Hue Jackson says Browns “need a quarterback”


Hue Jackson continues to make the media rounds as he settles into his new role as head coach of the Browns.

Jackson was on Bleacher Report’s XM Radio show Sunday morning, and he was asked about two subjects Browns fans will find familiar: Johnny Manziel and the quarterback position in general. Jackson said the Browns won’t hesitate to use the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft on a quarterback if “the best fit” for the Browns plays that position.

“It’s my opinion we need a quarterback,” Jackson said.

Jackson was the Ravens’ quarterbacks coach in 2008 when the Ravens drafted Joe Flacco in the first round and Flacco became the immediate starter.

“I’m sitting here today because (Ravens coach) John Harbaugh gave me an opportunity to develop Joe Flacco,” Jackson said.

Jackson was also asked specifically about Manziel’s off-field behavior and said if it’s true that he missed a treatment session because he was in Las Vegas on the day of the Browns’ season finale, that signals that he’s not a starting quarterback in the NFL.

At his introductory press conference last Wednesday, Jackson said he’d made no decisions and wouldn’t judge Manziel off of what he’s heard because he didn’t know him as a person. Jackson said he’d have to watch film and make a football evaluation before making any decisions.

Manziel is the third quarterback the Browns have drafted in the first round since 2007 but the team hasn’t used a top-20 pick on a quarterback since taking Tim Couch at No. 1 overall in 1999.

48 responses to “Hue Jackson says Browns “need a quarterback”

  1. I wouldn’t bank my career or Johnny Manziel either if I were a coach. It’s the perfect opportunity for the Browns to chalk Manziel up as a loss and move on.

  2. This likely marks the end for Manziels career. He couldn’t ever get past the parents trust fund money, as he is just a rich, spoiled, entitled bonehead whose parents are worth more than many athletes.

    Wealth does the greatest thing to kids, I swear. Most of these other athletes came from very blue collar families, where they had to WORK for what they do.

    Good riddance.

  3. Ya gotta love Hue for speaking his mind and laying down the law right away like this. Im not a Browns fan but I hope Hue has success.
    Besides, its time Manziel faced some consequences for his actions, especially if those consequences include being cut and having to find another job which stinks for anybody.

  4. Bengals beat writer is claiming there’s a rumor that Hue will offer a 3rd round pick for McCarron.

  5. Manziel is just another spoiled, entitled rich kid who has never had to work for anything in his life. Another failure who will be out of football soon after Jerrud buys him for his Dallas Island of Misfit Boys and discovers Johnny Football is really just Johnny Goofball….

  6. I thought these spread offense QB’s were suppose to be all the rage? The next new greatest thing since sliced bread?

    Kaepernick, RGME, Manziel. They’ve all faded and died
    quicker than Disco music!!

    Too funny!!!

  7. Hue Jackson is basically a 2-fer. A cross between Rex Ryan and Chip Kelly

    He’s like Ryan because of the verbal diarrhea that comes out of Jackson’s mouth coupled with his vastly over-inflated opinion of himself as a HC. He”s like Kelly because given a chance Jackson will wreak havoc on a team’s roster by moronic trades when he tries to play GM.

  8. Give Joe Willie Manziel a break, he hasn’t even worn fur yet. The cincy coach called Manziel a midget, yet the browns had nowhere the supporting cast for Johnny that the cincy team has.

  9. Come on hue “if the reports are true” . You know darn well if they weren’t true they would be refuted by the Manziel camp. Call a spade a spade, he’s done period!

  10. Hue Jackson says Browns “need a quarterback”…Wow! I can see why the Browns hired Hue….his ability to comprehend the metrics are off the charts!

  11. tjacks7 says:
    Jan 17, 2016 11:02 AM

    I wouldn’t bank my career or Johnny Manziel either if I were a coach. It’s the perfect opportunity for the Browns to chalk Manziel up as a loss and move on.

    You may very well be correct in this instance but your username alone disqualifies you from any and all meaningful discussion about the quarterback position.

  12. Goff’s your man, from what I saw during season, he doesn’t telegraph and seems to know where all his receivers are on the field, something that’s rare in college and the NFL !!!

  13. The personnel/ GM comparisons to Chip Kelly are misplaced…..Hue gave a 1st and 2nd rounder for Carson Palmer…the same CP who (while he didn’t play great last night) would be the MVP if not for Cam. That trade was what, five years ago? As it turns out, Hue got the better end of the deal….he just got fired before he could fully implement CP into his offense. Arians has had that opportunity,and you see the results. Giving a 1st and a 2nd for a franchise QB is a racehorse deal. As it turns out, Raiders got Carr and CP went to AZ, so it worked out for everyone….except Hue, really.

  14. The first thing the Browns better do is hire a good personnel director so that they can get this draft pick right. There are at least 3 QBs coming out in this draft that will be ranked #1 on various draft boards around the league. Some teams had RG3 rated ahead of Luck, and some teams had Ryan leaf ahead of Peyton. We know the 49ers and others had Alex Smith ahead of Aaron Rodgers. What the Browns do on draft day will determine the legacy of Hue Jackson. He can be the best coach in the world, but if they blow it in the draft, history may not be kind to Hue Jackson. Coaches like to point out how good of a coach they are when they’re trying to get hired, but they always seem to blame personnel when they get fired. I don’t know what kind of promises were being made behind closed doors during Hue’s contract negotiations, but if the Browns don’t hire a guy that knows how to scout QBs, Browns’ fans will soon be chanting something that rhymes with Hue.

