Jim Schwartz and Doug Pederson meeting today

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It’s easiest to interview for a job when you know you already have it.

And that may be what’s happening in Philadelphia today.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, veteran defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is meeting with coach Doug Pederson today, and “if they hit it off,” Schwartz is expected to be hired.

While that makes it sound like a first date more than a job interview, the expectation has been that Schwartz is hand-picked for the job.

Schwartz has also interviewed for the vacant Jaguars job, and the Eagles position seems like less of a rebuild, though.

It’s a good pairing for a first-time coach like Pederson, as Schwartz has a history of success running defenses, giving the new Eagles coach a little less to worry about.

That would allow Pederson more energy to spend on “emotional intelligence,” which the owner has already placed a high premium on.

22 responses to “Jim Schwartz and Doug Pederson meeting today

  1. Joining the Dream Team will instantly make Schwartz the best defense coordinator in the history of the NFL.

  2. I was a Redskins fan from 1977 until our grassroots movement brought an NFL team to Nashville two decades later. I’ve been a Titans fan ever since. All that to say, in almost 40 years of NFL fandom (including watching a favorite team win 3 Super Bowls), Jim Schwartz is by far the best defensive coordinator I’ve ever seen on a regular basis. Year after year, he put one of the most elite defenses on the field. HUGE score for the Eagles if they land him.

  3. Good for Schwartz. He may not have been what the Lions needed exactly but he took us from perennial losers to…less frequent losers at least.

  4. I like this hire! The Bills were #4 in defense under Schwartz in 2014. If Schwartz is hired to run the defense and Reich is hired to run the offense I am happy. #9 in offense and #4 in defense in their last coordinator outings. Works for me!

  5. I hope he comes. Eagles fans have been hungry for a great defense for years. We were running a 3-4 without the outside ‘backers to justify it, so transitioning to a 4-3 will definitely help the best players on our front seven.

  6. Jim Schwartz was a little too volatile as a head coach in Detroit. However, I’m sure that he’ll make an excellent defensive coordinator in Philadelphia. I wish him and the Eagles well.

    — a Lions fan

  7. “IPWT” & 5 other jerky ways for Philadelphians to prove they are on the Eagle/Lurie/Roseman/Pederson bandwagon in 2016…cue them up in 3,2,1…

  8. eagles1960 says:
    Jan 19, 2016 9:10 AM
    Fire howie.

    25 5

    Good work but you need to hashtag it in order for it to become a movement.


  9. I was hoping he’d come to the Jaguars to work with the young defense there. Better weather, better ownership and GM too.
    Still hoping the Eagles deal doesn’t work out although I’m happy to see them get him if it happens.

  10. It’s not that the Eagles want “yes men” for Howie Roseman. It’s that Howie is taking a “Frankenstein” approach to putting this team together: an offensive minded, people person as head coach, a guy he gets along with to oversee the day-to-day operations on offense, and an experienced guy to run the defense who could take over at head coach if the people person doesn’t work out.

    It could be a recipe for success, but it could also blow up in their faces.

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