Jason Pierre-Paul undergoes another hand surgery

Getty Images

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who suffered serious hand injuries as a result of a Fourth of July fireworks accident, is undergoing another surgery.

Pierre-Paul posted a photo of himself on the operating table on Instagram this morning as he prepared to have his hand worked on again.

This procedure is intended to give Pierre-Paul more flexibility in his middle finger, with the hopes that next season he’ll be able to wear a modified glove and have some grip strength in his hand. Last season he wore a full-hand club and could not grasp anything with his injured hand.

Pierre-Paul missed the first half of the season because of the injury and recorded only one sack in the second half of the season. He’ll become a free agent in March, and any team considering signing him to a contract will want to take a thorough medical examination of his hand, to get an idea of exactly what he’ll be able to do in 2016.