Ray Horton says he’s not insulted and hasn’t been released from his contract


In response to an item from the Tennessean contending that Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton is “insulted” by the team for its handling of his interest in being a head coach, Horton tells PFT that he is not insulted in any way.

“I was very happy that the Strunk family gave me the interview,” Horton said by phone. “It was a great interview. They have told me that they are going to implement some of my ideas. I’m not insulted. I’m not mad. I’m very happy they gave me opportunity to interview. Not insulted. I would love to be a head coach in this league and will keep working very hard to be a head coach.”

As to the report from the Tennessean that the Titans have released Horton from his contract so that he can join the Browns as defensive coordinator, Horton said, “As far as I know, that is not true. No one has contacted me to say I’m free to go anywhere.”

The Tennessean reported that Horton has requested his release, and that the Titans have told Horton his request will be granted.

The notion that Horton is insulted came not from Horton but from Fritz Pollard Alliance chairman John Wooten, who seems to be doing plenty of misguided agitating to get coaches released from their contractual obligations. As evidenced by Horton’s remarks, Wooten’s efforts may be neither helpful, welcome, nor accurate.

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  1. If John Wooten is indeed overstepping, these guys need to stand up to him and say something already and tell him to butt out

  2. As I said before, it’s time to put an end to this racist ‘Alliance’ and their meddling.

    We are well beyond the racial crap, even though the out of touch political ‘elite’ in Washington may wish to make us believe otherwise.

    Down with this racist ‘alliance’!

  3. Black coaches are embarrassed by the affirmative action in the NFL. The Rooney Rule and the Fritz Pollard Alliance are redundant, and both are unnecessary.

  4. Wasn’t the narrative of those opposed to the Rooney rule and the Pollard alliance that minorities were insulted by being interviewed? I guess this kinda shoots down that theory. Racist haters are gonna hate.

  5. Wait…someone in the media reported something that may or may not be true without doing any fact checking first? Color me surprised.

    Seems like all you need these days to call yourself a “reporter” is a Twitter handle (yes, I’m also looking at you, Sean Penn).

    Spineless vultures.

  6. It seems that Ray becomes a chess piece of the alliance every hiring cycle. They’re using him to get attention every year.
    In guessing that if he is head coach material he’ll get his shot. I’m fairly certain the flavor of human that he is won’t matter.
    It’s not like the color of one’s skin has a bearing on incompetent coaches having endless opportunities. You know, like Lovie Smith.
    Losing the braids might help. How many white coaches are there with a hippy pony tail?

  7. Listen to the candid Hue Jackson comments on Mike & Mike regarding blacks getting QB coach jobs and “important” position coaching jobs and you will have a better understanding of why the Alliance is still important.

  8. In response to an item from the Tennessean contending that Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton is “insulted” by the team for its handling of his interest in being a head coach, Horton tells PFT that he is not insulted in any way.


    But reporters on the Tennessean heard it on the internet…. and it must be true……..


  9. Everybody always trying to trash Lovie Smith who probably knows more about football on his pinky than these cornball fantasy football geeks on this site! At least he made it to the Super Bowl, what has Jeff Fisher done and for some strange reason he’s still coaching! Hmm, I wonder why?

  10. Actually the report didn’t say that Horton felt insulted it said that the source called the Titans actions an insult to him (the source from Fritz Pollard was insulted not Horton). It also said that he would be granted his release not that he got it so technically nothing the Tennessean report said was a lie it was just misinterpreted.

    Fact of the matter is if you remember how he left Arizona the likeliness that he was insulted is about 99%. The Cardinals did the same thing to him(interviewed him knowing who they were going to hire) and the guy is probably sick of Rooney Rule Interviews and wants a legit shot. Cleveland media has been reporting this week that he wants back there and I don’t blame him since their owner actually likes the guy.

  11. When a head coaching job goes to Mike Mularkey you would think everybody else in coaching would be insulted. 2-14 in his last season, 5-11 the season before that…. Zero experience should look pretty good compared to that.

  12. jdbaker01 says:
    Jan 17, 2016 6:00 PM
    I think he meant he was insulted that someone would think he wanted to join the Browns.

    You should check your sources. He came from the Browns

  13. They can keep this rule As soon as they give multiple white guys try out for defensive back and running back positions. Do
    People really think teams would take a bad white coach over a better black one?? Free your own minds and prosper.

  14. @coltraven:

    Jeff Fisher has been to as many Super Bowls (as a head coach) as Lovie has. They’re both 0-1. Not sure what that has to do with Ray Horton, but there you have it.

  15. Hey PFT,

    You ever think it may be the Fritz Pollard Alliance trying to stir up racial bias when that racial bias is going away?

    I know very few people who care if their coach is black or white or whatever.

    But people hate losing cushy jobs or money or limelight.

  16. He’s LYING! I thought I was reading an article written in 2013 by the AZ Republic! He bitched and moaned about the Cardinals NOT hiring HIM, when they hired Arians to replace Whisenhunt! He thinks, he’s OWED a HC job in the NFL. He’s one that tries to EXPLOIT the intention of the “Rooney Rule”. It says you must INTERVIEW a black man for the job. He interprets it as, you must HIRE the black man, or you’re a racist! That’s EXACTLY what he inferred about the Cardinals when they didn’t hire him as HC.

    I’ll tell you something you may NOT know about Horton? Little side note on his situation in AZ. He was STILL under contract as DC, after they fired Whisenhunt! The front office wanted to KEEP him as their DC, even under Arians. He and Arians coached together at PIT before. According to Horton, they had a really good relationship there.

    He made such an ASS out of himself over the team NOT hiring HIM as HC, that Arians made it a condition of his TAKING the HC job in AZ. That condition was that Horton DIDN’T stay! He felt that his attitude would split the locker room and therefore, the team! He felt Horton would have the Defense hating the Offense. Some of the players had ALREADY even spoken out about his NOT getting the job! So don’t let him LIE about NOT being offended or that he was DISRESPECTED in any way.

    He denied doing that as well. THEN went to Cleveland and bad mouthed the Cardinals ALL year! Horton is a GOOD, not GREAT, D-Coordinator! If I were a HC in this league, I’d have him on my staff, as far as Talent goes. But he’d damned sure change his attitude our I wouldn’t hire him to clean the teams uniforms!

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