Doug Pederson hire has plenty of warning signs


New Eagles coach Doug Pederson could end up being the next Andy Reid in Philly. Or the next Jim Tomsula.

Not that the Eagles have ever had a Tomsula. But the move feels more like a Chip Kelly palate cleanser than an all-in move toward a Super Bowl run.

The Eagles already know Pederson; he played for the Eagles in 1999 and coached there from 2009 through 2012. Owner Jeffrey Lurie surely likes him. More importantly, executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman, who had been neutered by Kelly, surely believes that Pederson will stay in his lane and not try to make a power grab.

Just like Tomsula a year ago in San Fran. He had worked for the 49ers for eight years, and they knew he’d be the anti-Harbaugh. Tomsula was, in the right way and the wrong way.

Pederson’s experience as a coach is limited. A quality-control assistant from 2009 through 2010, he worked as quarterbacks coach in 2011 and 2012 before joining Andy Reid as offensive coordinator in Kansas City as of 2013. That’s three years as a coordinator, two more as a position coach, and two as, essentially, a coaching intern.

Another potential complication comes from the fact that Pederson served as a coordinator on the side of the ball at which his boss was an expert. In those cases, it’s hard to know how much credit goes to the coordinator and how much goes to the head coach. Without Reid, can Pederson run an offense?

All things considered, it’s a risky move for the Eagles, and unless they find a quarterback who can perform at a moderately high level, it could be a short-term arrangement — especially if the losses pile up and the fans and media begin to start asking the kind of questions that are more likely to remain under wraps when the new coach is 0-0 and everyone continues to bask in the glow of the prior coach being gone.

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  1. Most Eagle fans are underwhelmed but have a wait and see attitude with the Pederson hire. The outrage is with the “search”. Jeff, Howie & Don clearly missed out on their top two choices (Gase & McAdoo) and failed to seriously consider others they should’ve (Jackson, McDermott, McDaniels, Patricia). The established coach they did look at (Coughlin) didn’t want to have to deal with Howie Roseman. That’s what concerns most fans, the amount of power and influence someone with zero football background has over the organization.

  2. We’ve seen Andy Reid run an offense. I wouldn’t exactly call him an expert. After decades he hasn’t even mastered the simple art of clock management.

  3. “unless they find a quarterback who can perform at a moderately high level, it could be a short-term arrangement”

    It doesn’t matter who they hire, this is a true statement. In today’s NFL, more coaches are killed by their QB’s than by their talent as a coach.

  4. Can’t imagine what they were thinking unless the last few years of Chippy made them say
    “Hey, you know that Andy guy wasn’t as bad as we thought. Let’s hire his right hand man.”

  5. Andy Reid before Eagles:
    92-94: offensive assistant
    95-96: offensive line coach
    97-98: QB coach

    Then became head coach for 14 years.

    No one knows what to expect. But to immediately expect that he will fail would be foolish. He is surrounding himself with talented coordinators (assuming Schwartz will be hired) and still have the assistants that helped our other units be successful (ST was top 5 again).

    It does seem like the last person they wanted but he shouldn’t be written off. Let’s see how the team plays with a downhill style that Pederson had in KC and finally a DC who makes his players accountable for his mistakes.

  6. His potential hires at OC and DC should make up for his lack of experience. I have the wait and see approach, it may not be as bad as the rest of the NFC East team fans want it to be.

  7. Kelly gutted this team and Pederson is going to be hard pressed to begin winning right away. It will take a few years of rebuilding and not sure if Lurie is going to be that patient – especially when some shinier, brighter coaches become available.

  8. Philly: Where experience isn’t required. Kelly had a grand total of 4 years as a head coach and not only did they hire him but figured he could also handle personnel. They follow him up with zero experience as either a head coach or coordinator. At this rate, somebody’s high school kid will get the gig after Pederson is done.

  9. Better not go 6-7 with your starting QB coming off an injury. Apparently that’s grounds for termination up there at the Franchise of Fools.

  10. The outrage is with the “search”. Jeff, Howie & Don clearly missed out on their top two choices (Gase & McAdoo)

    In fairness neither Gase or McAdoo were offered contracts. They were simply interviewed, and let back out of the building. Beyond that is media speculation and not born from fact.

    I can say with certainty that I don’t foresee any longtime Eagles fan looking back back at Chip Kelly’s time with the Eagles, and think that was the good old days.

    Pedersen success will be determined by the quality of his coordinators. One other note. When Andy Reid was hired at zero experience running an offense. QB coach. O line coach respectively.

