Ben McAdoo: We expect things to really take off for Eli next season

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When Ben McAdoo arrived on the Giants staff as the team’s offensive coordinator, his main charge was getting quarterback Eli Manning back on track after a 2013 season that saw the quarterback throw 27 interceptions.

Things have worked out pretty well on that front. Manning has thrown a total of 28 interceptions across the last two seasons and followed up a career-best completion percentage in 2014 with the best passer rating of his career in 2015 despite a supporting cast that often felt like Odell Beckham or bust. McAdoo has moved up to head coach, but the offense will remain the same and McAdoo expects even more from Manning in Year Three.

“I feel he finished stronger this year than he did last year, being in a lot of tight games, he had some impressive numbers this year and improved there,” McAdoo said on ESPN Radio, via the New York Post. “We want to continue to work on taking care of the football better – 14 interceptions this year, we feel we can get that down a little bit, complete the ball a little bit better. He finished the year healthy, he finished the year strong. He knows the offense inside and out now, and going forward with his third year in the offense, we expect things to really take off. We got to play a little bit better around Eli, too.”

While there’s areas to improve on offense with the Giants, that side of the ball hasn’t really been the problem since McAdoo got to town. The defense has played a heavy role in back-to-back 6-10 finishes and fixing that should be at the top of McAdoo’s to-do list now that his portfolio extends well beyond Manning and the offense.

18 responses to “Ben McAdoo: We expect things to really take off for Eli next season

  1. Eli is a top tier quarterback….get back Cruz with a more mature Beckam and a decent tight end and you have a excellent skill set around him with Vareen and its sky the limit for them ……

  2. “we expect things to really take off”

    like his interception count? Isn’t already the league leader in interceptions?

  3. Eli is what he is. He’s been in the league, what? 10 years now? He’s far close to the end of his career than the beginning and if he’s only now reaching his ‘potential’ then that speaks volumes for him and the coaching that’s been around him.

    Sounds like McAdoo is talking about Eli like he’s a 25 year old QB, not a 35 year old QB.

  4. Four years without playoffs. Brady hasn’t gone four years without a Super Bowl appearance. If Eli gets a jacket from Canton, Brady should get a jet pack.

  5. Can’t forget “Butler intercepts the pass on the goal line. Go Brady! He’s the best!”

    Meanwhile, Eli had two game-winning drives in those two Super Bowls, yet “it was the defense” that won those games. How convenient for Patriot* fans.

  6. For the fool who said that Dallas will remain in the basement. How is it that we have beat you 5 out of 6 times? And the only win coming against Cassel or else it would have been 6 in a row. Can’t wait to reclaim the East next year.

  7. I agree the comment is foolish stating the cowpies will be in the cellar again, but don’t be foolish yourself by saying they’ll win the East. Romo’s getting older and more brittle, Hardy just might tear the team apart, and god only knows if what you’ll get out of Dez.

  8. dallassux says:
    Jan 19, 2016 3:29 PM
    Better learn to beat the Eagles once in awhile first

    Eagles better learn to win a Super Bowl in the next 100 years or so. NFC East, 12 Super Bowls, and the Beagles account for ZERO of them.

  9. Only the Giants have hoisted the Lombardi out of the NFC East this century. The others are understandably angry and jealous that Eli has gotten it done in dramatic fashion twice. And there are some older QBs still alive this weekend.

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