Jim and Jeremiah Washburn expected to join Dolphins coaching staff

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Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will reportedly be joined in Miami by two other former members of the Lions organization for the 2016 season.

According to multiple reports, former Lions offensive line coach Jeremiah Washburn will be on Adam Gase’s staff as an offensive assistant. Washburn was fired during the season when the Lions relieved offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi of his duties.

Jim Washburn, Jeremiah’s father and a former assistant defensive line coach for the Lions, is also headed to Miami. Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that he’ll be a senior defensive assistant.

The elder Washburn, who was the Titans defensive line coach from 1999-2010 and with the Eagles in 2011 and 2012, worked with Suh in Detroit and that experience appears to be something the Dolphins were looking for this offseason. Marvez reports that the Dolphins wanted to interview Lions defensive line coach Kris Kocurek for the same job, but the Lions denied permission.

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  1. Why would the Lions grant permission to Miami to interview their defensive line coach for the exact same role?

    What’s next, they’re going to ask NE permission to speak to Josh McDaniels for an offensive co-ordinator position?

  2. Two solid hires by Gase. Still wish the Dolphins had Kacy Rodgers but going from D Line coach to Defensive Coordinator is a no brainer. There’s no denying that Rogers got the best out of everyone on that line.

  3. i’m an Eagles fan as well as a Dolphins fan, and i dont like these hires AT ALL.

    Eagles defensive players had some pretty bad things to say about Jim Washburn when he was there.. and praised when he was fired. Brandon Graham specifically got alot better once he left.

    dont know anything about his son.. but u know the apple saying.

    did Miami even reach out to Jim Schwartz??

  4. jm91rs says:
    Jan 20, 2016 9:40 AM
    Wait, so this $114M defensive tackle needs his own special coaches in order to be motivated to play well?

    It is not about motivation. Suh himself was at near Pro-Bowl level. The problem is the rest of the Dolphins front 7 were not in a scheme that takes advantage of Suh’s unique skillset. Why does everyone without Coaching experience think that Coaches are only Cheerleaders? They bring a design concept and everyone following the Dolphins know they have some talent, but lack the ability to execute. Any change is welcome. Probably not a Super Bowl (LOL), but Good Hires.

  5. To me the Wide 9 and the Tampa 2 are both boom or bust schemes that depend on having multiple elite players. In either the Wide 9 or Tampa 2 f you have the right players – and by “right” I mean Pro Bowl caliber players who fit the scheme to a T – it can be pretty effective. If you don’t, it’s a straight disaster. And there’s really no in-between.

  6. Gase/Ross spending way too much time with coaching hires. If you want to succeed in the NFL you need to be buddies with Goodell. The rest will fall into place. Look at the patriots as an example.

  7. The Wide 9 is ok for sure passing downs only! You really need a very good tackling MLB to really run that scheme. Maybe Reggie Ragland of Alabama? But, if Jordan Phillips, really takes the Washburn’s coaching & system, him & Suh will wreck havic on an opposing teams OL? Also, theirs Dion Jordan.? Does he get one last chance? How about Couples? When he played under Rex Ryan, he did pretty good. If these 2 players get a shot at staying with the team, & drafting a Reggie Ragland at #8 would be of great value for the team. At MLB & the Dolphins would have a chance to field a good LB corps? But, so far I really like what I see of the coaching staff Adam Gase has been bring into town. They’re position coaches of many years of experience, & have a reputation of working very well with players! This is the one MAIN THING JOE PHILBIN’S STAFF FAILED AT!!! THEY COULD’NT WORK WITH THEIR PLAYERS, & SAW MORE REGRESSION INSTEAD OF IMPROVEMENT! GO JOB, COACH! (Razor58)

  8. Don’t worry Dolphin haters, worry about your own teams, because most of them are not very good. There was nothing wrong with Suh last season, he could have used some help on the defense, most of them sucked.

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