Carson Palmer “can’t wait” to play Carolina after missing last year’s loss

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The Cardinals will travel to Charlotte next Sunday to face the Panthers in the playoffs for the second straight year.

There are some big differences between the two games. The 2015 matchup was in the Wild Card round rather than for a trip to the Super Bowl and quarterback Carson Palmer will be in the lineup for the Cardinals this time. Palmer was out with a torn ACL last year and backup Drew Stanton was also sidelined by a knee injury, leaving Ryan Lindley to start in a 27-16 loss.

Can’t wait to get to Carolina,” Palmer said, via the Arizona Republic. “Great opportunity. Love the way we play on the road in the face of adversity.”

The Cardinals were 7-1 on the road during the regular season, which makes it easy to understand why Palmer would feel confident about playing away from home in such a big game. The Cardinals also won in Carolina in 2009 on the way to the franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance.

Arizona isn’t the same team they were a year ago, but neither are the Panthers. They were 7-8-1 in the regular season as opposed to 15-1 this season and they feature a deeper team featuring likely NFL MVP Cam Newton at the helm of the offense.

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  1. Carolina can’t wait for you to get here either. Our front seven is going to enjoy not having to chase a mobile qb around the yard. Be careful what you wish for Carson, you may not like it. Five sacks on Wilson yesterday and he’s a little more mobile than you. That being said this should be a fun game…… Keep Pounding!

  2. ReallY? After that performance against a week GB pass defense and a so so pass rush, he better hope he gets hurt in practice and has an excuse to sit this one out. It ain’t gonna be pretty.
    I have Carolina winning it all. They just have too much talent on both sides the ball. Packers have one pro bowler on the team, Pathers have three on both sides and four who are close. Thus the team is loaded with talent.

  3. Carolina can’t wait for you to get here either. Our front seven is going to enjoy not having to chase a mobile qb around the yard. Be careful what you wish for Carson, you may not like it. Five sacks on Wilson yesterday and he’s a little more mobile than you. That being said this should be a fun game…… Keep Pounding!

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    Ya but you give up a ton in the secondary

  4. I see that the national talking heads are already on the Cards bandwagon. They’re talking about how invincible the Cards offense is – pretty much the same talk we were hearing after the first game between the Cards and the Cheese Doodles. “The Cards are SO playoff ready! Look at this offense! They can drop 100 on anybody! Look at this ferocious defense! No one can score on them!”

    They’ve already forgotten how Seattle destroyed them, how the Cheese Doodles and their average RBs ran all over them, how brain-dead Palmer looked on several passes, and how the Cheese Doodles had the ball 4th & 20 on their own 10 and the Cards managed to let them score to force OT.

    But go ahead, talk up how invincible the Cards are. And Carson, go ahead and chomp at the bit to get to Charlotte. The Panthers will be waiting.

    Keep Pounding!

  5. This is going to be a good football game.

    The Cardinals are the most balanced team in the NFL this year. That’s why they are 13/3.

    Some games their explosive offense won the game. The dominating defense has won other games. The special teams have contributed to all the wins.

    You have to pick your poison with the Cards. If you blitz Palmer he will pull a Kurt Warner on you and take a 3 step drop and throw short slants or screens. You pay!

    If you concentrate on shutting down his passing game David Brown (Smoke) will get a 150 yards rushing. You pay!

    Then everyone knows Arian’s is gonna go deep often to Smoke, a 4.3 guy, Fire (John Brown) another 4.3 guy, Micheal Floyd is always a deep threat and then there Larry…😆

    Pick your poison… But you are going to pay.🙊

    Our defense will play tough for both halves. Not just 1 half like the Seahawks did.🤔 The Panthers WILL NOT put up 31 points in the entire 60 minutes of play, let alone in a half.

    If the Panthers offense has a non productive 2nd half like they did against Seattle their finished for this year.😎

    I’ll bet at game time the spread on this game is less than 3 points even though it’s played on the east coast and the Cardinals are traveling 3000 miles.

    There will no UPSET… When a 13/3 team beats a 15/1 team that’s not an upset. It’s just the best of the best having a good game of SLOBBER KNOCKER football.😡

    May the best team win… Go Cards.

