Ron Rivera trying to protect players from flaming death

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The Panthers survived the Seahawks.

Ron Rivera wants to make sure they survive moving back and forth at work.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Rivera said he had banned hoverboards for players while they’re at work, in an effort to keep everyone safe.

“Did you see those things on YouTube blowing up and stuff?” Rivera said. “I mean, that’s what concerns me more than anything else, is something crazy happening.”

Of course, Rivera also watched his quarterback get hit by a car on his way to work, so he knows he can’t always keep players safe. And a number of them who live downtown, and still ride them back and forth to work.

But Rivera has parked them once they get to Bank of America Stadium, lest one of them turn his players get the Buster Douglas treatment.

“We’re trying to limit their exposure to injury,” Rivera said. “Somebody told me about them igniting, so I went on YouTube and found them and they also showed the ones of people falling off. They showed the things about people making those sharp turns then there’s somebody standing there running into them.”

But hall monitor Rivera said he’s not enacting this ban without cause.

“I caught them drag racing in the fricking hallways one time, too,” he said.

If these are the biggest problems the Panthers have heading into the NFC Championship Game, they’re in pretty good shape.

14 responses to “Ron Rivera trying to protect players from flaming death

  1. – No car rides. You could have accidents.
    – No cooking please. You could cut yourselves.
    – Do not step outside, construction materials could fall on you.

    You know what? yall spending a night at Bank of America stadium. that’s final.

  2. It’s probably because I’m just a decrepit old has-been, but I have never gotten the whole hoverboard thing. In my opinion, they’re just skateboards a few inches off the ground. Go to TruTV and watch a few episodes of “World’s Dumbest” and see how many people you see destroy themselves with skateboards. I’m with Coach on this one.

  3. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says:
    Jan 18, 2016 2:35 PM

    It always fun until someone ends up in the emergency room and even then…..

    ….you’re still in better shape than Jason Paul-Pierre.

  4. I can only imagine how fun being an NFL player would be vs sitting in this cubicle under these fluorescent lights… paying off student loans to a country that is totally inept and bankrupt.

  5. So companies have found the product so dangerous that despite their popularity and high demand, refuse to sell them.

    An NFL coach then asks his highly valued assets not to use said product, and it’s news.

    Here’s a serious question – If this is news, are there guys out there who are OKAY with their players using these things? No, there aren’t.

  6. Rivera’s a smart guy. It was legal to ride motorcycles in Pennsylvania without a helmet, so Roethlisberger ignored Cowher’s repeated warnings. His accident occurred at 35 mph when someone else ran a stop sign. Rather than asking, the Steelers should have written the helmet issue into this contract.

    When you’re paying a guy $30 or $40 million to accomplish the singular goal of winning a Super Bowl, you have every right to insist that he take minimal precautions. One fall from a “hoverboard” could break a wrist and end a season.

  7. Sounds like they’re having more fun than I am!

    Sometimes you need to accept a bit of risk in order to keep your employees, or players, happy and productive. Hopefully Rivera’s finding some different ways to help his team have fun that don’t involve drag racing and workplace safety liability.

  8. OMG this reminds of the time when Flacco was riding a skateboard in his driveway and some “FAN” called the Ravens front office and complained about it… lie.

  9. They’re more likely to fall off those hoverboards and hurt their arm than have an injury of it “blowing up”

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