Eagles avoid questions regarding timing of Pederson hire


By all appearances, the Eagles hired coach Doug Pederson before they were allowed to hire him, whether through a direct agreement or a wink-nod or something in between. If there was an agreement — or even an agreement to reach an agreement — before the Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs, the Eagles violated the applicable rules regarding the hiring of coaches whose current teams are still playing.

The league has no comment on the situation, and the topic wasn’t among the many raised by reporters during Tuesday’s press conference introducing Pederson as the new coach.

One question came close to putting Pederson on the spot, but he avoided the aspect of the inquiry that focused on the timing of the actual hire.

“Can you describe what the search process was like for you and what the timeline was from when you met with the Eagles, I guess it was that Sunday, through Thursday when they hired you?” Pederson was asked. “It seemed like they were also looking at some other guys and just kind of what your thoughts were during that whole four or five days.”

“First of all, it was a tremendous honor to be even mentioned and then obviously having an interview,” Pederson replied. “It has been a dream and a goal of mine. I think you get into this league, one, by being the best coach you can be in whatever that role is. But as you are on teams that are successful, you begin to kind of climb the ladder so to speak. So to be mentioned with the guys that were mentioned here and were interviewed here, I felt honored and privileged. It was a little tough because we were still in the postseason, so trying to separate preparing for an interview and getting ready for a football game, you know, and keeping those two things separate, it was tough. I’m not going to lie, it was tough. But it was something — because we were getting ready to play Houston, and everything was obviously very successful down there in Houston at that time. But the preparation part I think was easy, because it was about being yourself when you go into those things and showing who you actually and really are.”

The question implied that Pederson was hired on Thursday of last week, two days before the Kansas City season ended. Pederson opted not to refute nor to confirm that presumption, a wise move given that he would have only invited more questions if he’d said, “Well, I wasn’t hired on Thursday. I was hired only after the Chiefs were eliminated.”

The circumstantial evidence suggests that he was hired on Thursday of last week, from the team’s announcement that its search was over to the reports at the time that Pederson was the guy to the eventual hiring of Pederson. While that timeline bothers some executives with other teams because the rules are the rules and the NFL shouldn’t enforce the rules only when it decides it needs to enforce the rules in order to punish someone the NFL wants to punish, no one seems to really care.

The rule that the Eagles may have violated is a stupid, impractical, outdated rule. If the league has come to that realization, the rule should be eliminated and not ignored without consequence. Which is precisely what seems to be the case with the Pederson hire; the Eagles broke the rule, and the NFL by all appearances is going to give them a pass.

Which is fine, until some other team potentially violates another bright-line rule on a different topic and the NFL decides to bring in Ted Wells (or whoever becomes the league’s new Ted Wells), deems the team guilty, and proceeds to hand out fines, draft-pick forfeitures, and suspensions.

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  1. Yeah typical Nfl, nothing to see here.

    Breaking the rules only matters if it was the patriots. I could list literally 100+ infractions over the past 10 years but the only two that made news and lost a first round pick were the two against the pats (deflategate and spygate)

    But ya “integrity” and all that

  2. I’m just glad that it didn’t involve the Patriots or there would have been a full blown investigation. The Patriots are too busy making sure that Peyton Manning can hide his HGH use so he will play on sunday. Makes the Pats chances a lot better if he plays.

  3. Yet, the Redskins and Cowboys get docked something like 46million in cap space for violating the cap during an uncapped year? Oh, that’s right, it was the “spirit” of the cap, and since they were warned, it’s okay. Randle El is spot-on, football is going to be gone before we know it. This league is becoming an absolute joke, and with the refs, changing rules, inconstancy, etc.. The writing is on the wall, as sad as that may be, it’s true.

  4. That’s just dirty. Can’t for the life of me figure why it’s cool for any coach to interview while their team is still in the hunt. Carolina’s d-coordinator has been up to the same shenanigans. Yoda says: concentrate!

  5. So when they’ re 3-13 next year the rest of the division will thank the league for not enforcing the rule.

  6. The NFL does not need to step in here. Let the natural course of time and futility blaze a trail through Philadelphia and you’ll have all the justice one could hope for. You will not find a more inept and arrogant franchise anywhere in professional sports. The franchise and the fans deserve one another, and to mutually suffer year after year after year.

  7. This is Roger Goodell’s NFL – where the “officials” protecting the “integrity of the game” decide when and when not to selectively enforce the rules

    Save the NFL: Fire Goodell or replace the owners who pull his puppet strings

  8. Circumstantial evidence is 100% irrelevant. He wasn’t hired until he signed the contract and agreed to the deal. You think that there aren’t handshakes and agreements behind the scenes before contracts are actually signed? This is just another example of the media trying to make something out of something that isn’t. Just another chance for you to take a shot at the NFL over the Patriots cheating scandal likely using a gas law that doesn’t apply at all to the slight temperature change that night.

  9. I think that not one fan gives a crap about whether they “hired” or not before the Chiefs were eliminated. Also, anyone that believes that possible compensation levels were not discussed in the interview are naive, and have never been to a serious job interview.
    This is another rule that borders on the dumb; just like the Rooney Rule. Teams are going to hire, at the earliest opportunity, the person they feel gives them the best opportunity to WIN. First, to keep another team from grabbing their guy, and second, because winning is the single most important item on the agenda. They could care less if they are black, white, green, male, female, transgender, or from Jupiter.

  10. “Teams are going to hire, at the earliest opportunity, the person they feel gives them the best opportunity to WIN. First, to keep another team from grabbing their guy, and second, because winning is the single most important item on the agenda. They could care less if they are black, white, green, male, female, transgender, or from Jupiter.”

    Or rather, whether this guy worked here before and won’t try to talk power away from little Howie like the last guy……this isn’t about winning.

  11. The Pigeons violated the rule and have admitted it. They released a statement saying they had called off their coaching search– when Pederson was off limits according to the rule. They should lose their first round pick just out of the stupidity of making that announcement when he was off limits and then hiring him.

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