Peyton Manning healthier than he’s been all year


The Steelers have plenty of questions regarding the health of their starting quarterback. For a change, the Broncos don’t.

Peyton Manning is healthier than he has been all year, per a source with knowledge of the situation. He’s even healthier than he was in Week One against the Ravens, because the plantar fascia tendon in his foot had been bothering him since training camp. With extensive rest and rehab after November 15 through Week 17, the foot is better than it’s been all year.

And the rest of Manning’s bumps and bruises also have cleared up. If the Broncos can win this week and next, he’ll get another two weeks to prepare for what would be his fourth career Super Bowl appearance.

Contrast that with a year ago. As the divisional game against the Colts approached, Manning was constantly in the training room, getting treatment. This year, Manning hasn’t been there in multiple weeks.

The health of Manning, along with the MCL injury suffered 13 days ago by backup-turned-starter-turned-backup Brock Osweiler, have created a clear presumption that Manning will be not only the starter but also the finisher on Sunday against Pittsburgh. Amid speculation that Manning may be on a short leash, the source says there’s no more of a leash on Manning now than there has ever been at any time during his career with the Broncos.

But there’s a caveat. Apart from injury, a seat-of-the-pants decision by coach Gary Kubiak can’t be completely ruled out. That’s what Kubiak did in the regular-season finale against the Chargers, when he decided the team needed a spark, and Manning gave them one in place of Osweiler. But there has been no talk of Manning being benched in advance of the game, and there’s no plan or formula that Kubiak will have entering the game for flipping the switch back to Osweiler.

Still, Kubiak’s handling of the quarterback situation has helped the team secure the No. 1 seed in the AFC, showing that his instincts have been accurate. Whether his instincts kick in on Sunday if the Broncos fall behind by a couple of scores in the second half can’t be predicted until Kubiak is in that situation.

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  1. And this is coming from the same place that thought he might be done not only for the season but for his career.

    Next time, don’t speculate and stick to the present and just wait and see what will happen instead of making stupid predictions of it.

  2. The more HGH his wife received, the bigger his head got. It’s now massive and the NFL completely ignores it.

    ZERO integrity.

  3. joetoronto says:
    “.. the bigger his head got. It’s now massive and the NFL completely ignores it.
    ZERO integrity…”

    Are we talking about Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady?

  4. FoozieGrooler
    Jan 16, 2016, 7:56 PM EST
    joetoronto says:
    “.. the bigger his head got. It’s now massive and the NFL completely ignores it.
    ZERO integrity…”

    Are we talking about Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady?
    We’re talking about Peyton Manning. You know, the guy with the huge head who had HGH delivered to his house in his wife’s name?


  6. Joe Toronto is just mad that the Broncos have been the Raiders daddy for literally his entire adult life. Have you looked up the Raiders record against the Broncos the past 25 yrs? It’s hilarious. It’s also hilarious that your loser team are basically a bunch of bast-ard children that can never find a home. Oakland, to LA, back to oakland, to San Antonio in a few years. Man how horrifying it must be to be a Raiders fan. Well…not everyone can sit at the big boy table I guess..

  7. Yup, HGH will do that. Godell can talk about integrity all he wants, it’s obvious he has none. Where is the investigation regarding Manning having a banned substance sent to his home?

  8. If the Broncs don’t find a way to back up the right tackle, Scofield, it doesn’t matter how healthy Peyton is.

    Either way, Manning gets a two-year extension on his contract.

  9. 1: It’s Peyton Manning in the playoffs. 2: Temperatures in Denver at game time will be in the 20s.

  10. listenup823 says:
    Jan 16, 2016 8:24 PM
    Patriots better pray the Steelers win.. They won’t be facing Denver’s back up QB this time!
    It won’t matter who QBs as it will be the men in striped shirts who will determine how Denver wins again in the 2nd half.

  11. i’d like to see manning win another superbowl, but I really want denver to lose because of their arrogant, spoiled fans. Once they made the #1 seed, their fans were already talking about hosting the AFC championship game and who they would play in the superbowl. This was not an isolated incident. It was not just fans but their local sports reporters as well. They got incredibly lucky this year multiple times and lucky again this week with an injured Big Ben and no Antonio Brown. Sure, they may win tomorrow, but then a healthier new england team (compared to their previous matchup) comes into town.

  12. I need to point out as you listen to the game tomorrow, you will hear Jim Nantz anoint PM as the greatest comeback player of all time.
    Last week PM stepped in went just 5 of 9 and Nantz was adulating the forehead as the second coming. Struck me as odd.
    Found out, these two share the same busn. agent and do commercials together. Go figure.

  13. joetoronto says:
    Jan 16, 2016 8:00 PM
    I take back what I said. I was wrong, as I often am.
    Only someone totally obsessed with me would take the time to hack my account, only a real loser.

  14. 2: Temperatures in Denver at game time will be in the 20s.

    It’s supposed to be mostly sunny and in the low 40s. Otherwise known as perfect football weather.

  15. The fact is is does not matter how healthy Manning or Roethlisburger are for this game. The NFL is desperate for Denver and the #1NFL marketing tool in history to win this game. Critical calls will go Denver ‘s way early. You may then see a non-critical call go Pittsburgh’s way to appear to be a make-up. If the game remains close late, expect Denver to receive massive assistance from the refs. It is all about money for Goodell. Based on who is playing and the situation, you can call the officiating flow for an NFL game before it starts as easy as you can predict the same thing in an NBA game. Brady got what the NFL wanted today, Manning will get it tomorrow. Manning will get everything next week in Denver. That’s how the NFL/NBA/WWE Goodell/Stern/Vince McMahon operations roll.

  16. “Take the time” – it’s quite simple really. Took all of four seconds to do.

    Someone is in someone’s head.

  17. Ghwhite: Jim Nantz is simply a disgrace. How he ever dislodged Greg Gumbel– one of the finest talents in sports broadcast history– from CBS Football’s lead position is beyond me.

  18. This reporter is the only one I’ve heard speculate Peyton would be on a short leash. That is because he has been saying all year Peyton was old and done, never once saying the decline could be due to injury. Now he’s trying to cover all that because he is afraid Peyton may play well. Rodney Harris is right. For a smart guy, Mike says a lot of dumb things.

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