Doug Pederson will call offensive plays, confirms Schwartz as DC


Doug Pederson hasn’t coached a game for the Eagles yet, but he still faced questions about play calling in his first press conference since being hired as the team’s head coach.

Pederson said that he would call the offensive plays for the Eagles next season and said that he gained experience doing it during the second halves of games with the Chiefs dating back to a November win over the Steelers. That includes last Saturday’s loss to the Patriots, which saw the Chiefs take more than five minutes off the clock before scoring a touchdown that cut the New England lead to 27-20.

That clock management, particularly the minute-plus that burned away after the Chiefs got to the 1-yard-line, has come under criticism and Pederson said Tuesday that the team wanted to keep Tom Brady and the New England offense off the field by way of explanation. They succeeded at doing that, although the result wound up being a bad one all the same.

Pederson discussed quarterback Sam Bradford, who is set to become a free agent, briefly and called him a good fit for the offense he’s installing in Philadelphia, but added that he’s still evaluating the team.

Those were the big questions on the offensive side of the ball at the moment. Pederson confirmed that Jim Schwartz will be a big part of the defensive questions as defensive coordinator and also said that special teams coach Dave Fipp and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland will be on his staff. He didn’t name an offensive coordinator with reports pointing to Frank Reich landing that position.

53 responses to “Doug Pederson will call offensive plays, confirms Schwartz as DC

  1. HA! A rookie head coach who has never called plays full time and just gave a terrible example of his play calling with the Chiefs.

  2. The last coach ran plays too fast. This guy does it too slow. Using the Goldilocks theory, their next coach should be just right.

  3. His explanation for using a lot of clock makes sense, anybody who thinks giving Tom Brady the Ball with 2 minutes left on the clock in a big game with hopes of getting it back without him scoring is naive!

  4. Year 2 under Pederson expect him to call his offense kick-ass when it works, like the other “offensive coordinator” under Reid said when he got his head coaching opportunity.

  5. So now Philly fans get to see that vaunted KC 2 minute offense (that takes 5 minutes) every single week! I feel really bad for Schwartz, he deserves better than this trainwreck. He must just be there for that paycheck until it all falls apart in 2 years.

  6. At least he hired a competent DC with head coaching experience to help him. Too many new HCs hire no name guys due to fear of being overshadowed. Gase absolutely should have hired Schwartz down in Miami but he chose guys he could control instead. The only experienced guy Gase hired is one who all but said he didn’t want advancement. I don’t know much about Pederson’s coaching skills but he seems to at least want to make the team better. The Eagles look to be improving but in Miami, I will be skeptical until they actually show improvement in the win column. Good luck Philly

  7. Will someone ask these coaches why they don’t want to allow their QB’s the freedom to call their own games?

  8. Jim Schwartz fills Lurie’s need for an emotionally sensitive guy and comes with an endorsement from Jim Harbaugh.

  9. Let’s wait and see before writing him off as a bad HC.
    Experience doesn’t always mean that an individual is a good choice.

    Maybe he’ll be awful, who knows but it’s ridiculous to say this is a bad signing at this stage.

  10. So wait. The take is “we used so much clock because we wanted to keep it out of Tom Brady’s hands?” That’s genius strategy, if the Chiefs were going to tie or take the lead at that point in the game. Seeing as how they had to recover an onside kick and score again in the game they were playing …

  11. First 15-Plays Script:

    1) Slant
    2) Draw
    3) Slant
    4) Slant
    5) Draw
    6) Slant
    7) Slant
    8) Draw
    9) Slant
    10) Slant
    11) Draw
    12) Slant
    13) Slant
    14) Draw
    15) Slant

  12. If anyone really believes Pederson had anything to do with the 2 minute drill in that playoff game, get a clue. That was all Andy Reid. Vintage, classic, Andy reid. Its very hard to be that bad at clock management. I doubt Pederson has that problem

  13. No OC this year….it’ll be a “collaborative effort” amongst those considered to have the “intellectual capacity” to do as Howie says…..YUCK!!!

  14. Look back at their winning streak and you’ll see a chiefs offense that was actually better in the second halves of games. The Denver win, Oakland wins and the recent Houston playoff win are prime examples.

  15. Classic opening press conference. He brags about calling the plays in the playoff game and a Philly reporter INSTANTLY asks “Why’d it take so long?” And he didn’t have any better answer than when Reid got asked the question. You’d better hope it was all Reid’s fault and Pederson just didn’t want to throw him under the bus.

  16. Good pick up by the Eagles, in getting Jim Schwartz! Schwartz has had Top 10 defenses for most of his career. I was hoping the Saints would get him.

  17. themage78 says:
    Jan 19, 2016 4:49 PM

    From the fastest offense in the NFL to the slowest… Good Job Philly.

    You mean physically and mentally. And just so you know, I consider them my team to follow

  18. Andy Reid is now running two franchises. You know he wants to see the eagles fail miserably. Ergo he recommends spicoli to be the head coach. See picture above. Half way through the yr he calls Andy and starts smacking himself in the head with his vans and says Andy did you hear that? That was my skull. Andy replies yes very nice Doug. good luck getting that number one draft pick. This is going to be a great trainwreck to watch.

  19. themage78 says:
    Jan 19, 2016 4:49 PM
    From the fastest offense in the NFL to the slowest… Good Job Philly.

    At least the defense will be well rested.

  20. I can’t believe he said that!!! Also Andy(my Daddy) Reid let me call the plays in the second half of games? Please tell me we are being punked and Josh McDaniels, Lovie Smith or somebody with a pulse and a brain is coming. I can’t believe this man is back here as the coach!! He has not earned the right to be the coach here or anywhere else. What a disgrace!!!!

  21. After going for the big name head coaching candidate (Kelly), we went for a relative unknown. That’s fine. I don’t pretend to know how this will play out, but his first move, I like.

  22. Just realize that the Phillies, 76ers and Flyers have all won as many Superbowls as the Eagles.. As a Redskins fan I really hated to see Kelly get fired but I’m starting to really like this new coach as well.. 1 week in and this team already seems dysfunctional..

  23. I heard him interviewed on Sirius NFL channel today and he said he wouldn’t call plays. Long discussion about it.

  24. The Eagles are doomed. Pederson explanation for using so much clock was to keep the ball from Tom Brady. That would been nice if the Chiefs would have taken the lead. However they needed to get the ball back and recover onside kick to win the game. This guy has no clue, and is Andy Reid 2.0. Get ready for plenty of its my fault and I have to prepare the team better quotes. Thanks Jeffrey and Howie for solidifying the Eagles will never when a Super Bowl in my lifetime.

  25. everybody is overreacting about this guy and his ability to call plays and have a successful offense. he didn’t pick the players that were on the field in KC…a QB with no ability to work down field with a great RB, and only two real receiving threats. and he only called plays in the 2nd half of games. i’d be interested to see the numbers indicating if the chiefs offense was more prolific in the 1st or 2nd half. also, he called the plays on the final drive against new england, but i’m sure the decision to huddle in between plays and to run the clock was reid’s and not his. the play calling, for what it’s worth, resulted in an 80 yard drive for a TD. bringing in schwartz as the DC was a great move, as he has proven throughout his career to be able to field some of the strongest defenses in the league, and despite popular claims, the eagles defense has a whole lot of talent (especially in the front 7) and is a shutdown corner and a strong scheme away from being one of the league’s best. if they can work out something reasonable with bradford, get some fresh o-line help, and build a running game that suits murray and matthews, this team could contend for the East pretty easily next season

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