Malik Jackson: Tom Brady is a “whiner” who throws “temper tantrums”

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The Patriots typically say nothing in advance of a game, no matter how big. As the Broncos prepare to face New England in the AFC title game, defensive end Malik Jackson is saying plenty.

On Tuesday’s PFT Live, Jackson echoed the comments from defensive end Antonio Smith regarding Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his “crybaby” tendencies after being hit.

“I mean when we played him he definitely threw some temper tantrums,” Jackson said. “It’s one of those things that you know. He definitely [says], ‘What’s going on? Why?’ Definitely one of those whiners that whines but it’s a competitive game. I know I wouldn’t be whining like that, but some people do. So he’s definitely a whiner but he’s actually a big time player, competitor, too.”

Jackson said he never says anything to Brady after hitting him, and that Jackson reserves his trash talk to the offensive lineman. But he added that he’s not creative like John Randle was, researching opponents and working wives and girlfriends into the chatter.

Jackson said he’s concerned that, with everything else he has to worry about, he may forget the wives’ names.

The Broncos won’t be forgetting Brady’s name on Sunday, and they’ll be trying to make him cry and whine as much as possible, by hitting him early and often. It’s usually the only way to beat him, and with a Super Bowl on the line the Broncos will surely pull out all the stops.

To hear the entire Malik Jackson interview, check out the podcast of Tuesday’s show, which also has an interview with Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart.

156 responses to “Malik Jackson: Tom Brady is a “whiner” who throws “temper tantrums”

  1. These comments confuse me. I don’t see Brady whine, he gets fired up when he gets hit, or he pays his respect (like when Bennett hit him during the Super Bowl last year). He looks for calls when he gets hit low, but he isn’t like Rodgers who whines constantly. You try tearing an ACL and then get hit low and see how you respond. It’s terrifying every single time. Brady is one of the fiercest competitors in the game and these guys are only firing him up more

  2. All QB’s complain and want a flag. Brady will get a couple extra calls throughout the year, just like a lot of other star QB’s… thats just the way it is. In basketball it was referred to as “the Jordan rules”.

    They need to quit talking about who cries and start focusing on stopping him. I saw Pittsburgh WR’s running wild last week. It’s gonna be ugly unless Broncos D spends more time figuring out how to stop Brady instead of calling him out for crying.

  3. As a Broncos fan I wish our guys would shut up. It’s going to take our best game of the year to beat the Pats and giving Brady additional motivation just isn’t smart.

  4. Another nobody enjoying his fleeting 15 minutes in the spotlight.

    The whole world knows who Tom Brady is. Malik Jackson, not so much. But keep talking dude.

  5. Donks are making it pretty clear they don’t think they can win at home without the help of the refs. That’s not a confident vibe. They are trying to get them on their side before the game.

  6. Keep it up guys. I like where this is going. All you need to do now is say, “he won’t be able to deflate balls in our stadium” and you can guarantee Edelman, Dola, and Gronk will be running wild on your d.

  7. Yeah listen to it, if you can understand 5 words that he said you’ll be lucky. Rambling jibberish.

    TB will silence this buffoon too.

  8. Malik Jackson and Antonio Smith have combined for zero sacks of Tom Brady. Asking them about hitting Tom Brady is like asking me about sleeping with Giselle, sure I can tell you what I imagine it’s like, but I certainly can’t speak from experience.

  9. That “whiner” has started more Super Bowls than any QB in history, and nobody has won more of them than him. Go ahead and mock him, at your peril.

  10. Have any of the Broncos heard the phrase “bulletin board material”? Patriots to cover the spread and then some just because Jackson, Smith, Marshall, et al. can’t keep their mouths shut.

  11. I am a huge Broncos apologist, and love this breed of defense. But let’s not poke the bear. Brady plays extremely well when he has a chip on his shoulder!

  12. He aint lying. Tom Brady is that one kid who runs to his mom every time he gets messed with and then stalks the kids who picked on him and passive aggressively takes the air out of their parents tires.

  13. If your a pats fan you got to love it. You have a franchise that won 2 SB by violating the salary cap and getting the largest penalties in the history of the nfl at the time and some of the biggest morons in the league that can’t stop talking like they have Tourette’s syndrome. The clown stomping on Sunday is going to be epic and very enjoyable!

  14. Yes, Brady is a whiner. He’s still one of the top three QB’s in league history. So what’s your point? I’m a former STL Rams fan so I have no reason to love Tom, but facts are facts. He gets the calls, but all the stars get them.