  15. Jackson can always turn to the Relic McCown. All they have to do is find someone to tote the oxygen bottle around on the field with him. Jackson, call your buddy Marvin and find a way to get McCarren in a Browns uniform like he should’ve been from the word go!

  16. jerruhjones says:
    Jan 17, 2016 11:40 AM

    Unload Manziel for a 3rd or 4th rounder, keep McCown to mentor after you draft Goff.
    Johnny might garner a 7th rounder; most likely he’ll just get cut.

  17. Manziel, if he had his head on 100% straight, has the talent to be an average backup QB, or at least a third QB. His ability to avoid tacklers and extend plays is very useful for a QB who has to go in the game in an emergency, without having had a lot of practice reps. Their timing isn’t always great, and the ability to make plays outside the playbook is valuable. But Johnny doesn’t have his head on straight, so he’d only be a distraction. In the perfect situation, Manziel could be like a Joe Theismann. Theismann spent a few years in the Canadian league, and then was an NFL backup for a while. He even returned punts early in his NFL career. He had about the same skill set as Johnny. But there is only one NFL team that would love to have this kind of distraction, because it keeps them in the news. The Cowboys.

  18. No, they need several QB’s. Keep three, so we don’t end up with a crap QB off the street that doesn’t know the offense as our starter. Draft at least 2 this year and start developing players by coaching them, instead of drafting and throwing them to the wolves.

  19. You know… I’m well aware that Josh McCown, at 36 years old, is not a franchise QB and certainly insn’t “the future”, but I have to laugh at these dim bulbs who keep making jokes about him being as old as the hills or otherwise useless. Just goes to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that people like to parrot and squawk things without putting any thought behind what they’re squawking. McCown’s numbers this year were actually pretty freaking good… for *any* QB in the league. And all this “better get him an oxygen tank” stuff is plain stupid. While McCown has never set the league on fire, his best stretches/stats have come after the age of 30.

    Btw, how old are the QBs that are about to play in the conference championship games? 33 (Roethlisberger), 36 (Palmer), 38 (Brady), and 39 (Manning).

    Wanna stop making stupid assumptions that QBs in their 30s are over the hill and need oxygen masks?

  20. Dump Johnny Foolball, He is a Cancer to a team!
    Jerrah will give a 2nd and 3rd or 4th for him to add to his menagerie of Clowns!
    I am a Vikings fan, but if I would have a 2nd favorite it would be the Browns, they have the best fans in the AFC!
    Good luck on the New Coach, I’d love to see you represent the AFC in the Super Bowl!
    But for gawd sake change the Uniforms BACK!!

  21. I’m impressed with Hue so far saying and doing all the right things. He realizes that its time clean house of the distractions, and me first players to get the browns off to a fresh start. I’m guessing the browns will hang on to Johnny long enough to see if they can get any kind of a pick for him before the draft from a team like Dallas. If there is no interest, they will cut him. Johnny just needs to try and get a reality show, to follow him around acting like a turd. If the Kardashians can do it no reason Johnny can’t. If that don’t work maybe he can be a back up dancer for his buddy Drake, or wear a big alarm clock around his neck, and be a hip hop hype man like Flava Flav . Can’t wait to see how this whole soap opera unfolds.

  22. I’d keep Manziel, keeping him as a 3rd QB through his contract. Making him irrelevant in the NFL for another 2 years.

    But if Hue is smart they grab the best QB prospect in the draft.

  23. Just wondering if any of these guys would have been able to play in the NFL under the scrutiny that Manzel has been under and what a shame it would have if they have not played. Kenny Stabler, Joe Namath, Jim McMahon, Bobby Lane, Jim Thorpe, John Riggins, Paul Horning, Bret Farve. All of them loved to party.

  24. Trickbunny,
    Keep telling yourself that. You should be ashamed to even mention his name with those other ELITE qb’s you mentioned in your post. OBVIOUSLY, you’re the DIM BULB!!!

  25. McCarron has done nothing ,but the LOSERS in Cleveland are already in love with him. Wonder why they never win??????? Hahahaha
    Manziel will be back to shut yall up.

  26. As a Raider fan, I have to admit that the Browns are getting a helluva coach. I don’t know what Reggie McKenzie was thinking letting him get away.

  27. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says:
    Jan 17, 2016 11:11 AM
    Bengals beat writer is claiming there’s a rumor that Hue will offer a 3rd round pick for McCarron.

    Anything lower than a 1st round pick, and maybe even that, would be an absolute STEAL for McCarron. The kid is the real deal, and he’ll win a Super Bowl someday, maybe more than one. Bengals toughest decision right now is which QB to keep, because I don’t think you’ll be able to keep both beyond next season. Who Dey! And good luck Hue.

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