Bills “still not sure what’s going on” with Percy Harvin

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Near the end of the regular season, Bills coach Rex Ryan said that he’d been in contact with wide receiver Percy Harvin and that he got the sense that Harvin wants to continue playing football after hip and knee injuries limited him to five games in the regular season.

There were reports during the season that Harvin considered retirement after his latest hip injury and others that he was merely frustrated by his issues staying healthy, but Bills director of player personnel Jim Monos said that the Bills still aren’t certain what Harvin plans to do while discussing the team’s offseason plans at wide receiver.

“I can speak more for myself for our team, and I don’t want to put words into the coaches’ mouth about what they might think what they need,” Monos said on “The John Murphy Show” on WGR 550. “I think Doug [Whaley] talked about it and I’ll talk about, I’d like to see us get [another receiver]. Percy Harvin was supposed to be a big help for us and we’re still not sure what’s going on. He’s got to make some decisions here coming up. We need to get somebody opposite of Sammy [Watkins] to be a real threat to that defense. I think that’s a big key for our offense, to take one more step.”

The deal that Harvin signed with Buffalo before the 2015 season included two voidable years, which means Harvin is going to be on the open market. The Bills may consider bringing him back, but there are likely to be more reliable options if they are looking for someone to team up with Watkins on the outside of the offense.

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  1. we’re still not sure what’s going on

    Well, if you’re “still not sure” what’s going on with Percy, you have bigger problems, e.g. eyesight!

    Percy was Percy, is Percy, and will be Percy, i.e. a player who collects a large salary for minimal contribution, is as fragile as a ming vase, and “may have” developed hypochondria to boot.

    Do what other franchises have done…forget Percy! I’m sure.

  2. One thing we can be sure about… Whether he’s on a team or not, he won’t be practicing. And if he’s on a roster, it’s 50/50 on whether he’ll participate in games or not. It’s scary to think how good he could have been if he actually had maturity and a work ethic and didn’t have such a volatile ego.

  3. Why would they want to?

    He’s a wide receiver that can’t run routes, player lined up at tailback that won’t be a backup running back, returner that is average now, an often injured player, and cancer to every locker room he’s been in.

    If this guy can’t fill in for McCoy or Watkins in any way, why bring him back at all?

  4. Who is the biggest NFL salary thief between Matt Flynn, Albert Haynesworth, JaMarcus Russell, and Percy Harvin ?

  5. Oh so glad Minnesota traded him when they did and got what they could get for him.

    A walking disaster.

  6. I don’t think it matters what Harvin wants to do. Even if he’s completely healthy… The Bills could use another receiver to compliment Watkins and Clay.

    But the main focus this offseason should be the defense. They were horrible. Leodis McKelvin… You gotta go!

  7. I have to admit I was jumping for joy when the Seahawks signed him. I was dumbfounded when we released him for no compensation. I am kinda glad he isn’t our problem now. I never thought i would have so much empathy for Vikings fans

  8. Who is the biggest NFL salary thief between Matt Flynn, Albert Haynesworth, JaMarcus Russell, and Percy Harvin ?

    None of the above. The correct answer is: Charlie Whitehurst…and that’s only because Jim Sorgi retired oh so long ago.

  9. Homeboy is still only 27 years old. Feels like he’s been in the league being a PITA for 10 years now. He could have 5-10 more years in the league if he pulled his head out of his…

  10. Dammit Regis! I was just about to say clipboard Jesus myself but ya beat me to it.

    What a charmed life…and he is actually liked unlike harvin.

  11. Keep making the Vikes look good for dropping you when they did. Thanks for forcing me to buy a new jersey Percy. Very happy with my Harrison Smith jersey!

  12. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. His alleged playmaking abilities just aren’t worth the hassle, the drama, the diva, the locker room fights, the “migraines”, etc.

  13. Gotta think this is about the end of the line for him unless some team is willing to offer him a vet minimum contract that is heavily laced with incentives. And even then I would advise against it.
    Give him credit, though. He parlayed his world class speed into becoming a multimillionaire and a Super Bowl champion.

  14. Other than being injury prone, the guy clearly has issues with mental illness. I hope he is getting proper treatment or in 10 years we’ll be reading stories about him living out of a box in Sarasota or something.

  15. Absolutely no reason for anyone to want him on their team. Heck, I forgot he was technically not retired yet. Let this whiney cancer just fade to background noise.

  16. Buffalo needs a tall and tough receiver like Alshon Jeffery… Pairing Watkins with Jeffery and Clay would be a big task at hand for any defense in the league.

  17. “Who is the biggest NFL salary thief between Matt Flynn, Albert Haynesworth, JaMarcus Russell, and Percy Harvin ?”

    Ryan Leaf. As much as I loathe Haynesworth he had 1 or 2 good years IIRC, whereas Leaf was an epic failure when high first round QB picks got 50 million at a pop to sign.

  18. The sad part is this guy has amazing talent. During those rare times he is on the field, it’s plain to see he has what it takes physically, but unfortunately not mentally. With that said, this Bill’s fan never wants to see Percy in a Bill’s uniform again.

  19. As a Jets fan I’m sad to see him wearing out his welcome in Buffalo so soon. I want him there another year to suck up more cap money.

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