  15. Doubt very much that anyone doesn’t know the name of Tom Brady’s super model wife Giselle. Now that HGH Manning has thrown his wife under the bus every one knows her name too.

  16. There is one quarterback that carries himself like a man at all times. His name is Big John Football.

  17. This is idiotic. I’ve been a fan since moving to Denver in 1977 when I was 12 years old. Suffered through 4 SB losses before finally winning a couple. It is hard to get there. It is harder to win it.

    As much as I hate the Patriots, they have always admired how they carry themselves between games. We should follow suit. They never insult an opponent. I don’t care for how they behave on the field, but you never hear them talk about their health, their plans or the opposing team or coaches.

    So far we’ve heard Chris Harris declare we had no weaknesses. Then we lost to the Colts. TJ Ward says everybody has a great pass offense until they face us. Then we lose to Pittsburgh through the air. Now we can’t shut up about this stupid nonsense. It’s embarrassing.

    Show some class guys. Let your play do the talking. What possible good can this inflammatory rhetoric do you? Just shut up and play and make us proud.

  18. Go get ’em Broncos!
    Clean the clock of the Cheater and make him whine and be a cry baby as much as you can and may it be a whole lotta bunch of times!
    More like: COAT
    Cheater Of All Time.

  19. .
    Brady has been to six Super Bowls. Yet the Broncos think they can psyche him out. Let’s hope that Kubiak doesn’t break out the letterman sweaters.

  20. What have the Broncos been drinking? Are they trying to get into the refs heads, or what? This is the stupidest strategy any team has ever tried.

    Good luck on Sunday, with this load of crap you’re going to need it!

  21. Kinda lame that an entire team would spend so much of the week leading up to the AFCCG basically begging the refs to help them out. Doesn’t seem to be the best use of your limited prep time.

    You guys are the #1 seed for crying out loud. Toughen up and act like it cuz this is getting embarrassing.

  22. I can’t wait to see the Patriots plaster the Broncos all over the field on Sunday. This is getting ridiculous. Shut your mouth and play.

  23. Chris Harris Jr. was asked point blank, “How do you tackle Rob Gronkowski?”

    “You gotta hit him low, man –€” hit him in his knees,” Harris said. “That’s the best chance you have of hitting him.”

    Wow! Pretty foolish to put that kind of crap out there.

  24. This trash talk is funny…
    Pats won’t say anything, Brady will probably thump them. Peyton will choke, per usual.
    If Denver does beat them , it’ll be because the Pat’s O line folds, and Denver’s D plays well.
    Can’t wait!

  25. Blah blah blah. Not a Patriots fan, but all Brady does is win. He is the GOAT, and will prove it again this Sunday when he sends the Broncos and Manning to the golf course. Again.

  26. Are these Broncos players for real here? SMells like a loser’s mentality with all their garbage smack talk.

    Let me tell you somthing: The Pats dominated the Broncos in Denver. A Practice Squad guy fumbled a punt and then Godell’s henchmen pounced with that opportunity to try to get Denver closer with phantom flags left and right out of the woodwork, and that was with so many key players missing.

    It’s beyond creepy to watch this unfold, even on top of Gomer using undetectable HGH right in front of everyone’s eyes, enabled by Goodell.

    ALl just so he can say there is parity because a team not named the Pats went to the Super Bowl. Partiy can’t sell in London to the people with the big money, if there really isn’t a true parity (which, there isn’t).

    So, Goodell, can send the god awful Hochuli to this game where Gomer is 7-0 in Hochuli games, but the world will be watching.

    Oh, yes it will. Oh, yes it will, ROger.

  27. “To hear the entire Malik Jackson interview, check out the podcast of Tuesday’s show”.

    Absolutely no need. Nothing relevant to hear. The little read here is already a waste of time. It’s just another timid defensive player shooting his mouth off behind Brady’s back when he is one of the few who has the opportunity to say something to his face. Doesn’t of course. Doesn’t have the nerve.

  28. So are their fans when they lose. Kraft is one of three in charge of Goodells salary. They have played the least amount of teams coming off bye weeks since Goodell has been commish. Deflategate which was caught by another team, not ol Goodell, overturned Brady’s punishment because it was so harsh Goodell knew it would happen. But this is why NFL has been coined “entertainment ” ever since the lawsuit in 2010 caused by spygate when NFL begged it’s entertainment. So any team playing the patriots are automatically down 14 – 0 due to goodell/Kraft BFF relationship.

  29. Dear Broncos players, please stop doing this or else you’re going to piss him off even more. Just shut your mouths before he gives you a beat down of a lifetime. I want to watch a competitive AFC Championship game please.