  11. I think the fact that he was a backup QB for over a decade, meaning he was on the sidelines and in the meeting rooms, should also be considered.

    If they get Jim Schwartz and go back to a 4-3 and not draft any volunteer firemen, I think they can compete.

  12. Who really knows: the current Ravens coach was a special teams coach before being hired as a head coach.”

  13. For Pederson, this is a great spot to step in and coach for the first time at. People are so furious over Chip Kelly and so glad he’s gone that Pederson should be allowed 2-3 years of blaming Kelly’s poor moves for the team’s struggles. Nice to step into a situation with a fall guy already firmly established.

  14. These guys allowed Andy Reid to name Juan Castillo as Defensive coordinator. They might as well selected Deuce Staley.

    On Sunday, Jason Avant had 20% of Riley Cooper’s season production. I digress…

  15. From the fastest (albeit ineffective) offense in the NFL to the slowest. Reid is taking all the heat for KC’s tortoise like drive, but Pederson was the OC. Now bring in Frank Reich, and you have one of the most plodding, boring teams in the league. The only move more underwhelming was the Mularkey hire in TN.

  16. Who the hell is PEDERSON???? I said earlier this smells like the Chilly hire in Minnesota way back when… Do yourself a favor “one and done” … I’m amazed that the owners that are so smart and hands on and meddling in the day to day affairs are the ones in trouble every year

  17. I have no idea what kind of head coach Pederson will be, but he lasted in the NFL as a player for over 10 years despite having next to no significant physical talent, so he is probably pretty smart.

    If one were to compare to any other coach, Jason Garrett would seem much more appropriate than Jim Tomsula.

  18. mogogo1 says:
    Jan 19, 2016 11:17 AM

    Philly: Where experience isn’t required. Kelly had a grand total of 4 years as a head coach and not only did they hire him but figured he could also handle personnel. They follow him up with zero experience as either a head coach or coordinator. At this rate, somebody’s high school kid will get the gig after Pederson is done.


    Tell me, how much experience did Andy Reid have as a head coach before he got to Philly? Bill Walsh was a head coach in college for a total of 2 years before the 9ers hired him as their head coach. How about Mike Holmgren? Never a head coach before he was hired as the head coach by the Packers. Dan Reeves? 2 years as an assistant to Tom Landry before getting hired for the Broncos job.

    Pederson may not have been a great QB, but how many great players become great coaches? Almost none. But Pederson strung together a career for over 10 years in the league because he’s smart and studied and worked as hard as possible. To say that simply because someone never did it before that they can’t do it now is preposterous. Plus, tell me. How many coaches have won a Super Bowl with 2 different teams. The list isn’t very long. In fact, it doesn’t even exist because no one ever has. There’s only 6 coaches to even appear in a Super Bowl with 2 different teams, John Fox, Dan Reeves, Don Shula, Dick Vermeil, Bill Parcells and Mike Holmgren.

  19. I think Tomsula deserves some respect, after all. His resume (and coaching experience), in comparison to Pederson’s, is like Einstein’s compared to a freshman college student’s in physics.

  20. These kind of articles always make me laugh. “He could be the next Andy Reid in Philadelphia.” Is that a good thing? He never won anything. The Eagles as an organization have never won anything. Some division titles and two conference titles … in over 50 years!

    There was all this talk when hiring new Coaches like Kelly or Pederson about ‘bring the franchise back to prominence.’ Umm, what prominence?

    I don’t know why the Eagles are seen as such a proud franchise and not the joke of an organization like the Browns or Bucs. The Bucs have at least won a Super Bowl. The Browns owned professional football back in the 40s and 50s. The Eagles??? The trophy case is empty.

  21. People are missing the point of the article. The guy essentially has 3 years of experience as Andy Reid’s OC, which we all know is Reid’s point of expertise. No, it’s not like Reid because he was a real live coach of offensive lines and QBs for nearly 20 years before getting the Eagle job, not 3. Big difference. Furthermore, anyone who has seen Pederson speak can’t be real that he exudes leadership. This will fail spectacularly with Roseman continuing his bad drafting. And for people talking about assistants, they can’t prop up a bad HC. We’ve seen countless examples of this over the years. Butch Davis’ coaching staff was full of current very good coaches like Arians, Bowles, and Keith Butler, and they still couldn’t overcome their incompetent boss.

  22. As a Browns fan, I’m just happy to see them get the coach they wanted , and very quickly at that. It seems the Eagles have taken the Browns place as the team that can’t get anyone to coach them and ends up settling on a nobody– or the guy who would have been anyone else’s 43rd choice.

