49ers to interview Anthony Lynn for offensive coordinator

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Anthony Lynn was passed over for the 49ers’ head-coaching job, but he might end up in San Francisco anyway.

Lynn, the Bills’ running backs coach and assistant head coach, is interviewing for the 49ers’ offensive coordinator position, Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports.

San Francisco head coach Chip Kelly has no obvious connections to Lynn; the two have never worked together and Lynn’s background is mostly in power running offense. If Kelly is considering Lynn, it could be that Kelly recognizes some changes are needed in his own offensive approach.

Prior to joining the Bills last year, Lynn spent six years on the Jets’ staff, two years on the Browns’ staff, two years on the Cowboys’ staff, two years on the Jaguars’ staff and three years on the Cowboys’ staff. He was an NFL running back for six seasons with the Broncos and 49ers.

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  1. If you like the Buffalo Bills running game maybe you should look at Greg Roman and not the RB coach. Greg Roman is the best running game coordinator in football with the exception of Bill Callahan…but you all didn’t like G Ro for some reason.

  2. Everyone had their Rooney rule jokes ready when he got interview requests, but more than one person has said the guy has the looks of an HC one day. Just because some of these guys don’t get a chance doesn’t mean they don’t deserve one to coordinate for a team and eventually get a head coaching job.

  3. “Prior to joining the Bills last year, Lynn spent six years on the Jets’ staff, two years on the Browns’ staff, two years on the Cowboys’ staff, two years on the Jaguars’ staff and three years on the Cowboys’ staff.”


    So he’s been a coach on four of the most pathetic teams over the last 20 years. He’ll fit in perfectly with the Niners.

  4. It makes no difference whatsoever who their offensive coordinator is gonna be; Chip will be making all the calls. Sweep left, sweep right, 5 yard slant pattern over the middle and 4th down. All in about 40 seconds & off the field. Get used to seeing that 49er fans.

  5. The play calls don’t matter, this position will essentially be a run game coordinator, but OC in “title”, meaning the OL /RBs will be coached very hard up front. Lynn brings a very hard nosed, physical run game. Wake up.

  6. ROMAN is Not the best run game coordinator, that is Yom Cable in Seattle. SMH. Seattle’s run game and line play did not take off until Oakland fired him.

    The 9ers would be smart to snatch Lynn.

  7. It’s comical how everyone just assumes that Chip will run the exact same offense in SF and not make any changes. Time will tell on how he adjusts and to what degree, but speculating at this point, especially from non-49ers fans, is interesting given that none of us know more than an NFL head coach. Stop hating for no reason when you know nothing.

    Conclusion: butt hurt iggles fans can’t let it go. Nothing new here….

  8. Possibly the in house candidate to take over for chip in two years when he has worn out his welcome? This is actually a good hire.

  9. For those of you who don’t know (most of you it seems) Lynn os another guy off the Parcells tree, its no surprise hes rounding into HC/OC form in such a relatively short career.

    This would also hurt Shady. You’d take his position coach (he’s the Assistant HC/RBs coach in Buffalo) and bring him to coordinate the run game. The NFL, look around, everyone rums teh Jet and fly sweeps now, out of SG, including Buffalo.

  10. G Roman was trash.. I remember complaining all season about his play calling to run it on 3rd and more than 15 to go. He ran a 3rd and 24 play one time that was so ridiculous. Good riddens

  11. “It’s comical how everyone just assumes that Chip will run the exact same offense in SF and not make any changes.”

    Yeah, I wonder where they get that idea. Couldn’t be by how he consistently resisted change in Philly. He’d lost games due to clock management before he finally admitted it might not be smart to keep running plays super-fast while ahead late in the game. And that is essentially the only mistake he ever admitted to his entire time with Philly. He was so resistant to change he refused to give up personnel even when they gave him the ultimatum of doing that or being fired. Yet, after a couple weeks of unemployment he’s going to totally come around? Keep drinking the Kool Aid but most will wait until he’s actually changed something. You will quickly learn that 1) Chip is smarter than everybody else so he feels no need to change a thing and 2) Nothing is ever Chip’s fault.

  12. Or maybe it’s the fact he’s looking at guys like Lynn who run a more smash mouth style. That’s an indication he’s tinkering with his own ideals . The fact you probably know nothing about what coaches deploy what style, like Lynn, etc is why you lean on a period (Philadelphia) that is dead.