  30. I thought the Steelers were bad. I don’t think I’ve heard more whining out of of one NFL team in the history of the league. What a bunch of babies.

  31. Malik who? Never heard of him. This must be how he gets his name heard on TV. Good luck on Sunday all the Broncos are doing is poking sticks at rhe bear.

  32. As a Bills fan I’m particularly accustomed to cursing Brady’s name and I always laugh maniacally every time he gets crushed by somebody, but this new series of “news articles” about whoever from the Broncos calling Tom Brady a “whiner” are pretty lame.

    Almost every player in the league can be seen pleading for penalties and such at some point or another. Be the bigger man and do your talking on the field by throwing a beating Brady’s way for me this Sunday.

  33. Sounds like Malik is whining about TB’s winning. You know damn sure he’d remember TB’s wife’s name too, matter how dumb he is, which sounds like pretty dumb.

  34. He’s right, of course. Patriots fans will vote this down like crazy and add smiley faces just for emphasis, but everyone outside of NE knows he’s a cheater and a whiner. Vote me down if you hate Tom Brady!

  35. The Donkeys are all in trash talking this week.

    At least they can’t blame one person for poking the bear when Tom throws for 4 scores as the Patriots head to another Super Bowl appearance.

  36. Not for nothing. Who cares what he does? He wins and that’s all that matters. If my QB for my favorite team went to 10 AFC Championship games, he can cry and moan all he wants!

  37. Does it ever end with these classless Broncos.Maybe they should put that energy on the field so they won’t get barrassed like the did in SB 2 yrs. ago.The other DE the child abuse Antonio Smith is another moron.A healthy Steelers team would have destroyed the Bronco crybabies.It’s ok for the Broncos to stash players in salrey cap yrs. ago,It’s ok for Manning to take illegal drugs but if that was Patriots the CIA would be investigating.Lot of tough talk for millionaires that can’t catch 5 yd. passes wide open.I hope the Patriots stuff it down their throats.

  38. Lol! “Definitely one of those whiners that whines” whined Malik Jackass publicly without any sense of self-awareness. Yes it’s dumb to offer up so much bulletin-board material, but I’m disappointed by the lack of class being displayed by the Broncos.

  39. You can’t blame Tom Brady for being a whiner/crybaby, he’s basically built like an NFL punter and lacks the athleticism to avoid being a sitting duck when his protection breaks down.

    The poor guy is elderly in age as far as QBs are concerned so he needs the refs to protect him from the strong athletic men who have the ability to cripple him and make him defecate in his uniform.

  40. This is true and it’s probably a natural thing to do. Cant imagine what’s it’s like to be smashed in the back just as you are about to throw. I believe offensive players in the main are tougher as they know at some point they will be speared or have their knees attacked at some point by a cowardly defender who can’t tackle properly. Any offensive player that takes a shot at someone’s knees to block also fall into the coward category. I don’t include defenders that are pushed or genuinely fall onto a player knees just the idiots that run a long way and target the knees because they are either cowards or can’t in truth play the game.

  41. So they will be trying to take out player’s knees….not good. Now they have resorted to teasing and taunting. I think the Patriots will take the “sticks and stones will break my bones but names can never hurt me,” I mean act like an eight year old….get treated like one.

  42. Wow, just wow. Keep digging that hole deeper Denver. Kubiak obviously has no control over that team. What possible advantage does talking about an opponent like this prior to a game ever given a team? It can only hurt, and come Sunday it will

  43. Better not hit him too hard because as we all know Belichek knows the rule book on legal or illegal hits.

    I’ve got a feeling that karma might find Danny this game.

  44. Does any other qb scream at his players and refs like he does. Entitled? This is spot on. He is very good but is a big time whiner. We all know this already.

  45. He’s one of the greatest QB’s to play the game. I think all the success he’s had has created a sense of entitlement within him. Yeah, he’s a whiner, but none of us are perfect.

  46. ” So he’s definitely a whiner but he’s actually a big time player, competitor, too.”…and GOAT!!!

  47. I love when opposing teams use the media to trash talk Tom Brady before a game. It always works out so well for them. Thanks Malik!

  48. I lot of time and energy spent on talking over at sports authority stadium yesterday. Pretty pathetic that they’re trying to prime Brady Gronk and the Refs.

  49. Every year you get an idiot like Jackson who opens his mouth and bashes the Patriots before an important game and more times than not the Patriots do their talking on the field and make that guy look like an ass!