  6. Carson Palmer don’t eat no sissy yogurt. He gets his protein à la Rocky, by drinking raw eggs in a glass. Advantage Carson Palmer.

  7. The best two teams in the NFC squaring off for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Carson, you aren’t the only one that can’t wait.

    Should be a great game. Go Panthers!

  8. Wartface…

    Cards are now 14-3, David Johnson is the RB not David Brown, speedy John Brown is “Smoke”, rookie speedster WR Nelson is “Fire”.

    Other than that your post is spot on.

  9. In reality, “This is the Super Bowl”… The game that will take place on Feb. 7th against the AFC will be a formality as the NFC is in a Higher Class.

    These are the two best teams in the NFL plain and simple… They are both to be Honored and Recognized for outstanding seasons. It is a coin toss as to who will win.

    Personally, the egoist behavioral traits displayed by Cam, compared to the compassion and professionalism from Fitz/Palmer, has me leaning and pulling for an AZ win in my Heart.

  10. Carolina Panthers won granted─ but I see writing on the wall. If I were a Carolina Panthers fan and I’ll gladly say I’m not─ I’ll be very worried and concerned. Carolina scored 0 in the entire second half of the game against Seattle Seahawks. Seattle Seahawk’s defense held Panthers to mere 32 yards of offense. Stewart was held to 22 yards of rushing, after his big dramatic runs and 2 touchdowns in the first half─ Cam threw “0” touchdowns. Seattle defenders were forced suddenly to get used to the poor ground conditions that were purposely created by the Ron Rivera and the Panther organization to replicate Panther practice field and to gain advantage. Seahawks players had to leave their places in the playing field and go get their cleats changed─ once the Seattle Seahawks got used to the soft and soggy ground conditions, Seattle did not allow a single point. Not even measly field goal Panthers could score. In the sideline on the second half Ron Rivera was having fits─ praying and hoping that his dirty trick he played on Seattle Seahawks won’t backfire on him. He called it the “swoon.” What’s his name, for the darling, classy guy he is, Cam Newton said at the press conference “we were just sitting on our butts tightened”─Guess what, Panthers had only 74 years of offense while Russell Wilson threw 366 yards and 3 touchdowns in the second half, while Cam was sitting on his tight butt and a towel over his head. If I were a Carolina Panther fan I’ll very worried about Panther’s re-soding of the Bank of America field to replicate the conditions of their practice field to take advantage, just might “back fire” on Ron Rivera and Cam Newton and the rest of “tricky” Panthers…

  11. still upset my packers lost, but the better TEAM won. palmer should have the nerves out of his system. throw the damn ball to larry. should be a good game. I guess you weren’t the reason bungals always lose in the playoffs. they have been able to keep the tradition going after you left

  12. It is funny reading comment from people who obviously don’t actually watch football.

    “Fitz won that game” – The play that went for 75 yards in OT was one of the more impressive plays you will see by a QB, followed by Fitz being Fitz.

    “Choker” – Again, he won the game. Did he force some bad throws early? Yeah. Coming through in the clutch is quite the opposite of being a choker.

    “Carolina’s front 7 is going to have a field day.” The front 7 of Carolina sacked the most sacked QB in the league and they think they will have more success against the AZ line? Doubt it. It will be a hell of a game, but again, getting to the QB has been easier against Seattle than any other team this season.

    I have a feeling this will be close game and extremely fun to watch. Hopefully the Panthers have the same feeling as their fans and think they are just going to cruise to a win Sunday. Should help AZ upset them.

  13. How is Cam “egoist” [egotistical]? He does all of the dancing and celebrating FOR THE FANS! If you lived in our market you would know a little more about him….. Suprisingly how unselfish this guy is considering his history.

  14. It amazes me how people say:

    The Panthers gave up 24 unanswered points in the 2nd half….. Well, the Seahawks gave up 31 unanswered points in the 1st half and if math is still calculated the same, 31 points is more than 24. I assure you, the Cards and all their fans would have rather won the way the Panthers did versus having to go to OT to win the game against the Packers.

    That said, it will be a great game to watch. I’m pulling for my Panthers and expect them to come out strong and finish stronger in this game.

    The biggest takeaway from this game coming up to me is all the players for each team seem to be high Character guys and all deserve to be playing in this game. Kudos to the Cards and Panthers organizations for putting these types of players on the field.

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