Panthers say Jared Allen doubtful to play this week

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The Panthers got the word back on the MRI done on defensive end Jared Allen’s injured foot and the news isn’t good for Allen’s chances of playing in the NFC championship game.

Coach Ron Rivera said, via multiple reports, that the MRI confirmed there’s a broken bone in his foot and called the veteran doubtful to play against the Cardinals this Sunday. Rivera added that Allen will not practice on Wednesday and that the team will take it day by day from there while leaving the door open for him to play if at all possible.

While those are hopeful notes, Rivera also discussed the possibility of bringing defensive end Wes Horton back to the active roster in the event the team determines that Allen needs to be placed on injured reserve. Horton is currently on the practice squad.

Kony Ealy and Mario Addison are already on the roster and would likely see expanded roles if Allen is out on Sunday.

26 responses to “Panthers say Jared Allen doubtful to play this week

  1. Shoot it up, tape it up and get in there. That’s what Jared is thinking….

    Players win games in the regular seasons and coaches win – or are FAR MORE important – in the playoffs. Bruce Arians has had his foot on the gas for this game since birth. Carolina and Rivera’s performance in the second half yesterday has Bruce smiling. Playing to not lose won’t do it.

  2. A comfortable Carson Palmer is not a good thing for Carolina.


    You mean the guy that threw two picks (could have been five) and was lucky one of his receivers put on a legendary performance once again last week?

  3. Get well soon Jared. He is a great guy. Was my favorite Viking. Ya long in the tooth now but his attitude was enormous. Every team needs that kind of spark and positiveness.

  4. He may be old and slower, but he’s smart — he completely blew up a screen play yesterday and hurried Wilson several other times. Used in limited doses, as the Panthers used him, he remained effective. Too bad he’s hurt.

  5. I hate the Jared got hurt. He’s been a big help out there this year! Get better soon, big guy!
    Keep Pounding!!!

  6. Good luck to Jared Allen -he may not be the player he once was, but a brings passion to the game. Tons of work for wounded warriors, and a great example of turning your life around.

  7. You mean the guy that threw two picks (could have been five) and was lucky one of his receivers put on a legendary performance once again last week?

    That’s exactly who I mean. The guy who threw for 4,600 yards, 35 TD’s with a 104 QB rating that led his team to a 13-3 record. Yeah… that’s who I’m talking about.

  8. Allen was essentially brought in to replace an injured Charles Johnson, who has since returned to the lineup. Allen was a nice move and made great contributions, and I hope his reward is a ring. Mount up and ride on Carolina!

  9. Panthers are very deep on the D line, he will be missed but Ealy and Addison are young and quick and will more than fill in….Keep Pounding!

  10. He’s not as good as he once was, but…

    Not a crucial injury but a sad one. He’ll get his ring, but I think he wants to be in uniform that day and maybe get at least one tackle in the box score.


  11. Never underestimate Jared’s power of persuasion! Who knows?? Even if he only makes it in for 1 or 2 plays?? But if not, hey, he’ll be ready for the Super Bowl, right? Love you, Jared!! You take care, now, and listen to your doctors and your trainers!!!! We already KNOW you are a great player, YOU have more than earned this chance, but do what you have to do!

  12. I think he’s better off sitting this one out. Like last week, I’m highly confident that the Panthers will win, and sitting this game out will allow Allen 3 weeks of rest to get ready for the Super Bowl.

    Yes, I think we’ll win. It’s really funny how everyone was on the Cards bandwagon after their first win over the Cheese Doodles, but since then they got rocked by Seattle and barely squeezed by the Cheese Doodles in the rematch. Now, only because they’re playing the Panthers, who everyone in the media hates for no good reason, everyone is back on the Cards bandwagon. But the Cards still can’t stop the run, and the Panthers will dominate time of possession and proceed to Santa Clara. And Jared Allen will join them.


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