Bruce Irvin says he’s open to discount to stay in Seattle


When the Seattle Seahawks declined to pick up the fifth-year option on linebacker Bruce Irvin’s contract last year, it led to the real possibility that Irvin would move on after the 2015 season.

However, Irvin indicated Monday that he wants to come back to Seattle and is even open to giving the team a discount in order to return to the Seahawks.

“I would love to be in Seattle,” Irvin said. “…I’m not asking for $100 million. I’m not asking for nothing crazy. I just want to be appreciated and come to work, do my job and, like I said, everything will work out.”

Head coach Pete Carroll said last year after the team declined Irvin’s option that they “expect [Irvin] to be in Seattle for a long time and we will work to get that done.” That process picked up Monday as Carroll and general manager John Schneider asked Irvin if he’d be open to a discount to remain with the franchise that drafted him in 2012.

“I was asked that,” Irvin said. “Pete and John asked me that when I met with them today. If it came to that, I would definitely come back. $3, $4 million? $3, $4, $5 million? I would definitely come back because I’m established here.

“These are my brothers. I honestly can’t even imagine myself playing with anybody else, being in a different meeting room, listening to different pregame speeches. It’s just crazy to me. I would definitely come back if they matched or if it was a little less. I would definitely come back to Seattle.”

While Carroll wouldn’t get into specifics regarding player’s contracts on Monday, he gave a general sense for the team’s plan for the offseason and their desire to bring back the key pieces that have been with the team throughout their recent success.

“I’ll tell you that the guys that have been with us that have helped us become the team we’ve become, we want them back,” Carroll said. “We like our team. We like what our guys, how they contribute, how they fit in, the depth that we have of knowing and understanding they can help us out. And Bruce is certainly one of those guys.”

Golden Tate also told Seattle he would be willing to take a discount with Seattle before signing with Detroit two years ago. Meanwhile, Michael Bennett said “this is not Costco, this is not Walmart” in regards to his free agency plan before taking less money from Seattle than offered by the Chicago Bears to remain with the Seahawks.

A lot can change between now and the start of free agency, but Irvin is grateful for the chance provided to him in Seattle.

“I want to be here,” Irvin said. “I understand the business side of it. If I happen to be somewhere else, I will always have a genuine appreciation for John and Pete for sticking their necks out there and taking me when everybody said I was a reach and had a lot of baggage that came with me. … I will always love these guys. It’s hard, but it’s bigger than football”

28 responses to “Bruce Irvin says he’s open to discount to stay in Seattle

  1. Golden Tate said the same thing.
    Atlanta has already said they want him.

    Thanks for everything, but it’s a money issue.

  2. This guy just get’s it….keep the team together and make many runs for a Super Bowl title.

  3. As a Seahawks fan I appreciate everything you did but we aren’t bringing you back. I am sure Dimitroff and Quinn will be all over you in Atlanta and you will get a nice 5-6 year deal in the 7 million/ year range. I wish you the best of luck!

  4. Love hearing idiots gripe about millionaires taking less than they have earned. You are aware of the tax implications when making that kind of money? Factor in lawyers, accountants, agent(s), cost of living, charitable endeavors, etc. Don’t forget that most of that money isn’t guaranteed. Not a league of loyalty..

  5. Simply put, Quinn in Atlanta will win a bidding war 10 days out of 10. Seahawks would love to have Irvin back, but I just don’t believe he’ll stay for 2.9 or 3.0 million a year.

  6. and that “top” draft expert Mel Kiper, called Seattle’s draft of Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson, one of the worst drafts he ever has witnessed, saying they ‘reached’ for all 3 picks…
    And that’s why you’re an analyst and not a GM or scout!

    Irvin is one of the top 8 – 10 from that draft, making all 3 Seahawks top 10 that year. Not bad Mr. Schneider.

  7. The Seahawks will also have a lot more $$$ to spread around this year now that they take the 8m dead $$$ from Percy and probably Marshawn’s 8m off the books + the 10-12 million more each team will have from the ever rising Cap.

    About 30 million gives the team a nice starting point for Irvin, re-do Bennett’s deal and get Sweezy and Okung under new contracts. I hope Kam is in that mix, too.

  8. I hope they can keep him at a good fair price, but he’ll be sought after and they need O-Line support more than pass rushing linebackers and they’ll probably get priced out.

  9. Heard that interview and while Bruce’s agent was probably cringing, it was uplifting to hear on an otherwise dreary day. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if BI is back. He spoke from the heart on locker clean out day, but as he gets further removed from this season, I’m sure the few million $ more that Atlanta or some other team will likely offer him will just be too much to pass on. Can’t blame him one bit for that if that’s how it goes down. If this is it, thanks for 4 solid years, Bruce, and you will be missed.

  10. Not a Hawk fan but this guy gets it. When he retires, he will be able to feed his family…and probably be able to keep them warm on a cold winter night. The Patriot Way.

  11. I’m hoping he realizes just how important he is to Seattle and stays, but he has a ring and no one would blame him for chasing the money. He is a great player regardless and I see him going somewhere like the Giants or Saints, I don’t buy the Atlanta connection.

  12. He knows he’s coming home to Atlanta.

    This is nothing but PR on his part to be able to tell Seattle fans “Hey, I tried to stay.”

  13. I sure hope he means this… Keeping the team in tact will help keep them special for a long time and if he truly takes a little less to stay it will also set an example in the locker room of the love that the guys have for this team..


    Lets wait a couple of months and see if he changes his tune when some dumb team like the browns or jags offer him double… Usually greedy agents are able to talk guys into walking as they have 0 loyalty and once the players are not in the locker room every day loyalty starts to sag a bit..

    I truly hope he stays though, been fast and a positive impact on that rush over and over.

  14. With the limited shelf life of NFL players and what is usually a one time opportunity to make get the big money contract, Irvin’s statement says volumes with just one word, fool.

  15. Hey, Bruce. I know you’re reading this so remind your agent that WA, FL & TX are the only NFL states without a state income tax. Maybe TN; can’t wrap my head around their “privilege tax” this early in the morning. Anyway, don’t let Joel bamboozle you and remember that losing sucks.

  16. Based on the 31 free agents the Hawks have, they will have a sizable chunk of salary cap that they can devote to Irvin. I can see them offering him somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 mil per with a good chunk of it front loaded. While he won’t have the top dollar contract for an OLB, he will be in the same neighborhood, but staying with a team that is a contender and has done a masterful job of using him in their schemes.

  17. Russell Wilson only got $80 million for 4 years. Irvin would have to play at least 20 years to get $100 million. I doubt that the Sea Squawks will pay him much money, probably not even $3 million a year. He can probably get a better deal elsewhere. Seattle was naive to think that there is such a thing as home team discount. Football is a dangerous sport, and careers are short. Players are foolish if they accept a huge pay cut to stay with a team, unless he has no alternative.

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