No leash on Peyton Manning today, but . . . .


As Peyton Manning enters the divisional round against the Steelers, he’s healthier than he has been all year — including Week One of the regular season.

It means that, as Manning prepares to start for the first time since November 15, he has the same status he ever has had when starting a game for the Broncos. Manning is the starter — and barring injury he’s the finisher.

But it’s impossible (as noted last night) to rule out coach Gary Kubiak making a switch. Overlooked in the coach of the year conversation, Kubiak masterfully navigated the quarterback conundrum this year in Denver to the No. 1 seed in the AFC. To get there, he knew exactly when to yank Brock Osweiler and to replace him with Manning in Week 17.

That day, Kubiak entered the game with no plan to make a change at quarterback. But he decided that the team needed a spark, he made the switch, and the Broncos avoided sliding to the No. 5 seed.

On Sunday, if Kubiak fears that the Broncos could slide out of the postseason, it’s possible that he’ll make an unplanned, seat-of-the-pants decision to change quarterbacks. Much of that depends on whether Manning plays like he did in past years with the Broncos, or like he did when he was routinely struggling earlier this season.

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  1. I can think of a few coaches in the discussion for coach of the year but Gary Kubiak is not one of them!

  2. So….He’s back on undetectable HGH from China, and Goodell just sits there, as does the disingenous media, holding hands.

    Goodell/Media = FRAUDS

    What planet am I on here?

  3. We know Manning will be bad. (He was literally the worst starting QB in the NFL this year, very nearly leading the league in INTs despite only playing half the season.) The question is, how much damage will they let him do to the Broncos’ chances before making the switch.

  4. I really don’t understand all the ‘experts’ talking about how well Peyton is going to play now that he’s ‘healthy’.
    1: We only have Peyton’s word about his health, and he’s never been exactly truthful about it.
    2: It’s Peyton Manning in the playoffs.
    3: It’s Peyton Manning in the playoffs, with temperatures predicted in the 20s.
    The odds are pretty good hes going to stink up the joint.

  5. Given that HGH is normally applied to the type of stem-cell treatment he received, he really should have been suspended on the “more probably than not” level of proof for not denying but refusing to answer if Ashley received HGH in 2011, and what it was for. But the league is so desperate to avoid integrity if it means a possible fairytale ending – I just wonder if Kubiak read that memo…

  6. Everyone make sure to wear your raincoat before sitting down to watch this game. With Simms and Nance calling this game, get ready for the bodily fluids to literally come flying out of your TV screen with the ba11washing that’s gonna go on for HGH boy!! Embarrassing!

  7. What needs to be informative is educating the public on why Ashley Manning chose to buy HGH from a private firm without a doctor’s prescription?

    Don’t know of too many millionaire mothers who ignore treatments by their own primary care physicians while pregnant.

    Does anyone else?


  8. HGH being pumped right now in Denver’s locker room with no media coverage of it or Goodell investigating.

    Previous suspension for HGH shipped to a player’s residence:

    4 games.

    Where is Goodell staying consistent with his claims of “integrity”?

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