Philbin choosing Colts could be an ominous sign for the Giants


Earlier this week, it was regarded as a foregone conclusion that former Dolphins coach Joe Philbin would become the next offensive coordinator of the Giants, the first key hire on the staff of Ben McAdoo. Instead, Philbin opted to join the Colts, working as offensive line coach and assistant head coach to Chuck Pagano.

While the decision may have resulted from a stew of factors over which Philbin may have agonized, choosing the Colts — whose Kumbaya moment between Pagano and G.M. Ryan Grigson may turn out to be a short-term detente at best — over the Giants could be a reflection that Philbin views a step down to position coach Indy as more stable than working as a coordinator in New York.

“I think he’s a talented man, talented coach, one of the best I’ve been around, think the world of him, but, like I said, the staff is fluid and there’s nothing to report at this time,” McAdoo said Friday, before the Colts announced the hiring of Philbin.

With the Giants, the chronic problems in performance may run far deeper than the former head coach, Tom Coughlin. With offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo promoted, G.M. Jerry Reese still on the job, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo likely returning, a franchise that touts continuity could be on the front end of another Ray Handley experience.

The idea that Indy would be more attractive to Philbin, after a full season of full-blown dysfunction, should be troubling to any Giants fans who believe that Coughlin out and McAdoo up will change things. Even in the watered-down NFC East, it may not matter.

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  1. Interesting interpretation of Philbin’s decision. Another interpretation would be that being a shadow coordinator with McAdoo calling his own plays was not going to advance his career whereas in Indy he has a chance to shine, heck he might be head coach before the season is out

  2. I think philbin sees the colts as a place where if things did go sour between pagano and the organization he would be the guy to take over and he probably thinks he can win with a guy like luck.

  3. It’s not even the same situation. Handley changed everything. Had Simms and Hoss battling for starter, jettisoned Anderson (understandable, since Hampton was emerging), changed up the entire defense to that Rod Rust read and react trash. Nothing is really going to change philosophically on either side. Just an infusion of actual talent on defense.

    No comparison to Handley era whatsoever, unless you’re just one who hopes it happens, for whatever twisted reason.

  4. Bad work guys. First time I’ve seen it though, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. It has been McAdoo’s offense for two seasons, Eli loves the system and openly requested Mcadoo be the choice because of the offense, and McAdoo has already stated he will keep the offense and call plays. Why would Philbin want to do that?

  5. Please why would you read anything into Philbin going to the Colts. It doesn’t matter where he goes, what did he win with the Dolphins???

  6. Florio – you seem to like to try and create controversy. I think that either place would be a great fit. I believe that Andrew Luck would be the better fit because he is younger. Eli is at or near the end of his career and why would you go to a place where you might have to train a new guy when you can simply teach a young talented guy new tricks – as he did with AR. Geesh

  7. Philbin was never going to be the OC for the Giants though Mike. Che was going to be QB/Assistant HC.

    I’ll admit I really wanted him on the GIANTS, but it’s not that big a deal.

    The Giants are a great franchise, so if Philbin picked Indy over NY it probably had to do with specific opportunity.

  8. Because Joe Philbin has a real read on the stability of both teams. Give me a break. You preached all year how Pagano was gone at the end of the year and look how that turned out.

    Stick to facts.

  9. It’s not an Ominous sign for the Giants, it’s an ominous sign for Andrew Luck.

    Ask Tannehill, who’s probably in a corner somewhere urinating blood.


  10. I think Joe knows if the OLine doesn’t pan out in Indy, he can just blame it on the talent pool, since they don’t have good depth. Fairly good job security.

    Also he’s probably scared of ODB. Philbin can’t handle players with personality.

  11. Only thing Philben was successful at in Miami was nagging the players to not throw candy wrappers on the field … much was made of this.

    It stands to reason Philben learned there are more candy wrappers on the Indy field than NY.

    Joe is reuniting with Vontae Davis who he cut (along with half of Miami’s meager talent) for being a mini-buster like the majority of NFL talent. Vontae will have them all clued in … Joe’s right up there with Cam Cameroon.

