodgers moving to San Diego. Who from San Diego in their right mind would ever cheer for the Dodgers. LA fans will show up in Raiders gear for Charger home games. That’s all that will show up is the road fans and local Raider fans who can afford to watch an NFL game in person. After the first year or two the buzz will vanish and the attendance will end up like Clippper games in the 80s 90s and 2000s.

  4. I’m curious as to how the ticket pricing would work.
    Would Charger tickets be significantly lower than Rams tickets? Would the in-stadium advertising be more in favor of the Rams? Would the Chargers benefit from any of the concessions?


  6. dtroxallday says:
    Jan 16, 2016 5:12 PM
    Will it really be called “Kroenkeworld”? That certainly wouldn’t work for me if I’m the Chargers and another teams’ owners’ name is on the stadium I play in. Besides, that’s just as lame as ” Big John Football”. These seem like names someone has thrown out there hoping they’d catch on so someone can trademark them.


    The name of the stadium being built is the City of Champions Stadium.

  7. I have always said that the Chargers do not belong in LA, no fan support there. It will be crazy to see a black out twice a year every year when they play at home against the Raiders.

  8. It all depends on winning of course but it seems to me all that work and money to get to LA only to be considered the red headed step child. In the end the Spanos’ will get their money and that’s all that matters and who cares if they are the Clippers to the Rams Lakers. This is the NFL. Money above all else.

  9. Let me say I’m a Chargers fan, but my allegiance ends when they stop representing my hometown.


    If Spanos went to LA, nothing would make me happier than seeing the Raiders come to San Diego, and move into the voter approve Mission Valley stadium that Deano thought for sure wouldn’t pass. Now, after that, the Chargers are in LA, and they are still the #3 team in SoCal. They’re the wilted, nasty lettuce in a San Diego Raiders and LA Rams sandwich. Eat up, Dean.

  10. Spanos should work with San Diego officials on a new stadium. Paying a relocation fee of $550 million to be an afterthought and tenant of Kroenke’s makes no sense. The problem is the public vote isn’t until June. Spanos has to decide where the Chargers are playing this year by the end of March. San Diego city officials should scrap the referendum and just put together a plan for a new stadium. No new stadium, no more San Diego Chargers. It’s that simple. SAVE THE CHARGERS. GET A STADIUM DEAL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. If the Chargers move to Los Angeles, they should be rebranded. The Charger name and logo belongs in San Diego. My vote is for Dragons or Cobras. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to this and a deal can be done to remain in San Diego.

  12. $2.66b for that stadium? Can’t wait to Serbia they price the PSLs. Prob about $25k for a crappy end zone seat. Good luck finding any takers.

  13. The Art of the Deal.

    Kroenke knows Spanos is already down $550 Million due to the relocation fee and we haven’t started discussing the terms for equitable partnership which will put Spanos underwater.

    Now if Spanos agrees to rent for $1/year he would only obtain gameday revenue and would have no say on anything else in Inglewood, at that point he can forget selling the team like he truly intended to because nobody wants to buy a team that rents a facility.

    Spanos has an opportunity to have his own game in San Diego for a considerably lesser cost.

  14. If the owners were smart they would realize that stabilizing the Raiders in their current market would make the league as a whole more valuable. The Raiders would become one of the most valuable teams in the league if they had a new stadium.

  15. DesertEagle76 says:
    Jan 16, 2016 7:58 PM
    “nobody wants to buy a team that rents a facility”.
    That statement is ridiculously absurd.
    The Buffalo Bills were just bought for a billion dollars and they don’t own their stadium.
    The LA Clippers were just bought for $2 billion and they pay rent in Staples Center. In fact, there aren’t many teams who own their own facilities.

  16. If Raiders move to South Texas, I’ll buy four PSL’s even though I live 1000 miles away.
    So much for the owners rewarding Spanos for being a “good soldier”. He can take a crappy deal in San Diego or have his lips sewn to Kroenke’s back side.

  17. The Chargers have no chance to catch up with the Rams in LA popularity, no matter what they do. This will be one of the biggest gaps between two teams sharing a market in all of professional sports. Think Lakers-Clippers, Giants-Jets or even SF Giants-Oakland A’s.

    The Rams already own the LA NFL market and have all the history. There is also a large, passionate minority of Raider fans. There are virtually no Charger fans, and few San Diego fans will stick with the team that rejects their city and moves to hated Los Angeles.

    So seriously, who is going to buy Los Angeles Chargers tickets?

  18. Ready To Go Buy My Season Tickets “San Diego RAIDERS”
    Let’s Create More Jobs In America’s Most Finest City And Make It A Better City Having An NFL Team,It Will B A Sellout Crowd Every Sunday Gooooooo RAIDERS!!!

  19. LA has won the NFL lottery. You now have the King of California and NFL owners ( Stan ) soon to be joined by Dean . Combined record of 11-21 last year. The fans in LA have no clue what they are in store for. Neither owner is concerned about winning on the field. They are concerned about making as much money as possible and they will lie and cheat to make that happen. The Rams have admitted to tanking the last three years in STL . This coming from their GM Snead by the way they drafted. They wanted to draft and develop so when the LA thing ” tips ” , his words , they will be ready. Not at all what the organization was telling fans in STL. Davis will move to SD in a renovated stadium that the NFL called one of the worst in the NFL and Oakland would receive an expansion team because the NFL wants two teams in the Bay area. That’s five teams in California. The NFL will change its name to the CFL. LA wait to you get a load of the dysfunctional Rams organization. From the top down one of the worst in the NFL , if not the worst. Think about that as you line up to purchase your overpriced PSL and going to what might be the worst NFL stadium in the league the next three years. By then the newness will have worn off and you will see your true King of California .

  20. What will the NFL and Stan come up with next to get into your pocket ? $100 to hold your place in line , then $???? for your PSL that gives you the privilege to buy tickets . The King of California welcomes you to the NFL. Hail to the King.

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