11 Broncos are injured, but all fully participate in practice


The Broncos have plenty of injured players, with the AFC title game looming. But the good news is that all of them fully participated in practice on Wednesday, four days before the showdown for a berth in Super Bowl 50.

The injured Broncos are: safety Josh Bush (shoulder), tight end Owen Daniels (knees), linebacker Todd Davis (shoulder), guard Max Garcia (groin), cornerback Chris Harris (shoulder), quarterback Peyton Manning (foot), linebacker Brandon Marshall (ankle), quarterback Brock Osweiler (knee), safety Darian Stewart (hamstring), safety T.J. Ward (ankle), and linebacker DeMarcus Ware (knee).

Manning fully participated every day last week due to the foot injury; it’s unclear whether it’s the same, better, or worse after playing on Sunday.

The fact that Harris fully participated is encouraging. Last week, he was limited on Wednesday and Thursday, and he ultimately was limited in his participation in the game.

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  1. Okay unknownsniper but you will have to Find someone to borrow the money from to pay for it. your mother and your grandmother said no more they’re tired of it get a job and take care of yourself And move out of the basement.

  2. I’d really like to see the outcome of this game if both teams were 100% healthy, including the players on IR.

  3. No dog in the fight but these injury lists are ridiculous. 20 Pats players this week. 11 Bronco players this week. Big Bens arm was about to fall off but he could still heave it 60 yards. Goodell your are a joke to allow this to happen. Hopefully Vegas puts pressure on you to clean this up. If you are a NFL better , you are stupid to bet these games. Or wait till Saturday when the list dwindle to what it should be. But it’s too late for the most of us outside the loop to who actually is healthy enough to play effectively.

  4. thommillermd says:
    Jan 20, 2016 8:47 PM
    Didn’t the Pats trump up their injury report last week too? Who believes anything put out by that team?
    Only a dumb hater would think/say that. Pats really are banged up, that’s why they struggled the second half of the season. As it’s the playoffs, every guy possible was made available, but many were limited with a lot of rotation. For example, Collins and Jones played less than half the snaps, and when Collins was re-injured they put an injured Mayo in – who got quickly re-injured too and out and put on IR after the game.

  5. Compare the number of comments on this article to the other PFT article mentioning the Patriots injury list. 8 comments here and 67 on the Pats one as of 9:51ET and most of those 67 comments are trolls. If I didn’t know better I’d day the Bronco fans are a little scared.

  6. I assume the same horde of crybabies from the Pats injury article this morning will be in here saying the Broncos are cheating by reporting all players that are receiving treatment? I mean, are they really injured? The did participate in practice…..

    What’s that?


    No way.

  7. “Didn’t the Pats trump up their injury report last week too? Who believes anything put out by that team?”

    You people really are so beyond stupid it is starting to become borderline insane.

    Teams are required to disclose any players receiving treatment and/or who are limited in practice. If they didn’t disclose an injury you’d be in here crying about that too.

    So, please just shut up with your conspiracy BS.

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