  12. The only reason this guy could be employee for an NFL team is be a brown nose,( he will be taking the HC bags to and from the airport), this guy is a loser and knows nothing about coaching, he dint command men in locker room, he’s a circus, non respect for him from players.

  13. Firing the HC and replacing him with someone on his staff rarely works. Handley is an example. Swamp Fox Campbell and Rich Kotite with the Eagles are another. Richie Petitibon with the Redskins. Tomsula in SF, of course. Surely there are other examples.

  14. When Pagano gets fired next year, Philbin steps into the coach job. That is what Philbin sees.

    He could never count on McAdoo getting fired, at least not for several years.

  15. I’m glad someone made the Handley comparison. McAdoo’s accomplishments with the Giants are not commensurate with most coordinators whose success leads to head coaching gigs. This looks and feels like a Tomsula hire: the don’t-rock-the-boat company guy who will never clash with the front office or ownership. This is not, however, the only uninspiring hire of 2016. Doug Pederson in Philly is an equally mediocre hire, Mularkey an even worse one, and Koetter not much better.

  16. The Giants have a horrendous defense! Spagnola is bad and on top of all that they lack talent throughout the entire team. Beckam & Eli then ??? Crickets!

  17. OL/Assistant Head Coach > puppet OC.

    Philbin would be stuck as Giants OC if they improve, possibly fired if they do not.
    In Indy, he’s already the assistant HC, any discord with Pagano and Philbin’s back in the saddle as an NFL head coach.

    No brainer.

  18. Philbin’s a like able guy…
    As for OL, this is an area that Philbin is lacking in talent evaluation and coaching.
    – Most sacked QB in the league
    – only 6 100 yard games from RB (only 2 games a year)
    Bush (2012) = 2 Miller (2013) = 2 (2014) = 2
    – guards he drafted and coached ranked #65 & 67 in NFL

  19. Philbin had no personnel control. He and Ireland didn’t get along, while Ireland also continued to build his vision for the Phins. He then was saddled with a QB who has never shown any consistency.
    His locker room was effectively neutered by the ridiculous bully gate, and the franchise has never recovered. In 2013/2014, a few wins in the last two weeks would have pushed Miami into possible playoff position. But his QB like he does in all big games, folded like a lawn chair.

  20. I fully explained earlier what Handley did when he became head coach (which was a total 180 on both sides of the football from both Bills) and you still have people trying to make that comparison. Unreal the lack of cognition that schools cultivate in kids nowadays.

  21. Wow, a lot of assumptions being made here. Look, Philbin was a successful offensive line coach for 20 years. It’s just the Peter Principle. People are promoted to a level where they are no longer competent, even if they excelled in previous positions. He wasn’t a stellar head coach, but is among the best in position coaches.

  22. Uhm, for the people making the leap that he’d pick Indy because he could advance better being a position coach, Rob Chudzinsky. He’s kind of the OC there now, not Philbin. So yeah, it is kind of wierd that you pass up a chance to be an OC in any capacity to be a position coach. I said this similar thing a year ago when Mark Davis wanted Scott McCloughan to work under Reggie McKenzie. So guy was coming back from drinking himself out of the league but still saw working under a guy he’d previously worked with in GB unacceptable even though he had no problem with a similar arrangement in Seattle. Should tell you something.

  23. My uncle’s best friend’s roommate for college’s sister’s cousin said it was because Philbin doesn’t like being 5 minutes early

  24. a1b24312: How about Bill Parcells, Mike Tomlin, George Siefert, just to name a few. When you say rarely works you have to understand that not many coaches are all that successful, so three that fail (or 3 that succeed) means little.

  25. Interesting interpretation of Philbin’s decision. Another interpretation would be that being a shadow coordinator with McAdoo calling his own plays was not going to advance his career whereas in Indy he has a chance to shine, heck he might be head coach before the season is out

    Or it may be just as simple as he loves the wide open spaces of Indiana and would prefer not to drive into work in that dump that is urban New Jersey!?
    …..and O-line coach over OC is a $200K drop in pay. So there must be something great in Indianapolis.

  26. I think I’ll use facts to determine my opinion of Philbin’s coaching capabilities.

    The Fact the he lost the Dolphin locker room and the mess was brought together by Dan Campbell speaks louder than any of this gum-shoe speculation.

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