Mara accepts blame for recent performance of Giants


The Giants have made a major change for 2016, even though the next version of the franchise may not look all that much different than the last one, with G.M. Jerry Reese still in place and offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo deemed worthy of a promotion after his former boss earned a pink slip.

The ultimate boss can never get a pink slip, since he holds the ownership papers. Still, Giants co-owner John Mara opted on Friday to assume accountability for the franchise’s failure to get to the postseason since 2011.

“I accept my share of the blame for what has gone on,” Mara told reporters on Friday. “I got a lot of love letters recently from our fans; one of them wrote me and said that, ‘The problem with the organization is sitting right in your chair.’ Another one put it a little more succinctly and he said, ‘The fish stinks from the head down.’ I take that personally and I accept my share, this is all under my watch, and I know we need to get better as an organization. . . .

“It’s been three and a half awful years and the last Super Bowl is a distant memory at this point. We long ago lost the benefit of the doubt with our fans and stuff. That’s what happens when you have three losing seasons. Really it’s been three and a half, it goes back to the second half of the 2012 season, and then the following three years have been miserable. It’s time to start on a new course.”

The new course features a new coach who is 38 years old and limited in his experience. Mara realizes that he’s taking a leap of faith based on McAdoo’s time on the job one step below the job he now has.

“The only thing is he’s been a coordinator for two years,” Mara said of McAdoo. “Ideally he would have been a coordinator for longer than that but my instincts feel as if he’s the right guy. You’re never going to be in a perfect situation and even if he’s been a coordinator for 20 years it’s a different job becoming the head coach. I learned that in 1974 when we hired Bill Arnsparger, who’s the defensive genius of all time and it didn’t work out for us back then. Guys can be great coordinators, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be great head coaches, but I think he has something in him that’s going to allow him to be a terrific NFL head coach.”

The Giants — and everyone else — won’t know whether McAdoo becomes a terrific NFL head coach until he does, or doesn’t. Some coordinators do, some coordinators don’t.

The simply reality, as six franchises move ahead with a glass-almost-completey-full attitude, is that there will continue to be good teams and bad teams. And the bad teams will continue to make coaching changes in an effort to become good teams.

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  1. His biggest mistake was keeping Reese, who is the source of the problem. Coughlin was scapegoated out of town because he has no talent on the roster to work with, which is obviously the fault of Reese.

    If Mara truly wanted to fix this team, he should have canned Reese and kept Coughlin. I’m a lifelong Giants fan, and even I can see that this team is heading toward rough times. The ship looks to be sinking

  2. Should’ve kept Coughlin and fired Reese.
    Reese is the man to point the finger at.
    Reese accepts all the blame, except still points fingers.

  3. Its a ridiculous hire, and poor guy will probably end up 6-10 again in 2016. The fish does stink from the head down, and both Mara and Reese are the heads. How can any NYG fan have confidence in their ability to draft solid NFL players the track record is horrible?

    Also – you can sugar coat the “retirement” of Tom Coughlin all you want to save face with the historians Mara but EVERYONE knows he was fired so please dispose of the semantics and grow a pair. Lucky for NYG that Tom was classy enough to turn down the Eagles HC job but as far as I am concerned that egg is running down your face.

  4. Old Silver Spoon to the rescue. Try to find a way to take some of your divisions opponents salary cap to compensate for your teams position. Good riddance.

  5. Think both Tom and Reece both needed to go. It was time for a change but it needed to be a complete change. MacAdoo will be a good head coach. I like his western PA pedigree and the line of head coaches he’s learned under. Thanks again to Coughlin for the two superbowls and being a great leader that made Giant fans proud of their team. Hope he doesn’t try to coach again. He should go enjoy his family and look forward to the phone call from the Hall of Fame.

  6. Reese has drafted some good talent (Pugh, Richburg, flowers, ODB, Hankins, kennard) and signed some decent FA (Harris, DRC), but the overall depth of talent is what kills us. But I have no problem sticking with him over Coughlin. The ODB fiasco with Carolina shows that he’s lost his coaching touch. He cost us at least 2 games this year with his terrible decision making. Time to move on. I just don’t get why there isn’t more turnover though after 3.5 terrible seasons as Mara explained. Thought they would bring in a new coaching regime & change some scouts/player personnel.

  7. .
    John Mara got sick of being 6-10 every year while his next door neighbors to the north were averaging over 12 wins a season every year since 2012.

    So Mara joined his NYC buddies at the league office, Irsay, Rooney, Johnson, McNair, Bisciotti, and Jones to frame Tom Brady and the Patriots.

    Perhaps if Mara had devoted more attention to his own feeble roster and less to his much more successful neighbors to the north, he wouldn’t have to write a ” sorry we sucked ” letter every year .

    PS – spare me your crap about what YA Tittle did in 1963. This is 2016.

  8. Mara’s been too busy interceding in opposing teams’ financial and league business over the last couple of years (Fining Cowboys and Redskins for going over the cap, in an UNCAPPED year, going to court to get Brady suspended, etc)…it’s no wonder his attention to his own house has waned.

  9. 6ball.