  50. Sound like another Bronco player worried about losing.
    They cheat,they push off, they look at the ref.
    Give me a break, they are looking for excuses for when they lose.

  51. I’ve never heard the Broncos talk so much before a game.

    Don’t you think it would be wise to check on the injury to Chris Harris before they keep putting up bulletin board material?

  52. Anyone else find it ironic that the Broncos are calling out the Pats and Brady for complaining to the refs yet they are doing the same thing only through the media instead. They say Brady whines to the refs to get calls and then Marshall is whining to everyone that Gronk pushes off in the hopes that they will get a call during the game. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  53. Tom Brady is one of the best winners in sports.

    Lets be honest, a handful of those Ws came from whining to get a flag to extend a drive late in the 4th Q.

    Brady wins by any means. He probably doesn’t care that he whines a lot, as long as he gets the W.

  54. Do these guys think they’re going to get into Brady’s head? He’s been in more big games than the Broncos’ entire defense combined. Brady’s immune to this stuff.

    Gronkowski, though, may not be. Chris Harris’s comments about how going at Gronk’s knees is the best way to defend him got exactly the response he was looking for. Gronk: Stay off social media and away from ESPN until after the Super Bowl, buddy. Denver’s DB’s can’t handle you and they know it.

    In fact, Denver’s talk this week makes me think they know they’re overmatched. Trash talk belies your confidence. Denver sounds like a team that expects to lose.

  55. He meant winner not whiner so he’s right about that. 🙂

    The words look close to the same so it’s understandable!

  56. I don’t know of any player who doesn’t look for a flag when they think they’ve been hit late or illegally. They should because additional yards keep the chains moving. It helps the team.

  57. The Broncos are making it very obvious that this is all they have left. They sound like they know they’re going to get beat. A “has been” QB tossing ducks, Harris is hurting and no O line… yeah, let’s call Brady some names.

    I’ve seen how this ends all too often… I’ll bet the house, midway thru the fourth, first and goal… Brady will be shoving his finger in their faces, barking at these silly fools while the scoreboard reads Pats 33 Talkers 13

  58. I hope Denver gets hit with a freak snowstorm instead of the expected 44F and sunny forecast. Also hoping for a cross wind of about 40-50 knots all game long. Take the passing game away from both teams and let’s see who out-muscles who to win an old fashioned slug-fest.

  59. It’s about time someone called Brady out. He needs to be flagged for this. Other sports don’t tolerate it, MLB ejects players, NBA gives technicals, the NFL shouldn’t tolerate these hissy fits either.

  60. sixchr says:
    Jan 19, 2016 9:16 PM
    Maybe he should watch what his team’s wide receivers do every time they fail to complete a pass.

    Surely you jest, after we watched NE receivers on Saturday, and every week, do this literally every time there is no completion on the play.

  61. Jackson’s right and I want the whole Broncos team to start insulting Patriot’s wives and kids by name now in advance of the game please. Come on do your best – Pats won’t mind or get any motivation from it at all…

  62. I can’t wait until this game is over. Anything remotely related to NE won’t have a bunch of Patriots apologists all over it with 200+ comments within an hour, as they’ll be too busy concocting excuses and avoiding social media so as not to have to eat crow after all the bloviating they did all week.

  63. All the Pats fans are crybabies too.
    Broncos won #1 seed so they can win again in January!

  64. “These comments confuse me. I don’t see Brady whine, he gets fired up when he gets hit, or he pays his respect (like when Bennett hit him during the Super Bowl last year). He looks for calls when he gets hit low, but he isn’t like Rodgers who whines constantly. You try tearing an ACL and then get hit low and see how you respond. It’s terrifying every single time. Brady is one of the fiercest competitors in the game and these guys are only firing him up more”

    This is pretty much how any rational fan would interpret things. But most fans are not rational, especially when it comes to Brady and the Patriots.

    The worst part is I hear all the time about Brady having a lack of class. Meanwhile players and commentators take shots at him all the time and he just smiles and compliments them and moves on.

  65. Gomer has been factually cheating with the Broncos cheating organization for years now with undetectable Chinese HGH.

    Goodell sits there and does nothing, to show parity to London investors.


    Where is the investigation? WHere are the reports?

  66. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Jan 20, 2016 10:35 AM
    I can’t wait until this game is over. Anything remotely related to NE won’t have a bunch of Patriots apologists all over it with 200+ comments within an hour, as they’ll be too busy concocting excuses and avoiding social media so as not to have to eat crow after all the bloviating they did all week.

    Oh you wise sage.

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