NFL says Blakeman handled coin flip non-flip properly


Saturday night’s overtime classic included a bizarre moment at the start of the extra session, with referee Clete Blakeman executing the rare non-flip flip of a coin.

The NFL has absolved Blakeman of any wrongdoing for his handling of the situation, which included not letting Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers change the call from tails to heads.

“There is nothing in the rule book that specifies [a required flip],” NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in a statement, via “But the referee used his judgment to determine that basic fairness dictated that the coin should flip for the toss to be valid. That is why he re-tossed the coin.”

Yes, basic fairness requires a coin to flip for a coin flip to be regarded as a coin flip. And maybe if the coins they used weren’t the size of a manhole cover, maybe they would flip every time.

46 responses to “NFL says Blakeman handled coin flip non-flip properly

  1. Multi billion dollar business that can’t even flip a coin correctly.

    Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League

    Goodell is vile

    Goodell must go

  2. Of course they said he handled it properly. It’s like when the police do an investigation of one of their own. The conclusion is predetermined: “Proper procedures were followed.”

  3. Instead of worrying about this nonsense or overtime rules why don’t we concentrate on some important game altering referee screw ups? Namely why during the Green Bay 100 yard pick six the referee said there were offsetting penalties yet only penalized Arizona, and on the crack back block called on Fitzgerald there was a second flag thrown in the end zone that was ignored.

  4. Clete Blakeman has a redneck name second to only Jim Bob Cooter in the NFL. Neither can hold a candle to former Key West fire chief Bum Farto, but it’s close.

  5. OT rules are bogus… there are 2 teams playing with everything on the line.

    In order for the Cardinals to win yesterday, they had to score.

    In order for the Packers to win, they had to stop them AND score.

    Why is one team awarded an offensive opportunity to win the game based on a coin flip, while the other team has to “earn” an offensive opportunity?

    I’m not a fan of either team, but when so much is on the line, I don’t like that such an opportunity is GIVEN to one team, while the other team has to EARN it on defense.

  6. Well, we can rip on and take potshots at the league, and deservedly so…but he DID handle it correctly. The coin should flip, for obvious reasons, and Rodgers had already made his call….

  7. Ariani and his packer fetish continues. Congrats on being first on every packer story. Quite an accomplishment.

  8. what is the term used in the NFL rulebook? is it coin toss or coin flip…he tossed the coin in the air…no denying that….where is it written that it has to flip over?

  9. truthfactory says:
    Jan 17, 2016 2:32 PM
    OT rules are bogus…
    You must not be feeling well. Five full sentences, and nothing about the Patriots cheating.

  10. OT Rules. You win the flip you choose offense or defense and direction you want to go.

    You score – you win

    Defense stops you – they win.

    If we arent going to do the most obvious thing and give both teams a chance and if a td is scored then sudden death, this would make the most sense.

  11. Blakeman was not under any obligation to retoss the coin.

    But in an effort to be fair, he did.

    Only Aaron Rodgers and the Packer fans would whine about the honest effort by Blakeman to be fair.

    Fact is, they lost both flips, fair and square.

  12. Odd how the official purposely did NOT flip the coin. Rather tossing it in an attempt to assure an outcome of the toss. I would hate to think the NFL is manipulating games, but it s starting to look that way with the officiating. Sure, we get more views and angles to be critical of. But it sure seems like the referees are trying to pull the wool over the viewers eyes.

  13. Wow.. This statement must have been a tough decision for the league office to make. Either kiss Rodgers butt as per NFL policy or avoid looking like total dummies for once.

  14. Overtime rules must change in playoffs …extra quarter of play. No winner after that then sudden death.. I’m officiating is destroying the game on both sides.. Coin flip had nothing to do with it other than just another clown she performance by part time officials

  15. Well, they also said Aaron Rodgers’ wasn’t face masked against the Cardinals in 2009 and that the Fail Mary was a good call, so we know they are liars.

  16. And we’ll still see plenty of comments about how the league and officials always favor the Packers.

  17. “If you want to win, play defense.” By that logic, shouldn’t both teams have to play defense?

  18. Is it a “coin toss” or a “coin flip.” Enquiring minds want to know.

    If it is a coin “flip” then the ref was right.