    The giants and pata are tied at 4 super bowl championships. But the giants have as many championship wins as para have appearances(we have 8 titles total, you have 8 appearances). The giants still manage to own you and if not for a blown call we would have beaten you once again this year. Be happy you have a few years of dominance. But the giants have been a great franchise decade after decade since the 1930s(went to a championship game every decade execpt the 1970s) while your pats have barely been relevant until 2001

  10. Mara can mea culpa from here to the moon and back. Actions speak louder than words, so what has he done besides showing TC the door and promoting McAdoo? I have no issue with McAdoo as HC and keeping Spags, the offense performed and the D was hopelessly undermanned. The fault lies with the roster and the ‘brain trust’ of Reese and Ross that put it together are still there how is a coaching change going to impact that? Likewise the league’s worst training staff hasn’t seen any changes up to this point. Once again the Giants were among the league leaders (3) in man games lost to injury. They have been in the top five every year for the last 5 years. That should balance out among all 32 over time but it hasn’t. The combination of Reese taking chances on less than healthy guys and a training staff that can’t keep anybody on the field is a serious flaw.

    With the 10th pick and what should be (depending on trades and compensatory picks) subsequent picks in the top half of each round they should be in a position to improve. With @ $50M (possibly more depending on haircuts or outright cuts for Cruz and Beason) and 51 players under contract they should also easily be able to target areas of need in free agency. So why is it I have so little faith that will happen? Oh yeah, that ‘brain trust’.

    If this team isn’t significantly better next year Mara won’t have to worry about firing Reese, he’ll be among the first casualties when we storm the castle.

  11. Reese was part of the organization before he was GM. He worked with Acorsi and pitched in with his decisions. I think Mara knows more about his abilities than we do. And only time will tell if McAdoo pans out. Got to give the guy a chance. 3 years anyway

  12. The Giants don’t “own” anyone, much less the Patriots. They would trade their last 15 years for the Patriots historical run any day of the week, as would any NFL team.

    They had a couple of hot runs after mediocre seasons and Eli has the ability to dominate, which is what makes him and the Giants all the more frustrating for Giants fans because they are a perennial non-contender for the playoffs. I know Bill Parcells isn’t walking through that door, but unknown and unproven Ben McAdoo most likely won’t turn this ship around.

    You can’t “own” anyone when you’re not even good enough to make the playoffs just about every season, and while Eli can hang his hat on those two short bursts of excellent play, he’s been way too inconsistent to be considered remotely great like Brady and the Pats have been all these years. Far too many wasted seasons.

  13. giantsfanlose,

    You can keep looking at your scrapbooks all you like. It’s not going to change recent history and the foreseeable future ain’t looking too great either.

    Sad thing is Mara comes across in denial. He says he accepts his share of the responsibility but implies his share is limited. And he’s already covering his tracks saying McAvoy only has two years experience when even twenty years may not be enough.

    Just be prepared giantsfanlose, for another decade of reading your scrapbooks.

  14. Rootpain. Apparently you can’t read. The giants have had 3 decades in 80 years where we didn’t add a title to that scrap book and in those 3 decades we still managed to get to at least one championship game execpt the 70s. We will continue to ADD to our scrap book while your team falls apart. No team in NFL history is as great decade after decade as the giants. Keep crying though

  15. A Pats fan talking smack on Mara?
    The Mara family has done more positive for the NFL than any other owner, except for maybe the Rooney family. Kraft will never be on either of their levels. Know your place, Cheatriot fans

  16. Ikeclantin

    Eli Manning may be inconsistent but since the end of the 2007 rwg season eli has beaten the pats every meeting until this year, which includes 2 super bowls. BTW bill b was “unknown” and a proven loser before the pats job. Everyone has to start somewhere. Trust me you don’t need to point out how frustrating the giants are but they still proforma invoice big games. We own teams like the packers, pats and other “great” teams then lose to crap teams with two wins all season. But as a giants fan I wouldn’t trade our 2 super bowls and 3 appearances since 2000 and decades of dominance before that for new England’s very recent and short lived success(yes 15 years is short lived compared to 40+ years) oh and we have done it with multiple coaches and quarterbacks. Let’s see how the pats do once Tom is gone

  17. The Giants promoted McAdoo for Eli. It’s hard to blame them for pushing Tom out – he was near the end anyway and missing the playoffs four straight years would get practically any coach fired – but they would have lost McAdoo to another team had they not promoted him to head coach plus they just signed Eli to the 4-yr extension and did not want to risk a regression with another OC. The problem for the Giants is it’s a bad look to bring back everyone but Tom when claiming publicly that Tom wasn’t a scapegoat. My guess is they didn’t have a preferred alternative to Reese for GM and chose stability instead. The Giants don’t like change, and whether you agree or not with their decisions, that explains a lot of them.

  18. His biggest mistake was letting Perry Fewell go.

    When Fewell was the DC that Gnats were the best injury faking(cheating) team in the league and it wasn’t close.

    Now that they play mostly within the rules, they suck.
    Eli Manning = Luckiest middling QB in NFL history

  19. Giants fans take having an owner like Mara and Tisch for granted. They actually care about their product and don’t simply run a team like a real life Sims game or means to make money.

    They don’t overreact and replaces coaches after two seasons or refuse to spend money. Most fans on this site for any team would make terrible owners because every game it’s either “We’re so great, division champs here we come!” or if they lose it’s “our quarterback is so overrated. Get ride of everyone! Front office has no clue what they’re doing.”

    There are so many worse owners out there such as the guy whose team shares the stadium.

  20. factman66 says:
    Jan 16, 2016 10:44 AM
    A Pats fan talking smack on Mara?
    The Mara family has done more positive for the NFL than any other owner, except for maybe the Rooney family. Kraft will never be on either of their levels. Know your place, Cheatriot fans.
    Seriously. Why would Kraft want to fall to either of levels?

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