Jaguars interview Jim Schwartz for coordinator vacancy


The Jaguars reportedly aren’t waiting to interview any coordinator candidates who are in the playoffs.

That’s not the same as not looking for some experience.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Jaguars have interviewed Jim Schwartz for their vacant position.

Schwartz hasn’t gotten much attention this offseason, other than working on the league’s new catch committee. But his work as a coordinator in past stops should make him an attractive candidate for a number of jobs. He said he wanted to be selective about his next stop.

The Jaguars have previously interviewed two less-experienced candidates, including Dolphins interim coordinator Ken Anarumo and 36-year-old Marquand Manuel.

9 responses to “Jaguars interview Jim Schwartz for coordinator vacancy

  1. You can’t dismiss the job he did with Bills the year prior to Rex Ryans arrival and I’m a Lions fan.

  2. I highly doubt at this point that this is even a possibility, but I’m sure a lot of fans would be happy if Tom Coughlin came back as head coach and Bradley steps down to replace Babich as defense coordinator. I really like how positive Bradley is and the energy he brings, but as a head coach you have to hold your players accountable for their actions. This includes the young franchise QB who makes more crucial game changing mistakes than possibly anyone in the league. It has happened on numerous occasions that Bortles will have 1-3 interceptions, including game changing pick-sixes or INT’s while in the red zone that could’ve resulted in points, and Bradley will still be talking about a few good plays Bortles made. It seems to me like Gus is afraid to be the bad guy and the result is a lack of discipline/motivation for the players to fix problems they are facing.

  3. He wasn’t good enough for Buffalo because “The 4th overall defense doesn’t cut it.”

    Right, Wrecks?

  4. This would make Caldwell look serious about this whole “next year” mantra. Time for a little reality to sidle up to Gus’ rainbows & sunshine routine. Schwartz may finally coach up the D to the point where Poz doesn’t have to make 14 tackles a game and break his usual one bone per season.

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