Report: Steve Spagnuolo to stay with Giants despite Eagles interest


A report over the weekend had the Eagles targeting Steve Spagnuolo as the defensive coordinator on Doug Pederson’s staff, but hiring him was far from a slam dunk because Spagnuolo still has a contract to do that job for the Giants.

Word from Jersey was that the Giants wanted to keep Spagnuolo, who would need permission from the Giants to pursue the Philly opening, and it appears they’ll be doing that. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Spagnuolo is expected to remain in place for Ben McAdoo’s first season as head coach.

While McAdoo and Spagnuolo will return and Mike Sullivan is expected to move from offensive coordinator to quarterbacks coach, it looks like there will be a lot of turnover elsewhere on the staff. According to various reports, defensive line coach Robert Nunn, offensive line coach Pat Flaherty and strength and conditioning coach Jerry Palmeiri will be leaving their jobs and wide receiver coach Sean Ryan, linebackers coach Jim Herrmann and special teams assistant Larry Izzo have already left for other teams.

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that former Rams offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti is a possibility at quarterbacks coach.

27 responses to “Report: Steve Spagnuolo to stay with Giants despite Eagles interest

  1. Good, glad they’re clearing house. Only need them to show Reese the door and the transformation will be complete.

  2. Spags is a good DC, the giants just don’t have that much talent on that side of the ball. The best d-lineman missed most of the season. their corners are ok. Besides that its a whole lot of meh. When they had a d-line I’d say he did pretty well. He would have been a good fit for the eagles

  3. Giants QB or special teams coach,

    Expect a call today about whatever the Eagles are making blatantly obvious they want from the Giants.

  4. Someone thinks Spags is a good DC???

    Talk to the Saints before hiring this man. Sean Payton fired him for fielding the worst Defense in the world.

    Spagnuolo stubbornly would not use players to their strengths and was unable to make adjustments not only within each game but no adjustments through the season at all.

    I really know why the Giants want to keep him and I especially don’t understand how he continues to have a coordinator job with any team.

  5. To the Fans of the Team with the Black & White Championship films from back in the Eisenhower era —

    Your lack of Football Knowledge is showing if you thinks Spags is a bad DC. His Defense is based on pressuring the QB and in NYC there was very little DL pressure last year.

    This should improve next year with high draft picks and bundles of .Cap Room. Then you can give us your analysis (urinalysis).

  6. I’m thinking the Eagles dodged a bullet there.

    Does anyone know why McDermott was not interviewed for the HC job? Maybe Pederson is the right guy but they did themselves no favors by not interviewing more people.

    I do question jumping into the Andy Reid coaching tree as Reid’s time mismanagement skills were on full display yet again this weekend.

    It does seem that the priority with the Eagles this offseason is the “safe” choice in coaches. Ones who won’t rock the boat or do anything innovative.

  7. Spags hasn’t had a good defense in years, regardless of the high draft picks and cap room. The giants can have him. And seriously, the giants secondary was horrific last year. No need to defend him.

  8. Halas, Allen and Belichick couldn’t have done anything with the personnel that Spags was handed this season. Reese and Ross need to step it up or step out

  9. Don’t you mean “from QUARTERBACK’S COACH TO OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR” not the other way around for Mike Sullivan?

  10. Spags won a Super Bowl shutting down the most prolific offense in NFL history if any of you morons can remember. Get him some talent and he’ll be fine.

  11. Spags was in philly 1st. A Jim Johnson trained coach. When he doesn’t talent, he isn’t great, but who is. The giants and saints talentless defenses couldn’t be coached well by Vince Lombardi

  12. Eagles to Giants candidates – “Tell us what the trophy rack looks like” …”all four are in there?”

  13. Spags did what no Eagles coach could ever do, win the big game. And he did it against the best coach and QB the NFL has ever seen. AND he did it with Sam Madison and RW McQuarters at DB and Gibril Wilson at safety. Tell me again how Spags is terrible?

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