    If it is a “toss” he was wrong.

  19. If they would’ve allowed Erin to change from heads to tails and he lost that call too, then he would’ve cried that he shouldn’t have been allowed to change his call. After all, he called heads the first time and that should be the call. Erin wanted to have his cake and eat it too…grow up girly.

  20. Maybe instead of a coin flip, the starting QBs should have a stare down?

    Despite his dislike for my team, I do agree with the coyote guy though — why not just play an additional 10 minute quarter, and the team with the lead at the end of the additional quarter wins? It’s tough to weigh the balance of success in a playoff game on a random thing like winning a coin flip.

  21. There’s a reason it’s called “Sudden Death”. Only the weenies (and packer fans when they lose) who think “everyone’s a winner” with their kids and give out participation trophies think these rules think these rules are unfair. This is how adults resolve things. Think about it, are there EVER 2 winners in a court case? NO. These guys are adults, not 5 yr olds who need their self confidence boosted, and they are PAID to “play” a game. Waaa, Waaa, Waaa, to those who lose. Grow some hair and learn how to accept defeat. Quit whining about it, shake the other guys hand, and use lose as motivation to do better next year. Wow, what a bunch of babies.

  22. So happy we didn’t screw the pooch by missing a golden opportunity, everyday easy field goal!

    Purple Heidi’s, you made my season as I didn’t have to see your pigtails this weekend.

    Packers lose ah we were supposed to, loved the grit, determination, and effort.

    Queens where do you get your purple tights cleaned?

  23. I suspect that all these Viking fan tantrums have to do with the outpouring of league wide respect and love for the Packers and their beloved fans over the past 24 hours. This has made their degenerate fans even more bitter than usual.

    Add to that all the tricky underwear stain in laundries throughout MN today, and it becomes easier to understand all their emotional outbursts.

  24. johngaltx says:
    Jan 17, 2016 3:27 PM
    Is it a “coin toss” or a “coin flip.” Enquiring minds want to know.

    If it is a coin “flip” then the ref was right.

    If it is a “toss” he was wrong.


    Perhaps he was confused as well, that’s why he did both.

  25. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Jan 17, 2016 4:26 PM

    Unlike fans of other teams, we don’t get more pleasure watching other teams lose. We care about OUR team, OUR fans, OUR 13 WCs, OUR 4 SBs

    Then why were you and your brethren so ecstatic when the Vikings lost last week?

  26. Every play the nation got to see the crybabies of the nfl raise their hands to the refs. The quackers are such babies. And Erin making excuses and his beautiful girlfriend posting on his behalf on Twitter. It’s cute. #GoCardsGo

  27. It’s so funny how packer fans think they even “deserved” to be in that overtime. You got another lucky Hail Mary. Be grateful you even kept it close. And be grateful you can learn a lot from the nfc north champions all offseason and next year. #NoPukeNo #LOL

  28. Eliminate the coin flip. Home team kicks off and defends to start the game. Visiting team kicks off and defends to start the second half. If a team ties the game with a placekick (Field goal or extra point), they kickoff and defend for overtime. If they tied it with a two-point conversion or a safety, they receive.

    Quit crying, Aaron. There was no need to have overtime. You crybabies could have decided the outcome from the 2yd-line with the ball in your hands. What more could you want? Go for two next time.

  29. “Namely why during the Green Bay 100 yard pick six the referee said there were offsetting penalties yet only penalized Arizona”.


    Not sure why you think the offsetting penalties should favor the Cards… They repeated the down, that is what offsetting does… perhaps we can look at the missed blatant PI call on the Cards touchdown were Hayward was being held in the endzone, and would have had a pick rather then a TD… Or, the obvious hold on Janis that was about 40 some yard down.

    I as a Packers fan blame the loss on the Packers, not the officiating, as there are always mistakes there and that is part of the game. Not sure why someone is complaining about the pick six call, as offsetting penalties means re-do the play…

  30. Is it officially called a coin flip or is it a coin toss? If it’s officially a flip, then what happened was right. If it’s a coin toss (the term I have heard used much much more than “flip”) then technically… he tossed the coin.


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