    Eagles are the new Browns.

  23. Philly Fan

    A lot of this sounds like a Mike Pettine re-write.

    Be aware.

    Some guys are not meant to be Head Coaches in the NFL.

    Watch: Halftime Adjustments, Clock Management, General Leadership, Player Development, Young Player Development, Penalties, Camp Cupcake, etc… etc….

  24. one thing we know about Pederson,he has to be pretty intelligent,he backed up Marino for years & Favre for more years…between them they hardly ever missed a game much less a series so this dude made a nice living carrying a clipboard for a long time not bad!

  25. Kotite left Philly with a winning record. 36-28. Had an 11 win and 10 win season before going 8-8 and 7-9. Have a feeling after a couple of years of the Doug Pederson era Eagles fans will be longing for a return to the Kotite years. Pretty sure Pederson was an OC in title only at KC. They had some KC football reporters that cover the team on Philly sports talk last week and none of them knew exactly what Pederson’s job was exactly and what he did there.

  26. Once again, my beloved Eagles have left me scratching my head. Hope I’m wrong, but this has the feel of another impending train wreck….

  27. I’m a 49ers fan , so we’re working with the Eagles hand me down now. That being said, I prefer to let the coach’s actual current performance speak for itself. Since both Chip and Pederson haven’t actually coached a game yet for their current teams, I’ll withhold judgement until I have actual current data to work with. I’m sure Chip will do much better than Tomsula, and hopefully Pederson can get the Eagles back on track.

  28. Well Tomsula had never even been a coordinator before. So Pederson has that going for him. But I do agree that the Chiefs’ offensive success has more to do with Reid than Pederson

  29. jonathankrobinson424 ,

    Are you serious? Again, you’re reaching to justify this certain to fail hire. Tomlin was a position coach who got blocked from interviewing for DC jobs for years as the crazy Tampa organization was notorious for that, and Rivera was both Lovie Smith’s and Norv Turner’s DC before getting the Carolina job. Not to mention that Tomlin didn’t walk into exactly a full rebuild project like will be necessary with this Eagle job and kind of different from a guy being OC in name only for 3 years under an offensive minded coach. The guy might have soaked everything up he needed to about coaching in 3 years, but the chances are that’s not the case from past examples. They hired him because he’ll stay in his place and he’s cheap. Never a good reason to hire a coach.

  30. Yeah, I don’t understand these teams who don’t even look at long-time coaches who are real football gurus, like Vic Fangio and Dave Toub, just to mention a few. Look at the success that Mike Zimmer and Bruce Arians have had after being passed over and over for several years.

  31. Give the guy a chance, obviously the Eagles like the work he has done before hand,

    He doesn’t have the Ego that Kelly had of course, no one said Pederson was going to revolutionize the NFL. The thing that stinks, is it may take a more than a season to rebuild some of the talent in Philly after trading away Pro Bowlers and a decent young QB, I feel Foles could have become a Dalton or like Alex Smith as of late.

    Murray and Bradford were NOT a fit in Kelly’s, and I don’t know exactly what kind of system Pederson run’s but I am petty sure reguardless Bradford isn’t the right answer. Murry may be able to worked with, but the talent on offense seemed to get sent back a quite a ways.

  32. I see lot of folks mentioning other coaches who were considered no-namers when hired, but it’s no coincidence that literally all of those coaches were hired by organizations with very strong front offices.

    Someone mentioned a young Andry Reid…who worked with Joe Banner. It all starts with the GM. If you don’t have a good GM today, you are screwed. Look at this year’s playoffs. Every single team has a reputation for drafting well and signing the right FAs. Look at the Redskins, a dumpster fire for years. In one year, Scot McCloughan made Gruden look like an okay coach. Their first four picks all made some rookie honor at one point during the season. Pederson has no chance without a legitimate shot caller in the FO. None.

  33. Jan 19, 2016 12:13 PM – scjohnny says: one thing we know about Pederson, he has to be pretty intelligent, he backed up Marino for years & Favre for more years…between them they hardly ever missed a game much less a series so this dude made a nice living carrying a clipboard for a long time not bad!

    This gets me excited about Charlie Whitehurst’s coaching future!

  34. Maybe… maybe Chip had to go because of personality conflict a la bipolar Harbaugh in San Francisco but Pedersen was not even a noteworthy OC. The on time I watched a game where I was aware of his existence he was running the Offense like they were up 10 with 8 minutes left when he obviously should have been running the hurry up. I’m some smelly guy on my couch… you’re telling me an owner of an NFL team didn’t notice that?

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