  13. Also, remember, Chip didn’t give up what Lurie wanted him to, essentially writing his own pink slip .. which means .. he wanted out. No one wants to tussle woth the non football guy Lurie hails as the boy wonder, known as GM Howie Roseman

  14. it’s comical that somebody would think that Chip is going to have this big reflection and change on how he does business on and off the field…when he was out of work for approximately 2 weeks.

  15. Buffalo had the #1 rushing attack in the NFL…why is that not mentioned anywhere?

    It proves fans don’t pay attention to teams besides their own. Do some research.

    Tom Cable? Seattle’s run game was trash.

  16. Tom Cable has coordinated run games that have been successful dating back to his HC stint at Idaho, when he deployed a 2000 yard rusher who was a 5-6 dude that never had a chance of sniffing the NFL. Darren McFadden had his best year UNDER Tom Cable in Oakland. Marshawn Lynch was averaging 3.5 per carry immediately after the trade FROM Buffalo. Cable was hired the next year. The rest is history.

    Roman doesn’t have even 1/3 of Cables success or resume at ANY level of football, not to mention Cable has 1, should be 2, rings to show for it. Notice Seattle and that staff turns over, they fight to keep ONE guy next to Pete. Tom Cable.

  17. Note that several hereon are tootin’ the “GRo” horn – and rightfully so. What came out “after” the smoke and dust had settled was the fact that the “run” game was ALL he COULD call. Big Jim Harbaugh ran offense like nothin’ I’ve heard of before – GRo could ONLY call 1st down plays (which is why Niners ran 99% of the time on first down) one coach called Red Zone plays, another coach “this” and still another called “that” for a grand total of FOUR O coaches in all doing the play calling. It was madness – but it worked great for a few seasons – Yeaa!

  18. “That’s an indication he’s tinkering with his own ideals . ”

    He gave an interview two days before he was fired basically vowing he’d do virtually the same thing next season and show everybody how he’d been right all along. It was an article here in PFT even.

    If you want to remain optimistic I can’t fault you for that. But don’t try to re-write recent history to make it sound like Chip was constantly changing his ideas up because he wasn’t.

  19. Anthony Lynn was with the NYJ in 2014. His rush offense was #4, Roman and the 9ers, #7.

    Tootin’ Romans horn, comical. They simply paired a proven run game coordinator (Lynn) with one that would run like Rex demanded (Roman). The result was a #1 rushing attack in the NFL, and Saltine Mccoy didn’t play in all 16.

  20. I’m a Niners fan that currently lives in philly. I have listened on the radio and read about Chips shortcomings for the past few years. Listening to the utterly senseless “eagles fans” that call in on a daily basis have no idea what they are saying, and the fact that the media spews out a new tag line weekly just means that people complain about whatever is hot until something else is perpetuated. I’m not a proponent of the Kelly hire, but my point is that you can’t expect him to make the same mistakes he made in philly when he has a whole offseason to adjust and try other stuff. He won’t have a say in personnel according to reports, so he will be able to focus on the game plan and not doing Howie’s job for him. Plus, the majority of the games lost by the Eagles were because the players failed to execute, mostly because their awful receiving corps can’t catch a pass.

    All I’m saying is give the guy a chance before you dismiss him. Plus, if you honestly think Bradford is a better QB than Kaepernick, I simply can’t help you…

  21. Chip vowed he’d do the same, because he wanted out. You can’t piece this easy puzzle together? ??????? Leaning on old hat rather than what he’s clearly doing right now in the additions to his staff???? He didn’t bow to what Lurie wanted, it’s the same thing players do when a GM or owner tells them to take a pay cut, you refuse, you are writing your own pink slip, forcing their hand. Cash me out and I’ll do something else.

  22. Kelly’s shortcomings have to do with the hurry up that wears out his defense (watch that same Eagle unit get much better this year as they were top 10 early on before the bottom fell out later in the year) under Schwartz and a few tinkers with the back end. Even when Jim Kelly and that talented offense ran a pro style offense hurry up all the time with the Bills, they got further and further away from winning a championship the longer the league got a look at it, mainly because that defense with multiple Pro Bowlers and truly great players on it were often worn out by the time the playoffs came. So with that failing of an actual nuanced NFL complex playbook trying to go no huddle all the time, how do you think it’s going to go with Chip and his simple playbook that DCs have already figured? That better be the first 2 things he changes, the predictability and the desire to go hurry up all the time because it’s not going to work long term.

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