Report: Clete Blakeman to call Super Bowl 50

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The NFL is really not holding the whole flip-or-no-flip thing against Clete Blakeman.

According to, Blakeman has been tabbed to referee Super Bowl 50, his first shot to officiate the final football game of the year.

Blakeman just worked the divisional round game between the Packers and Cardinals, and raised some eyebrows by making the executive decision to toss the coin at the start of overtime again when it didn’t actually turn over the first time.

Of course, there were some egregious pass interference calls down the stretch of that game which should probably should get more scrutiny, but Blakeman has graded out as one of the league’s top tier of officials.

He’s officiated in the NFL for eight seasons, six of them as a referee. He only missed the playoffs one year he was eligible, and has worked two divisional round games previously.

27 responses to “Report: Clete Blakeman to call Super Bowl 50

  1. I actually thought he did a good job in that game, all things considered. Handled the coin toss thing admirably in the heat of the moment.

    I’d certainly take him over Hochuli/Steratore/Triplette.

  2. @walker615:

    I agree. For some reason people want to blame him for the NFL giving him a souvenir china plate to flip instead of some semblance of a coin.

  3. Meh at least it wasn’t Streatore, Boger or Triplette. Like I said in a previous post I would have rather had Wrolstad ref the Super Bowl, but this isn’t a bad choice.

  4. Did the right thing IMO. Its a coin toss. Lets move on from it already.

    BTW, hes been an NFL “ref” for only 6yrs and he’s handling the SB. Out a possible 16 crews. Says a lot about today’s officiating doesn’t it?

  5. You know, the way the players acted when the coin didn’t flip was atrocious. Rodgers is waving his arms and yelling “what was that?”. The other players weren’t any better. I think Clete did the right thing. and handled it pretty well. Oh, and you don’t get to re-call it Aaron.

  6. Best ref in the nfl

    And, someone who is bad, is the “best” of the lot, when bad, worse, and worst are the choices.

  7. joker65 says:
    Jan 20, 2016 4:07 PM

    You know, the way the players acted when the coin didn’t flip was atrocious. Rodgers is waving his arms and yelling “what was that?”.

    I didn’t see any of that. I did see them rightly point out that for maybe the first time ever in the long history of coin flips, the coin didn’t flip.

  8. I suppose all those extra coins for collecting getting made with the SB 50 logo only need one side stamped now think of the money that will save the league. Heck they might be able to use that as a kickstarter for a team in London in a couple years.

  9. Forget about the coin toss. This guy tried to give the game to the Packers.
    He also screwed over the Bears vs Packers in 2013. Looks like Manning is going to get his Superbowl.

  10. How did Clete Blakeman magically become one of the highest graded referees? He’s been at the bottom of the gradings for years and constantly makes enormous screw ups.

  11. NFL Playoffs Officiating Ineptitude Power Rankings

    5. Ron Torbert (how did this guy get a playoff game?)
    4. Bill Vinovich (see above)
    3. Ed Hochuli (see above)
    2. Any 2013 Replacement Ref
    1. Dean Blandino

  12. Quid pro quo for the attempted framing of Brady and the Patriots. Anyone who thinks differently doesn’t believe air shrinks in the cold. He is prominently mentioned in that hideous Wells report as one of the officials assigned to measure psi in the Pats and the Colts balls. Of course he botched the process so the NFL gives him one more chance to stick it to Brady and the Patriots. The NFL will go to any extreme to stop the disastrous look of Goodell handing the Lombardi to Kraft, Belichick and Brady. I for one can’t think of a more apropos ending to the whole fiasco.

  13. I’m guessing since the steelers won’t be there John Perry didn’t get a call. Bengals fans know all about John Perry.

  14. Funny how the Pats fans are sure that this assignment means the NFL has it in for the other team. Surprised I haven’t heard any NE screaming about the MNF game in ’13 when this same ref picked up the flag in the end zone against the Panthers, and Brady called the ref every filthy name in the English language as loud as he could. I would think the tin foil hat Patriots fans would be citing this assignment as a sign the NFL is ready to give the Pats a makeup call in the Super Bowl if the Panthers are the opponent.

  15. PFT-made-me-change-my-handle says:
    Jan 20, 2016 5:15 PM

    He’s proven he will let O linemen get away with holding the entire game. (See Green Bay last week).
    I agree, if you are talking about the Packers being allowed to be held repeatedly on the Cardinals’ go-ahead drive. The fact that he gets to ref the Super Bowl tells me all I need to know about what Goodell thinks of the Packers.

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